WIAW- Come on you veg

On Monday I remembered to take photos this week. I did not get up to much – I had to go to the shops in the morning to pick up a few bits, and I painted my nails in the afternoon. Busy times!


Mint tea, porridge with peaches, dried strawberries and a little honey peanut butter. Today I had this again and this time I put the pb in the bottom of the bowl- I saw it somewhere (sorry can’t remember which fab blog)- I always worried about the pb burning in the microwave, but it was fine and a lovely surprise at the bottom of the bowl!

Snack (post shopping- I needed an energy boost asap):

Yummy hazelnut carob stick.


Toasted sourdough ( that I made on Friday- it worked really well) with pb and apple and mango jam, apple and a persimmon.

Afternoon nibble:

I made some cocoa mint bites- with soaked almonds, dates, cocoa and mint extract all whizzed up. I had painted my nails by this point but it did not really come out in the photo. Ah well.


Lentil chilli from the freezer, with added spinach, alongside some roasted broccoli and toasted pine nuts. Here is my vegetable intake for the day anyway- in the chilli there is red onion, red pepper, courgette, carrot, celery, sweet potato, tinned tomatoes and lentils, (7 types of veg, or 8 because I am sure pulses count) then I added in spinach and served with broccoli. Obviously (as one serving = 80g) I did not eat 10 servings of veg, but I think it is good to have smaller amounts of more variety- packing those vitamins in.


Some Montezuma’s mint chocolate. A delicious end to the day.

At the shops I was excited to see…

Alpro hazelnut milk! I have enjoyed their almond milk, but not seen this version before. It was only £1 so I thought I would give it a go, although I have not opened it yet. And chocolate pretzels! I love pretzel flipz but you never get them over here any more- I am hoping these are just as good although again I have not tried them yet. Any other chocolate pretzel fans? I don’t like salted chocolate (bought some Lindt stuff a while back without realising- it was almond (and then with tiny writing “a sprinkle of salt” which I didn’t see until I had tried some and thought “urgh”) but I love the salty prezel with chocolate combo. Weird.

Thanks Jenn for organising this and getting everyone to love their veggies. How are you loving your veggies right now? Do you paint your nails? (I hardly ever get around to it).


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13 thoughts on “WIAW- Come on you veg”

  1. I desperately need to paint my toe nails but I rarely paint my finger nails as they just chip and I hate chipped nail polish, it makes me feel scruffy if that makes sense? I think I would love chocolate pretzels as I love anything sweet and salty – you’ll have to report back on what they are like!

  2. We had similar date-nut ball snacks! I love the idea of adding mint… mmm chocolate and mint. Chocolate and pretzels, yes! I need to go eat lunch before I start hunting for chocolate!

  3. I actually do not own so much as ONE bottle of nail polish! :-X I never get around to it and besides, I cut my nails twice a week because I work in a pediatrician’s office and am a complete germophobe.

  4. Twice a week Sable! Yours must grow fast! I keep my nails short but only need to cut them once a week, or every 6 days or something. I only own 2 bottles of nail varnish!
    Laura- yes chocolate and mint is a yummy combo 🙂
    Laura- I know what you mean about chipped nail polish too- if I get one I paint over it, but after that I take it all off and go back to bare nails!

  5. I don’t know if it was my blog you saw it on, but I do love to put PB (or peanut flour sauce) on the bottom of a bowl of oats for a lovely, melty layer on the bottom of the bowl.

    Hazelnut milk = new ‘must find.’ I tried the almond milk and loved it thanks to your blog recommendation. A bit expensive for all the time, but a lovely treat for sure.

    I used to love Pretzel Flipz: I was so sad to see them ‘go’ when I was younger.


  6. I’ve never tried chocolate pretzels, but they sound fabulous! I’m a bit of a purest with veggies and I like them just steamed. I do like lots of veggies in a stew, or if I’m feeling like I change I’ll mix some pesto in once their cooked.
    I haven’t painted my nails in ages, but I love it when I do – it just makes me feel that bit happier!

  7. Jessica- it probably was your blog- yes the Alpro hazelnut was in Waitrose and as it was only £1 I thought I would give it a go. Whereas the Almond milk I only saw in Tescos. They must be rolling it out slowly!

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