WIAW- veggie loving


I have noticed that I seem to eat fruit in the mornings and at lunch, maybe salad things at lunch, and then veggies tend to be with dinner. Although making soup the other week was great so I am trying to do that for lunch more, seeing as I have the time. This was one day last week, I think maybe last Wednesday.


Delicious porridge with banana and cinnamon. Plus mint tea 🙂


Carrot and sweet potato soup, sourdough with hummus. I am sure I had some clementines too.

Afternoon tea:

The almond milk is lovely in tea. I think I had a walk then (I did at some point) and needed warming up.

Plus apple, persimmon and pb (I only dip the apple in it though).


Sweet potato with hummus (I was in a hummus mood that day obviously), with salad and cucumber.


Yes! I even got some veggies in my dessert- I love carrot cake!

It seems I ate a lot of orange veggies that day!

Thanks Jenn for organising WIAW.

What time of day do you eat your veggies/ fruits?

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14 thoughts on “WIAW- veggie loving”

  1. I pretty much eat fruit and veggies all day! I start with a green smoothie, snack throughout the day on fruit or veggies, have a salad either at lunch or dinner, usually pack in the veggies at either lunch/dinner time with a cooked meal, sometimes another smoothie, and usually a big bowl of fruit as an evening snack. This equates to a serious amount of fruit and veg ha!

  2. We’re veggie twins! Perhaps not identical ones though: you have a much better concept of portion control. Obviously I am the evil one 😛

    I always fancy veggies at dinner time rather than breakfast or lunch (sometimes I make myself have salads for lunch though, rather than doing what I’d really like to and just having sweet/breakfast foods twice…). I cannot fathom how people can snack on veggies as it never appeals to me – snack always=sweet. I wish I could be virtuous and snack on veg and juices though!

    I tried that almond milk in coffee and really didn’t like it at all, but it was gorgeous in porridge. Have yet to try it in tea but it would be great if I could replace rice milk with at some point.


  3. Maria, thank you for your comments on my blog. I had never heard of Marathon talk before, had a quick lock on their website and it looks interesting. Will listen to some on my runs this weekend! 🙂 I love your food blogging…it makes me feel bad though, you eat so much healthy lovely food!

  4. I’m very similar to you… I rarely have veggies at breakfast unless I”m having an omelet or egg-dish, but I’m usually craving oatmeal and fruit. Mmmm, carrot cake!

  5. Jessica- hooray for being veggie twins 🙂 (but no evil-ness allowed).

    Laura- Oh she glows has a nice vegan carrot cake- a loaf cake I think but I am sure I have made it before.

    Camilla- hope you enjoy marathon talk- I am quite obsessed with it 🙂

  6. I never have veggies in the morning… for some reason I have decided this is too weird or something? Ha makes soo sense but I do prefer sweet stuff in the morning so maybe that has to do with it!
    Carrot cake certainly counts as a vegetable btw 🙂 Good choice!

  7. Banana and cinnamon is porridge perfection! I’m the same; fruit for breakfast and snacks, then veg mountain for dinner 🙂
    I like the look of that almond milk – is it cheaper than the Ecomil one? – and carrot cake is my all-time favourite, love it!

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