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Hey all

I had some appointments at the hospital today, and am relieved that I have the operation confirmed for Monday. At last! I was really nervous about the appointments today- I was not sure what they would do but I was pretty sure they would need to take some blood- seeing as on the ward I cried in front of all the other patients last time, I was not looking forward to that. Luckily I saw two lovely nurses (for different things) who were very sympathetic to my nerves (the second one said to me right away- without me asking – “don’t worry we won’t be doing internal examinations today”- I hadn’t even thought about that!!). The doctor who ended up taking my blood used a “butterfly” (?) which they usually use on children. Anyway, it didn’t hurt. Then I met with the new consultant who will be doing the operation, and he was so reassuring. Apart from the cyst I am in perfect health which is good to know- one nurse even said “if only we had more patients like you” (although surely the point of being in hospital is that something is wrong with your health!). The appointments were in the morning and over lunch, and as I was so nervous I had only had a small breakfast of 2 crumpets, so on my way home I stopped for a treat in Starbucks. It may be a while before I can drive again so I took the opportunity.

I was hoping for a panini (or a cinnamon roll- shhh)- but by the time I got there (it was around 2.30 I think) there was not much left, so I tried the fruit bread with some apricot jam, and of course the soya chai latte. The fruit bread was lovely (although it has more calories than the cinnamon roll (perhaps from the butter?) so it is a rare treat!)- filled with cranberries, raisins and sultanas- yum. I sat outside as the weather was gorgeous, and I didn’t even need my jacket.

I then went to Waitrose to get a few bits- there was lots of suggestions on the many leaflets I was given about what to eat after, what to take in with you and so on. I got a magazine to read, some little pots of fruit in juice (when I was in before the best thing I ate was tinned peaches), some nine bars (they recommend foods high in protein for after) and some Bio oil. I am not too worried about a scar because I never wear a bikini anyway, but it might help it heal quicker. Anyway, I had such a funny exchange with the guy on the till. He was maybe in his late 50’s, and it went like this (as he put my magazine through):

Him : I didn’t know you could get a magazine just for runners.

Me: Yes, you can get a few, there is Women’s Running and Men’s Running too.

Him: (turns to his collegue on the next till and shows her my Runners World mag)-Hey, did you know you could get a magazine just for runners? Look. She says there are more; Women’s running, Men’s running…Β (back to me)- so you do a lot of running?

Me: Yes.

Him:Well, you look very fit.

Me: Thanks, bye.

How sweet (I think the dress I have on must be very flattering!)- and how funny that he was so take aback by the idea of not one, but many magazines for runners! it gave me a little boost after spending the morning being prodded etc in hospital too. πŸ™‚ Anyway, for the last few months I have felt my fitness slipping away, and although it is not my identity, it does feel strange. So many people have said to me “gosh, I bet you can’t run at the moment/ oh dear I bet you miss all your exercise” and so on, and it is true, I really do miss it. I have not done anything except walking for 3 months now, which seems loads. But I suppose over the course of my life it is not long, and I am sure that when I am allowed to start again, my fitness levels will come back. Has anyone else had a big break from exercising? If so, how did you manage when you started again?

Also- how weird is this? In the fancy fake milk section of Waitrose, they have the “hazelnut drink” for Β£1. In the chiller bit by all the chilled Alpro, they had “Hazelnut milk” and “Almond Milk”, also for Β£1 each but in slightly different cartons, and these have to beΒ refrigerated. I only looked at them quickly but could not see any difference right away but it seems Alpro have launched fresh and ambient versions of the drink.

Now what shall I do with my last few days of freedom? It feels very strange- of course I am looking forward to being healthy, but I would quite like to fast forward about a week- I will be so nervous Monday, and I don’t think the bit right after the op is going to be great either. It is a bit like waiting for an exam or something- I want it done but am not looking forward to it.

Bye πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “A better hospital experience”

  1. That’s such good news that you’re finally going to get the cyst removed! Hopefully the fact that you’re so fit and health should help you recover quickly. The man at the tills at Waitrose was so sweet πŸ™‚
    I had about a three year break from exercise because I got lazy and out of the habit, although I still walked loads during that period. You’re right – taking a few months off exercise won’t affect your health in the long run.

    1. That is good to hear πŸ™‚ (about taking the break I mean)- yes they kept saying how everything else was fine so the recovery should be quick all things going well in the theatre.

  2. Strange about the fruit bread being higher in calories than a cinnamon roll – I never would have guessed that! Great that people were more caring at the hospital this time (and that you didn’t have to have ‘those’ examinations) – are they going to try for keyhole surgery? If so then the recovery would be a lot shorter and the scars a lot smaller (mine are there but not huge by any means).

    I was supposed to take two months off after my op, but I went back to the gym after ten days. Yes, I am a twit and I know you will not be that stupid – my stitches could have completely ruptured. But that’s the longest I’ve taken off, I think. Off running, I suppose it would be 11 hideous weeks with IT band syndrome but I swam and biked so much I picked things up again relatively well. I was in much better shape beforehand than I am now, though.

    I was thinking in your photos that you still do look fit, and very much a runner. I’m sure muscle memory will kick in sooner than you think.



    1. Yes the muscle memory! I am hoping it is still there! The consultant I saw today was pretty confident on key-hole- when I asked him about how the cyst was big and the hole was small and would it manage to come out, he said he had a plan, and said he had a good technique! So I am hoping for that. If so, I will have dissolvable stitches, but if not then I might have to have staples and a bigger scar- I will find out monday evening I suppose. Thanks – that comment is very lovely xx

  3. Cheers to (nearly) perfect health! Don’t worry, Luv, your fitness levels will definitely come back. You’ll probably enjoy seeing your progress from square one again, though I doubt you’ll be all the way back to what most people call “square one.” πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ That is what I am hoping anyway, that it will come back quicker than when I first started running. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Jemma- yes I am going to focus on this time next week when hopefully I will feel loads better.

  4. So glad you finally have a date and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I know you’ll be just fine and back on your feet in no time at all. As for getting back to exercise it might sound weird but I bet you could get a lot of tips that would work for you in the same way that women who have had babies get back to working out especially those that have had c sections. I think that guy was chatting you up! πŸ˜‰

    1. I don’t think he was Laura- I think he was just very sweet! Yes one of my friends had 2 c sections (very premature babies)- I don’t think mine will be so bad as hers as they should not need to cut all the way across. I got a leaflet on physiotherapy after abdominal surgery, and no doubt after I have had it I will get more info too. Thanks

  5. Glad you have got a date finally and it’s soon enough that you won’t be spending weeks worrying about it. You’ll be fine. More than fine and it’s reassuring to have someone give you practically a clean bill of health before you go in! πŸ™‚ My mum used to be a theatre nurse and they all will look after you super well and know exactely what they are doing. You will be in great hands.

    I think you’ll be surprised by how much of your fitness you will retain. It won’t be like starting from square one all over again! You body remembers exercise! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Jessica- the nurses have all been wonderful so far, and the consultant I saw today was fab too, so I am a lot happier (or reassured) about them sorting me out.

  6. good luck for monday.

    i think with regards to going back to exercise, you just have to try & see how you go but don’t get despondent if you can do as much at first. I guess its about listening to your body without not pushing it too hard.


    1. Yes, I will listen, and I have Andy to tell me not to do too much too- he will be strict with me! I suppose on the one hand having so long off makes me ultra keen to get back to it, but also I know I will need to ease back in anyway.

  7. That’s great news that you finally have a date for your op, it must be a relief to know that this time next week it’ll all be over.

    Will you have to stay in overnight at all? If it’s the QE2 you’re going to I definitely recommend taking lots of your own food and snacks. I had to stay there for a few days/nights last year (nothing serious, just for tests) and found the food they offered to be pretty dire. Not sure if that’s the case with most NHS hospitals as this was my first time staying in, but I was SO glad my boyfriend was able to bring me in food every day! The porridge they provided in the morning was the only thing I think I ate there :-/

    As for the fitness issue, I have no doubt you’ll be back on form in no time. You’re so right about 3 months out of your life being nothing and if anything I think the time off will make you appreciate and enjoy the exercise so much more when you do go back to it πŸ™‚ Just in time for spring/summer as well!

    1. Thanks for that- it is the Lister I will be in (although did have some appointments at QE2 but I think they do all the ops at Lister now it seems)- I got a few snacks today that I am going to get Andy to bring in for me, as I will have to stay at least one night, probably two and possibly more. When I was in before Christmas I didn’t eat much at all- limited veggie selection anyway- my dinner was a slice of bread with a portion of cheese most nights- not the best! Thanks x

  8. Don’t feel nervous! Feel excited! You’re in excellent hands- you have nothing to worry about πŸ™‚

    I can totally relate on taking a break from exercise and wondering how on earth you’ll ever build up fitness again? Baby steps. Once you’re cleared to walk/run then you need to do a little at a time. You’re going to be fine- you’re a marathoner!

    1. Thanks- the meeting with the new consultant really helped as he was so calm and explained everything to me, and kept on asking if I had any other questions- it was very reassuring.
      Baby steps it will be- the sensible part of my brain knows I will get there, but then the other part of my brain is just worried about the hard work! But it will be worth it.

  9. Oh glad your hospital appointment went well, and good luck for tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you, hope you recover as quickly as possible.

    I love that fruit toast in Starbucks, one of my favourites. Although I do love a cinnamon roll too πŸ™‚

    1. I have never had the fruit toast before but it was lovely- I am sure I will have it again. πŸ™‚

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