Cupcakes at long last!

It seems like ages since I have done any baking, but on Sunday I finally got my fix. We were up early to watch the Grand Prix (not actual time, as that was something silly like 4am!- and Go Button!) so I sat at the table and made some little roses to decorate them with.

I had to colour the icing first, so I used the grape/violet colour I was given for Christmas. I could not quite 100% remember how to make the roses. I had to roll the icing into a sausage shape, then cut it into 7 pieces (or 9- they have to be an odd number of petals). They were then rolled into little balls, and then squashed flat into petal shapes. You start by rolling one into a tube, for the centre, then carefully adding petals around the outside, making sure they overlap.

I was quite pleased with how they turned out anyway.

I made some cupcakes- chocolate ones from the Hummingbird recipe. Although the recipe said it made 12, some of them were very small and even once risen did not go half way up the cases! Usually those recipes make too much.

I did cheat and didn’t make the icing- I had a tub of stuff which I bought before I went into hospital (as I thought I would not want to make it!) so I swirled some of that on, and then added the roses.

I think they look very pretty anyway!

We were going over to Andy’s parent’s for Sunday tea, so I took them along, and they all got eaten- must be a good sign. Sort of Mother’s Day themed with the flowers too.

The weather today has been beautiful and I had not one but two walks! Only short ones, but it was so lovely being outside in the fresh air. I really do think that I need fresh air- I go a bit stir crazy if I don’t get any for a day or two. I saw some pretty birds (jays) and also a rabbit! Nearly as good as seeing one when I am out running. Nearly.

What is your favourite fresh air activity? Flying a kite? Walking by the sea? Opening the living room window? (I might be joking about that one).

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16 thoughts on “Cupcakes at long last!”

  1. Those are some beautiful cupcakes! You are very good at making the flowers! I can’t even imagine the embarrassment I would produce if I tried! 🙂

    I think walking is my favourite outdoorsy activity. I do like hiking as well but that often requires a car to get there! Worth it though! 😉 Beaches can be fun too but only with shoes on – I’m not a huge fan of soggy, sandy feet!

    Glad you are feeling a bit more normal! 🙂

  2. Very cute cupcakes! I’m impressed at your flowers, especially as you couldn’t quite remember how to make them.

    I just love getting outside too. We are so lucky with where we live that I only have to step outside and I’m reminded of how lucky we are.


  3. one thing i greatly miss right now but doubt i would even have the time if i could is horse riding. although i volunteer with RDA one morning a week i really miss being able to ride myself. maybe once i start getting paid that should be my monthly treat.

    1. Yes it sounds like fun- I did try to learn to horse ride but I was never very good. But that is a very invigorating fresh air activity.

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