Home grown daffodils

Hello everyone.

The other evening me and Andy walked down to our allotment to see how the bulbs were coming along. By the time we took over the allotment last year (late summer) it was too late to plant anything (well, except cabbage as I kept being told, but I don’t like cabbage so wasn’t going to grow it for the sake of it) so in the autumn we planted lots of daffodil bulbs.

Well, lots of them were already flowering, so we picked quite a few, and might get some more at the weekend. Every now and then I get a lovely whiff of their fragrance, it really is fab. I love the fact that we have grown these, and they really smell so strong- I suppose ones from the shop are a week old by the time you buy them, so that may explain it.

Andy is going to do some digging (and my Dad has offered to help too, seeing as I can’t be doing that just yet) so we will hopefully start to get a few things going there. I am feeling excited about it for this year.

I have also been spending time entering competitions! I saw on TV a few weeks ago a story about people who enter loads of competitions- one person had won a fancy treadmill (which she could not even have because it was too heavy for her flat or something) but she was the only person who entered. I won some Dove’s Farm bars as they were celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight. The day before they came I saw that Lucy reviewed them on her blog, so I am looking forward to trying them.

I also won some Montezuma’s chocolate. A whole kilo– not sure how to even start eating it! Think I need to save this until I can start running again.

And some vanilla munchy seeds! These were all free facebook competitions 🙂  I have decided you have to be in it to win it! I get a lot of emails and usually ignore them, but I have also entered things like The Food Network competition (you only have to answer one question) and just cross my fingers.

I have also found that I can while away quite a bit of time on the Dorset cereals site- they have little competitions and mini games and things.

Don’t worry, I have not spent all my time glued to the computer- I have managed one or two short walks each day (and often an afternoon nap!). I have a doctor’s appointment next week and as we have 2 weeks before the Easter holidays I think it is safe to say that I will be returning to work after those, which I am really looking forward to.

Do you ever enter competitions? Have you ever won anything, and if so what did you win?

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16 thoughts on “Home grown daffodils”

  1. Wow! You won loads of great things! 🙂 Hope you like the cereal bars! I’ve been wanting to try those vanilla munchy seeds but can’t find them round here, let us know what you think when you try them! 🙂

    Those daffodils look pretty too, I love looking at them growing in people’s gardens as I walk past 🙂

    1. I just had one of the chocolate rice crispy bars and it was lovely- much chewier than I expected (often they are a bit too dry and crunchy). Yum 🙂

  2. I think I have to take the medal for one of the best competition wins – our trip to NYC last year! I think its always worth entering competitions. I won a magic bullet blender a while ago but it doesn’t work in the UK, I should have sold it on eBay before now really. Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  3. Wow your luck must be in, with all those competition wins! Nice prizes! Now and again I enter them, but most of the time I can’t be bothered. I won an ipod touch once, but I had just bought an ipod classic at the time, so I sold the touch on ebay!

  4. I bet you can’t wait to get back to work! Glad you’ve been able to go out and stuff too; hope it’s not too long till you’re up and running (literally!)
    That competition haul looks amazing, especially the kilo of chocolate, wow!! I won a hamper of free from goodies last year but I think a bar like that would have been better 🙂

  5. I’ve won quite a few blog competitions (not least some of your yummy baking!) and I do enter things on various websites. I love getting free stuff and it’s a good way to kill a few minutes 🙂
    I’m loving all the daffodils out at the moment – they are stunning!

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