Last week I was mostly eating….

(Anyone remember The Fast Show?)

Pink smoothies!

As the weather was a little milder I fancied something more refreshing. This one I think was pink from frozen cherries and blackberries, plus banana and almond milk.

And this was was even pinker with frozen cherries and frozen raspberries, plus a pear (no bananas left) and almond milk. Delicious. I topped each one with some hemp seeds (from the mixed box of milled flaxseeds and things that you can get in Holland and Barrett) and some muesli.

And sweet potato!

This is one of my fave meals. A baked sweet potato with salad, some roasted veggies (I have a pack of frozen grilled veg- onions, peppers, courgette and aubergine, then I added some broccoli to it), salad (spinach leaves) topped with hummus. Yum!

I chose that as my last meal before going to the hospital. There were loads of guidelines which is a really good thing- all sorts of tips about avoiding infection- keeping warm the day before is really important (and after too of course), cleaning under your nails, all that sort of thing. It said to eat normally but avoid fatty and heavy meals, so this I thought was pretty good. There is some fat in the hummus, but not too much. I was even allowed a drink in the morning (before 6.30am) so long as it was clear, so I made a cup of mint tea, and then made a hot water bottle to have in the car to keep me warm. I did feel a bit silly, because I am not an old person- the guidelines even said to have the car warmed up before you get in it, and Andy actually went and did this for me just to be on the safe side. I am glad I had the tea though because we had to be at the hospital at 7am, but I didn’t go down to the pre-op place until about 11, and it was not until 11.45 that I went to the anaesthetic room. I was thirsty by then!

Warning- I ramble a bit so skip if you don’t like the details!

I have not got my appetite back just yet, but today has been better. In hospital I never felt like eating (the first night I was given jacket potato with beans, which are hard to eat when you are lying down!- I think I managed about 4 forkfulls of beans)- partly because of the environment- when the person opposite you is being sick you don’t fancy your food (even though they draw the curtains you are still in the same room), the food is not very appetising, plus because my stomach was sore, eating made me feel full very quickly. I was rather queasy on Tuesday evening- I thought I was doing well- I had some rice crispies for breakfast, a few bits of tomato pasta and peach slices for lunch, but then dinner was cheesy pasta salad. I thought I should eat something, but even the smell made me feel bad. In the end I had a rice pudding and a nakd bar that Andy had brought in for me, but the combination of the smell of the food, me finding out that one of the holes is in my belly button (I don’t do belly buttons- they make me feel ill) and possibly the surgery too made me ill on Tuesday night (the consultant said that some of the stuff my cyst was made up of would irritate the stomach). Luckily they gave me an anti-emetic in my cannula. So then yesterday I was a bit paranoid about being unwell again. I had a little brown roll for breakfast (the food in the hospital is so random- sometimes they ask you and sometimes you just get given something- I was given bran flakes, orange juice in a tub (like on a plane) and the roll which was the only thing I liked. After getting home Andy made me a piece of toast and that was all I could manage before my stomach felt so full. I think the stitches are putting extra pressure, and I suppose there might be swelling there too.  I had some cereal for dinner last night, and a 9bar a bit later on (for some protein). The hospital recommended protein foods, but I have not fancied anything rich- the thought of peanut butter yesterday just seemed too much. Anyway, I know I am better today because I have been eating closer to normal- porridge for breakfast, some crumpets with pb for lunch, and even an afternoon snack. I do though have such a sore throat which apparently is probably down to having the breathing tube in.

Anyway, I slept so much better at home than I did in the hospital, and have spent the day doing not much at all. I am already moving better than yesterday- Andy went to work whereas yesterday he worked at home and ended up helping me with pretty much everything- even getting up from the sofa was hard work. Well, it still is but I can manage it today.

I think I am going to have that sweet potato meal tonight, only I will have to have almond butter as I have no hummus. Those frozen veggies are such a “cheat” ingredient but I love them. So much easier. What is your favourite cheat ingredient? 

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17 thoughts on “Last week I was mostly eating….”

  1. After my operation I was really sick because I had a bad reaction to both the anaesthetic and the morphine given to relieve pain. Imagine ‘that’ scene with the green vomit from the Exorcist and you’re just about there. My blood pressure went from 90/60 to 217/114. The Nurses still maintain you can’t have an allergic/anaphalactic reaction to morphine but no-one could explain why I ended up with a very interesting near-death experience. After that it took a long time to be able to eat again, and I completely understand the ‘patient sickness’ syndrome because the second night I had the same thing happen to me. Although I pity anyone who had to hear me after my op, so I couldn’t complain.

    I don’t know whether they’ve done this for you, but because my cyst was taking up so much space they pumped me full of fluid so that it could disperse gradually and my internal organs could ‘right themselves’ so to speak. If you have this too then you might end up peeing more than usual but ultimately the pressure on your stomach might ease after some of the fluid disperses (it took almost a week with mine).

    Err, if anyone deserves a ‘cheat ingredient’ meal it’s you – don’t stress too much over the protein. I was veggie at the time and my consultant emphasised dairy and eggs a lot, but I know you’re not a fan of those. PB has very little protein anyway unless you’re like me and eat 1/2 jar in one go 😉

    Take it easy!


    1. Thanks Jess- I don’t stress about the cheat ingredient- don’t worry! I am just curious about what other people have. I was pumped up with air (so they could see I think?) so did feel a bit weird in my shoulders and ribs randomly, but that seems to have gone now. Thanks for that x

  2. It sounds like you’re recovering well. I don’t think it’s surprising that you don’t feel like eating too much, so just eat what you fancy and you can think about nutrition later. When I’ve been ill with stomach bugs etc. malteasters and iced buns seem to go down easily, although it’s not really helping with the protein thing.

  3. Ah your body has been through a lot and needs to recover, your appetite will be back soon enough. So pleased Andy worked form home to be there for you. Get your strength up slowly xx

  4. I bet your so glad to be home, I’m glad I’ve never had to stay in hospital! You sound like your doing so well! My ‘cheat’ ingredient would have to be tinned beans although I know for most people that wouldn’t be cheating but I try and cook my beans from scratch when I can now! I’ve just been buying some frozen veg to try and save money!

    1. I use tinned beans all the time, though I do use dry lentils. Soaking and boiling the beans etc just seems a little too much faff for me at the moment!

  5. Pretty pink smoothies! Not adding spinach is the key to pretty colours 🙂

    Your cheesy pasta salad experience made me shudder. I remember when I was in hospital with Izzy, all the vegetarian options in the canteen were disgusting. One day broccoli and cauliflower in a cheese sauce, the next day cauliflower in a cheese sauce. Urgh. I was so happy to see fresh fruit and vegetables when we got home!!

    I hope you’re continuing to improve and feel more like yourself. Don’t worry about your eating too much, just eat what you fancy for now. How about things like fruit with peanut flour sauce if you’re worried about protein? I always think that, protein-wise at least, I’m better off eating peanut flour than peanut butter as I can get more protein in before I get full. Not sure how true that is though!! Or things like smoked/basil tofu with your meals to add protein without too much bulk?

    I use a lot of frozen vegetables as well – we always have peas, sweetcorn, mini corn on the cobs and soya beans in the freezer, as well as lots of frozen fruit too. Nice to know that we always have “fresh” veg in when I’m trying to think of what to cook for dinner!

    1. Frozen veg is always good I think- better than fresh for vitamins sometimes but then you have to cook it (not eat it in salads I mean). I made a little peanut dip thing today with banana, peanut flour, a little pb and some milk, and I added some basil tofu to my dinner last night- you must have read my mind! Yeah the cheese sauce in hospital was the worst- I don’t like cheese sauce anyway but they seem to be fixated on cheese as the only veggie protein source. Ah well , home now 🙂

  6. Glad you’re home, and I hope you’ll regain your strength (and appetite) quickly. Try to enjoy the forced down time to catch up on whatever you can!

  7. Glad you’re feeling a bit better and hope you do even more by now… it’s horrible when you want to eat, but don’t! Something like quinoa or oats would be good for at least some protein if you can’t face anything rich? I think just go with what you fancy has to be the best thing though; better to eat something…
    My favourite cheat food is garlic granules… so lazy but I love them 🙂

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