Little by little

Thanks for all the lovely comments, as usual. I am slowly starting to feel a bit more normal again, although I think some of the anaesthetic must still be in my system (they said it could take a week) as I am still feeling pretty dizzy and weird, sort of a bit slow in the brain. My parents came over to visit and my Dad asked how I was feeling in that way- I am not really foggy in the brain, but I am not quite right and do feel sort of half dizzy a lot if that makes sense- a bit like after you have been on a boat or something? Anyway, he thinks that is why I didn’t ask any sensible questions before I was discharged (eg how long til I can go back to work/ how long til I can drive/ how long to keep the dressings on…). Oops. I think I will call the hospital next week.

Today at lunch I tried just having paracetamol (not codiene as well) to see how I can get on, and I have been alright, which is a good sign as earlier in the week I was really needing the max dose (and was even given extra other stuff in hospital too).

Anyway, my appetite has returned properly now which is good, although I do feel full quickly- although I can tell the swelling has gone down, there might still be some I suppose.

The leaflet I got said to eat “protein foods, eg cheese, chicken, peanuts“, so I have tried (not the chicken obviously!). I really fancied a sweet potato, so I had one with some almond butter, mixed vegetables (the frozen ones) and some basil tofu which I cut up and baked with the veggies. Andy added a few slices of cheese to mine to add a little more protein.

I also made a little afternoon snack (it made two lots)- I mashed up a big banana with a few tsp dark chocolate dreams, some almond milk and some peanut flour. The peanut flour has loads more protein than the pb (I actually read the packet). I then left it in the fridge (in two little bowls) and had it with apples to dip. I also must have sprinkled it with cinnamon as that is what the picture looks like.

I am not too good at getting much protein at breakfast- I tend to go for muesli/ porridge with fruit, but I have been loving pink smoothies so added in a good tbs (or two, I don’t measure) into this smoothie, which contained frozen cherries, frozen raspberries, sliced pear and almond milk. Yum.

Yesterday I spent most of the day watching the athletics on the TV- getting very excited over Jessica Ennis and her brilliant hurdling. It was getting me all excited for the Olympics too- not long now 🙂 I went out on a short walk with Andy (15 mins) and then had to have a lie down on the sofa after! Standing up/ walking is just slow and awkward- I am still not standing up straight so that makes my back hurt too. Today I went out on a different route (on my own) and it took me much longer and I had to sit down on a bench half way. Silly me. I was planning two short walks (as recommended) but that is enough for today!

We did have the ordeal or removing the dressings today. I was finally allowed a shower, but had to remove the dressings, then apply new ones once out the shower again. Andy had to do this for me, but I did look my accident, and the stitches are massive. I mean, I thought they would look like tooth floss or something, but they look more like those twisty ties you get to hold sandwich bags together. And I have loads- it looks like about 7 for each cut. Urgh.

Anyone else getting excited by the Olympics? It does not seem long now, plus this lovely spring weather makes it seem like the summer is getting closer and closer.

Oh, also, I got an email from i-herb today, and for a limited time (until Tuesday 12pm American time) you can get $8 off (instead of the usual $5) if you use this code:QOC914. I would get something like 1% back if you did use it (as it is some referral code) just to let you know. 🙂 Now if only I could get someone else to use the code for me so I could get the discount!

Now I need to decide whether to go with Andy to Silverstone tomorrow. He is still running (anyone else? Will I need to look out for anyone?) and I can’t decide whether to go and spectate or not.

Right, I am off to lay in front of the rest of the athletics 🙂 Have a lovely Saturday+ Sunday 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Little by little”

  1. Poor Jess Ennis getting so close to winning! I was ready to kick my sofa in frustration on her behalf, but refrained because knowing my luck I’d break my toe.

    Your pink smoothies are lovely…in fact all of the food in this post is! Perfect post-op recovery meals. I completely forgot you had peanut flour when I was rambling on about protein.

    The stitches should fade quite quickly – mine were big too but within a year they look so much less fierce and not really noticable. I had a similar reaction to the anaesthetic (car sickness feeling?) but I’m always so out of it no-one could really tell the difference 😛

    Keep on recovering!


    1. At first I thought it was the codeine, but I think it must be that actually. Yes, poor Ennis, but in a way, going into the Olympics being champion is more pressure, and she did so well.
      I am not bothered about scars really, as I don’t ever bare my stomach- I will be happy once there is a scar and not a cut any more! But thanks as it is good to know how it goes for other people .

  2. I don’t think you should worry too much about the stitches, they are so recent right now and everything will still be swollen. Once they are out and you get some bio oil on the scars, you’ll have them gone! 🙂

    I still can’t really believe that the Olympics are happening here. It’s crazy! I have to be honest and admit to a bit of dread about what sort of awful mishap we will do (as is the British way) during the games!

    Hope you have a nice weekend! ( I’m going to have that Dusty Springfield song in my head thanks to your title! 😉 )

    1. I was thinking it was a song by Oasis, but maybe they covered it? Who knows. Not me!
      Yes I do have bio oil so will be putting that one once the cut is gone. 🙂
      And as for the Olympics, hopefully the home crowd will help a bit, and I am just excited to see all the races and things.

  3. Lordy, I missed you having the surgery done – hope you feel better soon. A few years ago I had a big op and it took 3 weeks or so for the anaesthetic to fully leave my system so be a patient patient 🙂 x

    1. Yes the nurse said a week, which I thought sounded ridiculous, but now I am pretty sure that is what the weird feeling in my head is!

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