Marketing ploy?

So, I mentioned the other day that I was stocking up on the Alpro nut milks currently £1 at Waitrose/ Ocado. I also noticed in Waitrose the other week that there were some in the fridge section, and some on the ambient shelves.

The blue lid instructions say “keep refrigerated” and the white lid says “keep refrigerated once opened”. (And yes, I was a bit bored this morning so got them out to take photos). 

The hazelnut ones are the same. I thought that the shelf one would have more additives, or stabilisers, or something, but no, they have identical ingredients, identical nutritional information. When I went to the alpro website before, I found no mention of them, but today when I looked they have a little section. But still no mention of the two types of milk. I can only assume that they think they will gain bigger market share by being in two sections of the shop at the same time. We have gone back to ordering from Ocado, so I will be stocking up on the ambient ones while they are still on offer- I see no point in getting the fridge ones as we never have much space in our fridge anyway. I usually have them on cereal/ in porridge, but today I had a little glass of each (to finish one and start the next). I do prefer the almond one- it is milder in taste I think. The hazelnut one really does taste very hazelnutty (surprise!) but I bet it would be lovely warmed up with a little cocoa/ nesquick in there- nutella hot chocolate anyone?

After feeling so optimistic yesterday afternoon, the dizziness/ fogginess got a lot worse. I made some dinner (Andy was out for the afternoon), but a couple of hours after I started feeling sick, and by the time Andy got home I was a bit of a clammy mess. I was trying to stay awake to take my last lot of painkillers, but he made me go to bed and listen to the radio instead. Anyway, although I feel lots better this morning, I decided not to go to Silverstone today. I thought for one the car journey might make the dizziness worse, plus the 15 min walk from the car park is based on normal walking speed, not my current speed.

So anyway, Andy was off this morning, and I have been sewing more of my blanket together and watching the athletics on TV, which I think it more sensible. Trouble is, when I am sitting still I start feeling totally fine, so I think I should be a lot better than I actually am, so then I get annoyed. Makes sense?

Would you choose almond or hazelnut milk? And any idea why they have 2 carton types of each milk? I am sure you can tell I have plenty of time to ponder these things! 🙂

Also, where/how do you start pole-vaulting? I mean, when I was at school we did a lot of athletics- all the running, jumping and throwing things. But with those you can start slow/ low/ light, and work up. But surely with a pole vault, you can’t start off with a metre stick and gradually jump higher. Not that I want to do it at all (I really don’t) but I just don’t even know anyone who has ever done it.

Oh, and also, a little shout out to Tam who is organising a bloggie cookie swap. She did this before (I think when I had just started blogging) and I took part and of course it was fun. So if you fancied signing up then have a look here.

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16 thoughts on “Marketing ploy?”

  1. i bought the fresh ones last week, purely on the basis that i reached that before the long life on my route round the supermarket. But i too wondered why they were the same & i like your theory.

    I think the hazelnut is definitely more suited to desserts & hot chocs rather than every day use. Have you tried tescos new fresh coconut milk in their new fresh free from range? same nutritional stats as the almond alpro & nice light flavour too.

    1. No I have not seen that Tescos do their own version, although we rarely go there. Will have to ask Andy to have a look for me. Thanks 🙂

  2. Haha…I’ve often wondered the same thing myself. Not because I ever want to start pole vaulting, just curious.
    Scary about your dizziness, hope you feel better soon!

  3. I was looking at those milks – I hadn’t actually realised that they were proper nut milks I thought they were just flavoured and soy based so I was quite excited until I saw that sugar was the second ingredient. I think they’ll just be a rare treat for me, just like alpros other stuff, that sugar would have me as high as a kite! Still want to try the hazelnut though! I think it does sound like a cheeky marketing thing I wonder why they felt they needed to make two versions?

    1. It is a shame it is sweetened with sugar, but it must be hardly any because the overall calories are something like 22 per 100ml, so not much at all.

  4. I haven’t seen the milks in my local Morrisons yet, I’m desperate to try them! I think it’s probably a marketing trick to have them in two places. Perhaps the packaging of the container means one is more suited to a longer shelf life than the other? Or maybe they both mean to keep refrigerated from open. Very weird though.

  5. I was just noticing the same thing about those milk options this week at our grocery store! Glad you’re slowing feeling better, hope you continue to keep yourself entertained!

  6. It’s so frustrating when you feel better enough to be bored at home but not better enough to do anything! Nightmare, hope it’s all healing itself as quickly as possible and that the dizziness sorts itself out, not good.
    I agree that that probably is a marketing ploy… still need to try those milks though 🙂

  7. Strange about the fresh vs. long life milks. I just buy the longer life ones because, like you, we have very little space in our fridge. I actually prefer the hazelnut milk and I find it wonderful in coffee and hot chocolate (dare I say better than Nutella?)

    Yes, you are absolutely right to take it easy and stay at home. Doing so will mean that you’re going to be that much closer to participating in athletics again in addition to watching 🙂

    I’ve always wondered that about Pole Vaulting too!


  8. I know Miss, I know! *waving hand in the air*

    The longlife milks have been ultra-heat treated (like UHT dairy milk that you can buy) and the ‘keep refrigerated’ milks have just been pasteurised, which probably means a ‘fresher’ taste. See the wikipedia article “pasteurization” if you want to geek out about it ;-).

    I’m sorry you’re still feeling so grotty and I hope that all last traces of anaesthetic are eliminated from your system soon… You’re being so brave and patient Maria, you’re an absolute star! Hope you feel more like your old self soon, x x x

    1. Well done for putting your hand up 😉
      Oh right, so they could have the same ingredients but actually be processed differently. I get it 🙂

  9. I saw those milks but the ingredients list was a little long for me I love the provamel almond milk though. I will probably try these at some point though.

    Thanks for the shout out x x

  10. I used to love the chocolate soya milk (still do just don’t really react well to soya) and I used to much prefer the fresh ones because they were a lot less watery than the UHT ones and, to me, had a better taste. It was probably all in my head though! I’m definitely intersted in trying the two non-soya ones you have shown! I’ve never even seen them – obviously I need to take a trip to Waitrose! 🙂

    I hope you are feeling better this morning!? xx

  11. You’re asking all the important questions today 😉 It’s an interesting one about the pole vaulting. I guess if you’re good at athletics you might join a club and then have a go at it? I could never get over the high jump, so the pole vault’s probably not for me!
    I always launch back into activity too quickly after I’m ill – after I had the flu I nearly fainted in an exercise class. I think you just have to listen to your body because that will help you recover quicker.

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