It seems Spring might finally be on it’s way. I hope so.

On Sunday I started at home while Andy went off to run at Silverstone- it turned into a very hot day and he said he had never seen so many paramedics at a race before. I suppose the day was warm compared with the rest of the week, and he pointed out that there was no shade because it was all on the track, which I had not even thought of.

He got quite a nice goody bag too (and a better than normal t-shirt; only cotton but black with a chequered flag on it)- samples of flax-seeds, pistachios, fruity flakes, spa-tone iron water, and a nice medal (although it says “Addidas half marathon” on the front, and “Silverstone” on the back. Those sponsors are creeping in.  He was glad he packed a banana and a clif bar as he had to drive home and there was only lucozade when he finished, no food, which I thought was more unusual for a race of that distance.

I have been adding to my patchwork quilt. I only have two more strips to sew together, sew on, and then I have to work out what to do with it next! I feel the colours are quite spring-like and it has been quite relaxing getting on with it.

After not doing so well at the weekend, yesterday I did two short walks and that seemed much better. I rang the hospital to ask about the bandages (oh, and it turns out the things I can see that I thought were stitches are actually steri-strips, and the actual stitches are more inside and I can’t see them, which makes more sense)- I was not sure when the second lot could come off. I had a bit of a strange conversation- I didn’t give my name (she didn’t ask), the nurse asked me who my consultant was, I told her, and she said “oh you can take them off right away”. Maybe he only uses certain types of bandage? Anyway, they are off now and so I suppose a little more air will be getting to the cuts to help them heal. The foggy brain feeling has finally gone, and when I popped out for a short walk this morning, I had no dizziness at all, so I think finally the anaesthetic has worked it’s way out of my system.

When I got back from my walk in the afternoon yesterday I had a mango drink me chai (as they have kindly sent me some samples). This was lovely- quite refreshing (even though I added hot water) and sweet, but a good afternoon pick-me-up. I bet it would be fab as an iced tea/ chai too. Thinking about it, I liked the mango black tea from Whittards, so I suppose the flavours are fairly similar. Although Spring is here, I am still loving warm cups of tea. 🙂

And finally, on the news this morning they had an article about the price of food in cinemas. I agree that it is overpriced, but then you don’t have to buy it. There must be enough people happy enough to pay that amount for it (especially the popcorn which seems like it would have a massive profit margin). Years ago Andy and me used to sometimes share a kids box, which had a scoop of popcorn, a small drink and some smarties, but then they changed it to be bagged popcorn, fruit shoots and things like that. So now we never buy the food, and occasionally might bring in something small to share (shhh)- but usually we just go to watch the film. Even if you went to a really long film, it would only be a few hours to cope without food. Plus, how on earth do people eat things like nachos in the dark? And how does the ice cream make it to the film (past all the millions of adverts) without melting? And why is most cinema food the noisiest food ever???? Do you eat food in the cinema? 

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16 thoughts on “Spring?”

    1. Aw thanks 🙂 I am hoping I finish it off OK too!
      I took in some plums once, but they were hard to eat in the dark!

  1. I love your quilt! It’s gorgeous and a perfect thing to do so that you don’t feel this time has been wasted.
    I’m shocked that there was no food available at the Silverstone Half. Mind you, that 20 miler I did at the weekend only had a few cakes for sale. Luckily I’d thought it might be like that so had packed a cereal bar and a recovery shake.

    1. I know even local 10K’s that we do tend to have a banana at the end. A bag of ground flaxseeds is not that appetising after running in the heat all that way!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself! (Sneaky steri strips and all! – I do love thise things though, so so good for healing things!)

    I skim read an article on the Guardian website (if you can still find it?) last week about the ridiculous prices of cinema food! As a general rule, I don’t buy food there because it’s SUCH a rip off! We often take one of those tear and share bags though (Minstrels being my fav! Or Peanut M&Ms). Or sometimes nothing…not fussed tbh!

    The quilt is so pretty. I really love the colours – very spring-like!

    1. Well I am hoping they do help it to heal up- I really did think that they were the actual stitches.

  3. I saw the news item on eating in the cinema, and thought the same, I don’t understand why people have to eat in the cinema or why it is so intrinsically linked with food. I never buy food in the cinema, and I only take food in to eat, if I am going over lunch/dinner time. I can imagine Andy’s half marathon was boiling hot with the sun coming off the track. When I ran the Cardiff half last year it was boiling hot, and like Andy I saw so many paramedics and so many people struggling with the conditions. Love the patchwork quilt, so cute!

  4. That quilt’s beautiful, it looks so professional! It’ll make your bedroom look lovely although I think I’d want to put it on the sofa or something so more people would see it.
    I don’t eat in the cinema; I agree that it’s not long to go without food! And I wouldn’t pay the ridiculous prices anyway… glad you’re feeling better 🙂

    1. Thanks- you can’t see it up close haha! Some of my sewing is very wonky indeed! I was planning on having it as a sofa blanket 🙂

  5. Yey, glad to hear that you’re feeling better & that your stitches maybe aren’t as huge as you thought!!! 😉

    That quilt looks so pretty! It looks a lot like a quilt that someone gave Izzy as a Christening present – although that one wasn’t homemade so I’m sure yours will be even more special 🙂

    We actually buy the ridiculously expensive food at the cinema [blush]. If we go to our (small) local cinema then we take food in our bags, but when we go to the Vue cinema in Exeter – which isn’t very often – Liam’s favourite part is buying a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (with a hot chocolate fudge sauce core, mmm!). If we go for dinner before the film, he’ll choose to skip dessert so that he can have the ice cream. The first time I went to the cinema with him, I remember thinking he was silly to spend so much money on top of the price of the cinema ticket, but now I tend to get an icecream as well as he doesn’t like sharing food & I’ll get jealous if he’s sitting there eating and I’m not!! Haha, luckily we probably only go to the Vue 2-3 times a year so it’s not a big issue!!

    I reviewed some Drink Me Chai products a while ago, but I was sent the spiced and the chocolate versions. I wondered what the mango one would taste like so good to know that you liked it 🙂 I always make mine up with hot milk though…writing this comment is making me feel like a piggy!! 😉

    1. I love ice cream and would be tempted by that I think as on holiday we would treat ourselves to some, but I like to save it til the film starts, and it would melt, and I would probably spill it all down myself in the dark anyway! It’s all the nachos and hot dogs and things like that which I just do not understand.
      Thanks for the comment about the quilt too 🙂 At least I will have something to show for all this time off!

  6. I love your quilt! I fon’t go to the cinema very often but when I do I take water and a snack bar in my bag the price for the film is expensive enough!! Glad your feeling better x x

    1. Yes that is true, the tickets are expensive. We only go on Wednesdays with Orange, or with the clubcard vouchers/

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