WIAW- loving Spring

Hello! I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going by now. I will be back at work before I know it!


This has been my favourite breakfast recently- bircher muesli (sort of)- soaking muesli and chia seeds in almond milk overnight, with some raspberries (or sometimes peaches) and almonds, and then sprinkling on cinnamon in the morning.


Some home-made rye sourdough (Andy sliced them really thick so I had to toast it twice) with almond butter, apple and persimmon (4 for £1 at Asda- even cheaper than Sainsbury’s which do 3 for £1).

Plus some hazelnut chocolate.


Return of the bean wrap! Although I bake it open so I get lots of filling and not so much wrap! With salad and balsamic dressing.

At least there was green in my dinner (salad and green peppers) and of course I had mint tea for breakfast! Sorry Jenn I didn’t really manage the theme this week!


A pot of strawberry frozen yoghurt! This was lovely (and it was full too- Andy had some)- I love freeze dried strawberries and they were sprinkled on top. They also do a blueberry one sprinkled with pumpkin seeds which sounds like a fab combo too.

I have been loving this sunny weather!

My sunglasses have been making a regular appearance for my walks!

I have been going on one or two walks each day, and they are getting a bit longer too (well, I am going further not slower). This weather is making it easy to get outside, and I don’t even need a coat at the moment! I might even need to start making iced tea again.

Soon I will be able to crack out my sandals and some of my friends were quite surprised last year that I didn’t paint my toenails. So, would you have “bare” toenails or not? 

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21 thoughts on “WIAW- loving Spring”

    1. I had not been to Asda since I had not been at the gym, as I used to park there so would pop in occasionally. But randomly popped there last week and was so excited to see them I bought 2 packs!

  1. Oooh love the look of those frozen yoghurt pots! Just looked on Tesco online and they have big (750ml) pots of Strawberry and Naked, then small (150ml) of devil (chocolate), angel (bluberry & vanilla pumpkin seeds) and tropical…definitely adding some of those to my next order, thanks! 😀

    I do normally have painted toe nails. I only paint them every few weeks but I find they last really well, and I like painting them for a bit of “me” time. I never paint my finger nails though – they’d be chipped within minutes!

    1. I got a little pot of the blueberry and the chocolate one too- tropical sounds lovely. 🙂
      True about the fingernails- mine chip easily at work too!

  2. That frozen yoghurt pot looks delicious – I’ll have to keep my eye out for those in the shops.
    My feet are really in a state – I have so much hard skin and blisters that I’m embarrassed by them when I go to yoga! I cant really wear sandals anyway because of my orthotics, and in my opinion flip flops are the devil’s work – I may even be inspired to write a ranting post about it 😉
    It’s great that’s you’re able to walk further – I love walking and think it’s great therapy as well as good exercise.

    1. Yes I have a few pairs of flip flops but I don’t wear them much as they are not supportive- I have some Birkenstock sandals which I live in in the summer as they are really comfy for walking in, and as the foot bed is raised I think they are more supportive.

  3. Your food all looks so good, especially that bean wrap! Nope, I don’t paint my toenails either. The times I do, it often stays on way too long before I remember to take it off!

  4. Great bloggers must eat alike; I’ve just finished one of those strawswirlmoos and loved it!
    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend if you’re walking further – but I agree, I never paint my toenails either, they very rarely get to see the light of day anyway 🙂

  5. Yum this all looks so good! Oblige almond butter at the moment I eat it with grapes ! oh are them yoomoo yogurts veggie!? Id’e love to try them they look so tasty 🙂 x

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