A restful weekend

Hello all

I hope you all had lovely weekends.

Friday for me included this:

When I got home from work I had some lunch, did some work and then headed out for another walk with some running interspersed. I did the same route again, and pretty much the same as the other day- 3 mins of jogging and 2 mins of walking. It chucked it down with rain, but I never mind that when running because I will get in the shower once home anyway (so really it gets my hair washing started sooner). I even got to wear my Bondi Band- and it did keep all my hair out of my face- shame it could not keep the rain off!

Once I got home the skies opened and it poured down- I did try to take a photo (the rain was beating against the window) but it does not do the heavy rain justice. My trainers would have been squelching in all that water.

Then after my shower I had a lovely dinner (cooked by Andy)- pasta with veggies, pesto and fresh basil (and then some cheese). After that we packed a bag each and headed to the train station. Andy had managed to book us a weekend in York (train tickets + hotel) and although I was a bit concerned about going away when I was tired after work, actually it was great because I couldn’t take any work with me (I could have been tempted to take loads home and work all weekend) and also could not do any housework either.

We got the train up on Friday evening, and then had a lovely weekend wandering around York. We went to another National Trust place (good timing as it tipped with rain), went out for lunch (again good timing as we were stuck in a hail-storm), and enjoyed some time walking around the town, looking at the impressive buildings and little streets. On Sunday morning we lounged around the hotel watching the London marathon (Well done everyone!!!!!!) and popped out for breakfast (I had a scone- yummy) before checking out at the last possible moment! We then paid a visit to the railway museum (and saw all the Scouts and Brownies out for the St George’s Day parade in the town centre).

And I even treated myself to some bargains: some Whittards chocolate tea which sounds divine- chocolate truffle tea which has black tea, cocoa beans, coconut and macadamia nuts in it, some Hotel Chocolat Easter goodies (reduced) and also some chocolate peanut “smudge” (spread) which I could not resist!

We did have a little bit of a hard time getting home on Sunday- we had to get two trains on the way home (which I don’t mind) and they were running late, and then the second one terminated early because of a train blocking the line, so it was a bit chaotic and we had to get a rail replacement coach, which took ages. Ah well, we got home in the end.

Having a break at the weekend is always nice, and I feel like my batteries were well and truly recharged ready for this week. This week I have a few afternoons where I won’t be in, but today and also Wednesday I will be in all day. I am taking Lara’s advice and making myself a little plan to say when I will be doing housework, when I will do work, and when I will fit in exercise, so that I don’t do it all at once. I do like a good plan.

What did you get up to this weekend? I am trying to catch up on blogs but the new Blogger dashboard is not as easy to use and I think I have missed ones out. So update me 🙂

Anyone else love watching marathons on TV? Andy thinks I am a bit strange to like it so much- last weekend I was watching the Paris marathon too- but I love seeing all the people out there running, all the people raising money for charity is so inspiring, and the elite runners are so fast!

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11 thoughts on “A restful weekend”

  1. I was such a freak about watching the Boston Marathon at work a week or so ago. I haddd to watch it! There is something so crazy and amazing about the speed of those professional runners it is hard to look away!

    1. I know they go so fast. I sit there the whole time going “5K in 14 mins- that is twice as fast as I can go” etc! They are almost sprinting but it never looks that hard- they just fly along.

  2. I was sick all weekend so I spent it in bed watching TV and sleeping..sooo exciting 🙂

    The only marathons I like to watch are tv show marathons 😉

  3. That chocolate peanut smudge sounds lovely! I love York, such a nice place for a little trip away. We had some of that crazy heavy rain as well, I quite like it though! As you say at least when your running you’ll be showering afterwards any way 🙂

    1. I don’t mind it so long as my shoes don’t go soggy, because that is just annoying and they take ages to dry.

  4. Argh, I can’t believe you got stuck in all of that train trouble as well. I was knackered after the London Marathon and facing a 3 hour delay at King’s Cross, then the train having to terminate at Stevenage with no trains running North, then getting a bus to Peterborough followed by sprinting to the only train travelling North from there to Sunderland (and yelling like a banshee at the Guard to wait for me because I was about 30 seconds away when he shouted for the doors to close) and getting a taxi from Sunderland back home at well past midnight just about killed me. I’d rather have run the marathon again! It kind of ruined the whole experience in some ways.

    Anyway, sorry about that lengthy travel rant. Sounds like a fab time in York – being in the South really made me yearn for home to be honest. I’ve really come to appreciate the beauty of some of the places up here recently 🙂


    1. Oh poor you- that is a nightmare compared to our minor troubles. Especially after running a marathon you must have been so tired.

  5. You should have said you’d be watching Paris – I’d ahve waved!

    I’m not really into trains but the NRM isn’t bad, if only because I like looking at the social history side of it – the Royal Trains, 1st -3rd class carriages etc.

    1. Yes you are right- it is quite interesting for a little look around- I think the old trains are so much more interesting than the new ones. They did have a bullet train there (well a replica of a carriage) and that was interesting to see- and the things that dug the channel tunnel etc.
      I didn’t realise Paris was on TV til that morning when I was flicking on the TV- it did look lovely with all the tree lined streets and other people out running and walking and cycling etc.

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