Loving fruity breads

Hey all. First of all please excuse me if this post does not make much sense- I was back to work this week, and it seems to have sucked all the energy out of my body and my brain.

I bought a few bits back from Bath:

Some Munchy seeds, Zest pesto (hurrah), Lime curd, chocolate covered marzipan, mini and normal foil cupcake cases, toffee drops (for in cookies) and some little loaf pans.

I put the loaf pans to good use last week:

I made up some sourdough bread, but then I divided the mixture in half, and to half I added some soaked raisins and cinnamon. To the other half I added some hemp seeds.

They came out pretty well, although I used half rye flour and they didn’t rise very much (but I have found that before with rye flour). Plus the silicone moulds means no sticking at all 🙂

I split one loaf in half while it was still warm and had it for breakfast with some cinnamon and raisin pb. Yum.

I had the other one another day with cinnamon raisin pb on one half, and apricot jam on the other half (I toasted it first).

I also decided (a bit late) to make some hot cross buns at the weekend. I had bought some dried apple (the lovely Urban Fruit stuff) as I wanted to have apple and cinnamon ones. I used the same recipe as last time from The Great British Bake-Off book, and just soaked the apples and some raisins in warm water first, so they plumped up a bit.

I even piped on the crosses (last time I left them as “hot buns” as I could not be bothered to do it).

All packaged up and ready to take over to Andy’s parents. We did keep a few for ourselves.

I tried one warm from the oven spread with some coconut butter and apricot jam.

Today I had one for lunch with some maple almond butter, and a pear. I toasted it under the grill for a bit first- yum.

The thing about fruity breads is that they are the perfect vehicle for nut butter 🙂

Rather optimistically I also charged my Garmin and Nike+ today. It is 6 weeks since my op, and the consultant did say I had to wait until then to start running again. So I was hoping to try a run/walk at some point this week. But going back to work has really put me back- I got home this afternoon and just sat and stared into space, needed a lie down and almost nodded off. I have not had an afternoon nap for weeks, yet I really felt like I needed on today. I really didn’t think going back to work would be that hard, and I was starting to feel more like my old self, and I think I have to realise that in fact I am not my old self and still need to build my strength up. No matter how active I tried to be whilst at home, it is not possible to replicate a day at work, so I would not know how tiring I would find it until I actually went back. Oh well, things can only get better as I get stronger I suppose.

Anyone had a hard time going back to work after having time off?

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12 thoughts on “Loving fruity breads”

  1. Oooh, it all looks delicious. I love silicone for baking… I have some muffin cups and need to get more, and I’d love to try the bread loaf pans, too. Yes- I can imagine that going back to work would be exhausting at first, even if it doesn’t seem like it requires much of your energy. But hopefully your body will adjust quickly! That will be so nice to get back to some walking and running, too!

  2. Umm YES! Last week was the absolute worst week after having had over a week off before that. It was awful I came home everyday so exhausted no matter how much sleep I got. This week has been a lot better so far!

  3. Your hot cross buns look great, I’m so glad I still have a couple of mine stashed in the freezer! I’m not surprised you feel wiped out going back to work, I’m sure it will take a little time for your body to adjust and get back into a routine again x

  4. Love all your baking in this post – fruity/cinamonny bread-type things are my favourite! I made hot cross buns and had to stash them in the freezer for fear of eating the whole batch in one go! You just can’t beat them when they’ve been toasted and topped with a nice fruity jam. Need to try one with peanut butter next i think.

    I can totally relate to how you’re feeling with the whole going back to work/running thing. I was recently off work for 2 weeks and found my first week back quite tough in terms of tiredness and having to fit back in with the daily routine again. As you know, I’ve also had to take an extended break from running/exercise under doctor’s orders and I’m feeling quite anxious about starting back again. Although I’ve been trying to do lots of walks, I know my fitness levels have dropped dramatically! I think the best thing we can both do is wait till we have the energy to run/workout again and then just start slowly and build things up really gradually. I like to think if we are kind to our bodies now then it will pay off when we do start regular running/exercise again 🙂

    1. Yes you are very right- going back too soon can do more damage I am sure. I am taking it very easy until I have my follow up scan.

  5. I read an article just after reading your WLR post and it basically said try set yourself a training schedule for getting back to work and getting yourself back to what you consider normal after the op. So I envisage in the same way you drew up your marathon plan do the same for getting back to work:
    Sunday: Medium length walk with Andy, prep 2 meals for mid week, rest
    Monday: 1/2 day at work, no house work, afternoon rest on couch, late afternoon walk
    Tuesday: 1/2 day work, clean bathroom, sit outside for 20 minutes, help Andy with dinner
    ……… something like that anyway 😉

    Sending you lots of extra light & energy xx

    1. Thanks Lara that sounds like a great idea. I won’t find out til Friday my hours for next week, but once I know them I think that is a great idea – I love a good plan anyway. 🙂

  6. Oh wow those little loaves turned out fantastically! I’m really tempted to try and bake some bread now- you make it sound so easy!

    Don’t beat yourself up about not running just yet- you’ve had an exhausting few months! Let your body and mind heal- running can wait another few weeks 🙂

    1. Bread is not too hard- it seems scary with the yeast, but actually the yeast works like magic 🙂 So go on, have a go 🙂

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