WIAW- a collection

Hey peeps

I forgot to take photos of one day this week, so again I have a little collection of what I have been eating.


After seeing grapefruits on Lucy’s blog recently, I decided to buy some. I love them, but have only eaten them on holidays for some reason. I do need to wear safety goggles however as they squirt all over!

I have also been loving fresh fruit and muesli combos- this was fig, pear, fruity muesli and coconut milk.

And of course lovely overnight bircher muesli- this was tinned peaches, chia seeds, almonds, fruity muesli, almond milk (all left to soak overnight) then topped with cinnamon in the morning.


(Broken) ryvita with red pepper hummus, spinach and fig salad with balsamic dressing.

A lovely wholemeal wrap (these are the discovery ones which are smaller than normal, and I freeze them which is why it is a bit broken), with hummus, rocket (arugula for our US friends), roasted butternut squash, baby avocado, basil and a fig, red pepper and rocket salad. MMMmm.

Another wrap with hummus, rocket and basil. Yum. Plus apple and more figs. Can you tell I have been eating a lot of figs recently?


Shake (? Smoothie?), with Good Hemp strawberry flavour and coconut milk.

Chocolate tea, persimmon, fig, and a carob and cherry cookie. This was part of what I made for the cookie exchange, and it broke, so of course quality control meant I could not send it!


Sweet potato, hummus, roasted veggies (peppers, aubergine, onion, courgettes) with hemp sprinkles.

Another wrap (obsessed?), roasted butternut squash, hummus, baby corn, spinach, avocado, basil tofu and fresh basil.

Home-made sourdough (I put some chia seeds in the dough and it was lovely) which I had with some bean and veggie bake, and cheese. I only took a photo of the bread as I was so proud of how it looked ­čÖé


Chocolate frozen yoghurt. This was OK, not as nice as the fruity flavours.

Blueberry frozen yoghurt- this was lovely, although I thought the pumpkin seeds were a strange topping. I really want to try the tropical stuff but have not seen it in the shops. So the strawberry flavour is my favourite.


My meals have seemed quite repetitive this week. The thing is, if I buy something I have to use it up- so things like the hummus were going out of date quickly, so I had to use the tub up in a few days. I roasted a butternut squash, but it was too hot for soup, so I had it in wraps and in salads for a few days to use it up. With the theme for this month being add in an extra cup of veggies, I think I have been doing this OK. My lunch can lack veggies (pb on something toasted and an apple being my fave) so having wraps has been good as I have loaded the veggies in them. Also fresh basil makes anything taste ten times better.


Less frozen yoghurt! And a bit more protein is needed.

Thanks to Jenn for organising it as usual. 
Anyone doing anything lovely over the long weekend? We are off to Bath for a few days (glad we did not choose the Lake District after all the snow- we were looking at somewhere up there), so I am looking forward to visiting a tearoom or two ­čÖé

Spring Clean

Afternoon peeps.

I am in the middle of a bit of a spring clean today. I had to wait in for a delivery, so I decided to do some cleaning, sort out the recycling and then attack the piles of stuff that seem to build up. Anyone else find this? I think when I tidy I often just put things in neat piles, but today I went through some of the piles- found some great stuff including a load of travel brochures for Norway (from 2010!).

After the delivery came, I popped out on a walk (but had to be back because our shopping is coming) but I might have another one later.  I have taken a few photos from my walks in the past few days.

The other day I went around the lakes. I used to love running around them, and had to go to the leisure centre to get some vouchers, so I decided to treat myself to a walk.

I saw several herons, and a rabbit! ­čÖé

I have also been doing my usual walk of the fields behind my house, and have made the walk a little longer. It is so lovely to see everything coming to life over the past few weeks.

I love the blossom that is around at the moment!

And I saw a little rabbit by the side of the path. I stood and watched it for ages, but then I felt a bit bad because it did not seem to see or hear me, and it’s eyes looked like they were shut, so I don’t hold out much hope for it surviving.

I was only about a metre away and it was hopping about, eating grass and things.

On my walks I usually listen to my mp3 player- I like to download podcasts to listen to, and usually use my running headphones. Last week I was sent some to try, so I have been using them on my walks.

These are in-ear headphones, whereas my usual ones have a band that goes around the back of my head. I tried them at first as they were, but they kept popping out while I was walking, which was very annoying. They come with 3 sizes of ear buds, so I swapped to the smallest size, and they stay in much better. I like the clip too.

It can also attach to a phone (side point- as my contract was up I decided to go for it and get a phone that can go on the internet! My transition to living in the 21st Century may well be complete! Oh, except my car only has a tape player…), and as there is a little microphone in the earphones you could take a call while out and about (although I have not tried that because I hardly ever phone anyone, and also only just got this phone and have no music or anything on it). I think they are meant to be more for an┬áiPhone, because I suppose you would have music on them? Anyway, the earphones have been great for me, because to wear my running headphones I have to tie my hair up (the band gets in the way otherwise). The sound quality was very good too- I had to turn the volume right down. I could still hear what was going on around me, but the buds did fill my ears, so they did take a little getting used to as the sound was different.

Because the weather was so warm, I also moved away from normal hot tea, to iced tea.

This was with an apple and cinnamon teabag– part of my last i-herb order. I brewed the teabag in a little hot water (in a cup), then took the teabag out, added cold water and poured into the glass with some ice. It was lovely- so refreshing, so I will be trying that with some different teabags soon.

I have also been adding some fresh mint leaves to my morning mint tea- yum.

Although I did see on the weather today that it is getting colder and that it might even snow! Craziness!

Right, off for some more sorting out. ­čÖé

Is anyone else getting on with spring cleaning at the moment? Anyone else get a bit upset by poorly wild animals? When I was little I watched a lot of nature┬ádocumentaries, and I remember watching one about penguins. One baby penguin was dying and I was so upset and I was saying to my Dad “why can’t the cameramen save the penguin?” and he had to explain to me that humans should not be getting involved in wild animals- the baby penguin might end up being food for a baby seal or something. Same with that rabbit I suppose, but it is still not nice thinking about it.