WIAW- a long time coming!

Hey all

I have not got around to joining in with WIAW for ages and ages! For some reason getting back into the swing of work has thrown out my days even more, and by the time I am reading the posts from Wednesday it is too late. Ah well, I did it this week (Tuesday).


Lovely overnight muesli (blueberries, muesli, almond milk, almonds and some alpro pouring yoghurt which I bought to try this week)- covered in cinnamon, plus iced mint tea, well, chilled, not iced!

Lunch and snacks:

Crunchy pear, juicy watermelon (sounds like the hungry caterpillar or something), pumpkin seed ryvitas and chocolate philadelphia. I bought it but I have no idea why as I didn’t really like the sound of it! It is OK, but not that nice- I might use the other tubs for icing or something to use them up.


I made a massive salad- I have been having these a lot recently and making loads so I have them cold for lunch for the rest of the week. I roasted some sweet potato, yellow and orange pepper, courgette and beetroot. I had this with spinach leaves, roasted pepper from a jar, balsamic, tomatoes, lentils and hummus. Delicious!


One square of this- me and Andy have been very restrained only having one square each- but it means that if I had an extra one it would make us uneven! I can recommend this anyway (and it was on offer in Tescos – 2 for something anyway).

We were planning on going to the cinema, as we had Tesco vouchers that ran out at the end of May, but we could not find anything we really fancied, and when we checked they actually run out at the end of June! So we walked up to the allotment instead. Shame because I had already packed this:

Will have to save those peanut butter beauties for another time. πŸ™‚

The beetroot totally stained my fingers pink! I had been scrubbing and washing them but it took so long to fade!

Late night nibble:

Fresh apricots and a persimmon- so tasty.

I am off to the Sweatshop running again this evening- I am sort of excited but also now I know how hard it will be (and not a run/walk!) I am a bit more nervous about it too. Ah well, I know I can do it.

Groupon Winner!


Just a quick post for me to announce the winner of the Β£20 Groupon voucher giveaway from last week.

Names on paper, folded up, and Andy picked…


How exciting! If you can email me with your email, then I can email you the voucher. That is a lot of the word email in one sentence.

In other news, I have been eating a lot of watermelon. Yum. I bought one because it has been so hot and I find them so refreshing- like eating sorbet.

I also went on a run on Monday when I got home from work – that was not a good idea. I was baking when I got home from work, so decided to take it slow. I did manage 15 min run, 1 min walk, but the next 15 min run was so hard and I felt quite sick. Yuck. For the last few minutes I was basically thinking about how I didn’t want to have to admit to not managing it on my blog! Plus I knew I did it last week at the Sweatshop club, so I knew I was capable. But when I got home I was so hot- dripping in sweat- it was even coming out of between my fingers. I should have gone later in the evening, but because we are having stuff done to the bathroom it was then or never (and I think I should have chosen a walk instead). And after I thought I had sorted out my shoes, my foot went numb again right at the end. I am sure I am still tying the laces up too tightly, as I used to get it occasionally in my old shoes, but it is getting annoying now. I think I might have to undo the laces and start all over again.

A super Sunday

Well after the boring-ness of Saturday, it was good to have a lovely Sunday.

I woke up bright and early, and went out for a run before it got too hot. I was in two minds over what to do (whether to follow my plan or to run it all, seeing as I managed to run on Wednesday without walking at all) but in the end I kept the walk breaks in. I need to be increasing the distance of these weekend runs especially, as I am doing the GNR (a half marathon) in September and I am sure it will come around quickly! So I went for a longer route- 3.5 miles, and had a few minute breaks after each ten min run. I think from now on I am going to add a little more to the weekend run, and if I need them keep the walk breaks in for the next few weeks at least, so that I am used to covering longer distances before I get rid of them. My midweek runs I will keep a bit shorter, and the Wednesday one especially will be a little faster which I think will be good for me. That is the plan for now anyway.

I had put some nuun in the fridge before I left, and boy did I need it when I got home! Despite drinking a glass of water before I went out I was super thirsty when I got home.

Although not quite as red as I thought I would be! (this was no-where near my colour on Wednesday evening!). Loving my Thoosa vest and my Bondi band.

After a cold bath (although hopefully later this week I will be able to use our new shower) I had a very summery breakfast.

Fresh mango, blueberries and some tropical alpro yoghurt. So delicious.

I had some housework to do (I don’t mind doing that) but no actual work! And also made some cookies for Andy’s parents- I used the trusted recipe but added in 50g chopped dried mango, 50g chopped brazil nuts and 20g dessicated coconut. I then sprinkled them with coconut before they went in the oven. I also used coconut sugar in place of regular sugar and that seemed to work well.

Totally tropical πŸ™‚

We were planning on watching the Grand Prix a bit later, but Andy was busy painting the bathroom, so I went to sit in the garden. It was bliss.

I had made myself a jug of iced mint tea, so I took some out there with me. It was so easy to make- boil the kettle, pour over a teabag in a small cup, let it sit for ages (the longer it steeps, the stronger the tea), then remove the teabag, pour into a jug and top with water. You could add lemon/fresh mint leaves etc. I made it on Saturday night and so by Sunday it was lovely and cool, and really refreshing too.

I sat out there in the shade, reading magazines, drinking the tea, and eating a gourmet raw brownie (a coconut/banana one).

Everything was just coming to life in the garden- there are loads of tiny apples on the tree, and the blackcurrant bush is leaving with green berries πŸ™‚

It was such a wonderful way to totally relax and chill out.

The rest of the day was spent watching the race, and then sitting in Andy’s parents garden- so relaxing to be outside πŸ™‚

How are you all planning on spending the 4 day weekend later this week? Fingers crossed for the weather staying this good!

And don’t forget to enter my Groupon voucher giveaway. πŸ™‚

Pushing myself

Hello all! I hope everyone had a lovely week- I have been very busy but doing lots of fab things.

On Wednesday I went to the Sweatshop running club! The lady in the shop mentioned it to me on Saturday when I bought my new shoes. I had to register on the website and check when my local shop did them. It said on the website that it was a 5k run/walk for beginners, so it seemed perfect for me (this week I did 10 min run, 1 min walk). By the time I got there I was a little flustered (I had a course in the afternoon and then had to do some work when I got home, so left it a little late) because I ended up half running half walking up. Anyway, I needn’t have worried because everyone took a while to congregate. There were about 15 people doing it. The guy did ask me my pace (slow) and he said not to worry as he stays with the back person. We set off at about 11 min miles, which is fast for me at the moment (not that I get much faster than that although I could get under 10 min miles for 5K’s), and we were right at the back! The route was good- although it was so hot. I could really feel myself speeding up once I got into the shade. The guy at the front (who is a member but does not work for them or anything) kept running back to check we were OK and that we knew the route. Anyway, the only time we stopped was to cross roads- which was not very often! By the end we even caught someone else up, and I ended up a little ahead of her (although when we got right to the shop she did a sprint finish to overtake me which I found a little odd!), and was so pleased to finish. The route was 3.5 miles, so the furthest I have run this year!

They even gave out cold water (or squash) which was very welcome after a run in the heat of the evening. The walk home was good as it gave me a chance to cool down, although my face was still bright red when I got home! Anyway, I will be going back again. I think running with the faster people will be really good for me, and will hopefully make me speed up a bit. Β  Β When I went on my run on Friday after work (and admittidly my muscles were sore) I did the 10 min run, 1 min walk again. I think I will carry on with my plan, and have the Sweatshop run as a bit of a tempo session almost. I was worried about aching on Thursday, but I felt like I had had a good workout, but not sore like after a race or anything, so I think it was just right for me really.

I got to re-fuel with my fave dinner- some roasted sweet potato, squash, peppers, courgettes, with some lentils, spinach, hummus, balsamic and some red peppers from a jar (you know those sort of deli ones?). Yum.

On Thursday it was on to more good things! I went to body pump!

I have not been for 6 months! Crazy! I was recommended to keep the weights low, and I am glad I did. I think I went for 7.5kg as a warm up, back and lunges, 10kg for the squats, 5kg for chest/triceps/biceps/shoulders, and not sure what else is left! I had to modify the abs track too, but I did manage to finish it and I was feeling so happy- it really feels like I can put these last few months behind me now and get back to normal.

Then on Thursday night I realised that I needed to make bread for our dinner on Friday, so with my aching arms I kneaded the bread!

It was worth it though! I had a slice toasted today with some sunflower seed butter-mmm.

On Friday I was feeling fairly stiff, and half way through the day my stomach (I would say abs but I don’t have any haha- just where they would be) started aching (which worried me for a bit, before I remembered that there are muscles there), and today I have felt more stiff too. I had a run after work on Friday to shake out the muscles, and that helped my legs, but my arms were still sore. Ah well, I know the first week back is always the hardest.

Iced mint tea, and boring work!

Today I was up early because our bathroom is finally being started on- it was meant to be right after the Easter holidays but for one reason and another has been put back. They were coming this morning at 8.30am to rip out the bathroom, and I had an enormous pile of work to do, so the plan was to do the work in the morning while they did the bathroom things. Well they only left at 5pm! I had made some iced tea to have while I worked, which was lucky because it has been so hot!

Anyway, I am off on a walk now, to enjoy some of the sunshine, and to rest my eyes and brain, and I will be doing no work tomorrow!

(By the way, this is not really a moan, because I normally have work to do at the weekends and that is fine, but I have spent 8 hours today doing work which seems like a lot, especially when the weather is so lovely).

What did you all get up to during the beautiful weather?

Do you prefer exercising alone or in groups? I like exercise classes as I feel they push me, but then I love running alone as I find it more de-stressing, so I suppose I like a mixture really.

Groupon Giveaway!

Hello all

I hope you are all having a lovely day. I have some exciting news (in case you didn’t guess by the title). I have been sent a Groupon voucher to try (which I will review later) and also a Β£20 voucher to give away to one lovely (UK-based) reader.

In case you didn’t know, Groupon is a website which provides discounted deals. You can sign up to receive emails, and they will email deals local to your area. When I went on my cupcake decorating course, it was through a Groupon deal.

They have a wide variety of deals, from hair cuts, beauty treatments, getaways, and goods. You can see some of their previous deals here.

So, for the giveaway, please leave a comment stating what would your idea Groupon deal be. It could be an experience, a holiday deal or something else. I think mine would be afternoon tea somewhere!

To get a second entry you can like me on facebook (there is a button on the right) and leave another comment to let me know you have done this.

Or you can link to the giveaway from your blog (and again let me know that you have done this).

The giveaway will run until next Tuesday, where I will then choose a name at random (old school from a hat).

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing about your ideal deals!