8 mins!

Yup! I did it! Perhaps it was not such a good idea as I went out on Saturday and Sunday morning, but I didn’t get home too late today (I had brought work home with me instead) so I decided to go out for my first run of this week.

The plan was 8 min run, 1 min walk, repeated for the 3 mile route. It still takes me ages to run it, as I think when I am moving I am going at 11-12 min miles on average, but I didn’t need to stop at any time, and kept to the time limits. The jump up from 5 mins seemed big in a way, but I basically made my head tell my legs they could do it.

I also made a lovely lemon and lime cake at the weekend (for Sunday tea)- it was a basic lemon cake recipe (sponge cake with lemon zest in it) to which I added lime zest to. Then you pour it with lemon and lime juice when it comes out of the oven (pierce it first), leave it to cool and then top with a lemon/lime icing (lemon and lime juice with icing sugar) and then sprinkle with zest.

Look at how yellow it is on the inside! It was delicious- the recipe was from my National Trust recipe book and I am very sure I will make it again. It went perfectly with the summery weather over the weekend- shame it is back to rain now!

Share a celebration with me please- I am in the mood for positives right now!

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15 thoughts on “8 mins!”

  1. Yay! Well done! I bet it felt good, no? Not great on the positives at the moment as I feel like I’m going to fail my degree but at least exams will be over in 2 weeks and four days! 😉 To celebrate I’m going to Londinium! Hope the running continues to go well!

    1. Well celebrate the exams being nearly over- I am sure you won’t fail it but at times it does feel like that.

  2. Yay that is awesome news Maria! You are definitely going about this the right way, with increasing your mileage gradually, and not pushing the pace too soon. I haven’t run for nearly a month now because of a dodgy knee and I’m itching to get back into it, but I am going to take a leaf out of your book, and ease myself back into it.

    1. Yes I just know that if I tried to go too far then I would not manage it and I would be disheartened. Plus I don’t want to push too far and make myself ill or anything. I know the feeling of itching to get back, but after a while off even some jogging feels just so good- ease your knee back gently!

  3. That’s brilliant, I love the way you say you told your legs they could do it! The fact you’re building it up properly like this should mean you’re back to where you were before the op in no time.
    The cake looks fab, I love lemon cake with lemon glace icing and the zest on top looks fab 🙂 My thing to celebrate this week was, I got Olympic tickets, so excited!

  4. Mmmm! The cake looks really good…I love lemon cake.

    My thing to celebrate is that I’ve handed in my last (undergraduate) paper, and done one of my four exams! It didn’t go as well as I was hoping (fingers crossed that I passed it!), but I guess at least it’s done now!

    1. I think most people feel like that after exams- but at least it is out of the way so celebrate 🙂

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