Groupon Winner!


Just a quick post for me to announce the winner of the £20 Groupon voucher giveaway from last week.

Names on paper, folded up, and Andy picked…


How exciting! If you can email me with your email, then I can email you the voucher. That is a lot of the word email in one sentence.

In other news, I have been eating a lot of watermelon. Yum. I bought one because it has been so hot and I find them so refreshing- like eating sorbet.

I also went on a run on Monday when I got home from work – that was not a good idea. I was baking when I got home from work, so decided to take it slow. I did manage 15 min run, 1 min walk, but the next 15 min run was so hard and I felt quite sick. Yuck. For the last few minutes I was basically thinking about how I didn’t want to have to admit to not managing it on my blog! Plus I knew I did it last week at the Sweatshop club, so I knew I was capable. But when I got home I was so hot- dripping in sweat- it was even coming out of between my fingers. I should have gone later in the evening, but because we are having stuff done to the bathroom it was then or never (and I think I should have chosen a walk instead). And after I thought I had sorted out my shoes, my foot went numb again right at the end. I am sure I am still tying the laces up too tightly, as I used to get it occasionally in my old shoes, but it is getting annoying now. I think I might have to undo the laces and start all over again.

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