WIAW- a long time coming!

Hey all

I have not got around to joining in with WIAW for ages and ages! For some reason getting back into the swing of work has thrown out my days even more, and by the time I am reading the posts from Wednesday it is too late. Ah well, I did it this week (Tuesday).


Lovely overnight muesli (blueberries, muesli, almond milk, almonds and some alpro pouring yoghurt which I bought to try this week)- covered in cinnamon, plus iced mint tea, well, chilled, not iced!

Lunch and snacks:

Crunchy pear, juicy watermelon (sounds like the hungry caterpillar or something), pumpkin seed ryvitas and chocolate philadelphia. I bought it but I have no idea why as I didn’t really like the sound of it! It is OK, but not that nice- I might use the other tubs for icing or something to use them up.


I made a massive salad- I have been having these a lot recently and making loads so I have them cold for lunch for the rest of the week. I roasted some sweet potato, yellow and orange pepper, courgette and beetroot. I had this with spinach leaves, roasted pepper from a jar, balsamic, tomatoes, lentils and hummus. Delicious!


One square of this- me and Andy have been very restrained only having one square each- but it means that if I had an extra one it would make us uneven! I can recommend this anyway (and it was on offer in Tescos – 2 for something anyway).

We were planning on going to the cinema, as we had Tesco vouchers that ran out at the end of May, but we could not find anything we really fancied, and when we checked they actually run out at the end of June! So we walked up to the allotment instead. Shame because I had already packed this:

Will have to save those peanut butter beauties for another time. 🙂

The beetroot totally stained my fingers pink! I had been scrubbing and washing them but it took so long to fade!

Late night nibble:

Fresh apricots and a persimmon- so tasty.

I am off to the Sweatshop running again this evening- I am sort of excited but also now I know how hard it will be (and not a run/walk!) I am a bit more nervous about it too. Ah well, I know I can do it.

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21 thoughts on “WIAW- a long time coming!”

  1. How come you could not use the vouchers if they ran out at the end of june? we haven’t even reached the 1st june yet!

    I keep a box of disposable gloves under the sink for beetroot peeling, bought from the market – when i say disposable – i normally wear them for about 4 or 5 times until they get too thin.

    1. No- we thought they ran out in May, so wanted to use them (and was just going to see any old film to use them!) but when we realised they lasted til June we decided to wait to see a good film! Didn’t explain it very well!
      Gloves are a good idea!

  2. how IS the alpro pouring yogurt? I’ve been curious. I’ve got those tupperware bento box things as well, but mine are travel themed. Are they paperchase or something?
    that’s really funny about the picture of your fingers, because I posted a cabbage picture of the same nature a couple days ago!

    1. Yes they are Paperchase!
      The yoghurt is really nice- I got the plain stuff because I find the vanilla alpro really sweet- too sweet for breakfast anyway, and I find it nice. It is very thick though- not sure it is more runny than normal yoghurt.

  3. I love your bento boxes,they’re so cute! 🙂 I have a Marie the cat (from Aristocats) one,I really gotta usw it more often – thanks for the reminder! 😉
    My sister adores that chocolate Philadelphia,but I also don’t like it so much… Persimmons & apricots are so tasty though,I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

    1. I know I only buy fruit like that when it is on offer 🙂
      I love those boxes too- makes lunch time fun!

    1. Yes it is really delicious- coconut with chocolate is such a good combo- get to Tescos!

  4. Glad you’re doing wiaw again! It’s always fun. 🙂 Your lunch salad looks amazing… I’ve been eating beets this week, too! Yum!

  5. I just recently discovered the joys of overnight oats, and I have been loving them lately! I have only had them with oats…I love your idea of adding muesli to the mix! Can’t wait to try it!

    1. It is nicer because the muesli already has the nuts and dried fruit in there- although you could make it with oats and just add in other bits too.

  6. Ooh, I haven’t seen the Alpro pouring yoghurt, what’s it like? I agree on the chocolate Philadephia; it’s just meh and I’m going to have to use it for cake!
    I love your reindeer tin, it’s so cool 🙂
    Hope the run went well.

    1. It is nice- I got it because it was on offer in Sainsbury’s (they also do a vanilla one but I thought that would be a bit sweet for the mornings)- it is nice- like normal yoghurt, but quite thick- thicker than the Rachel’s pouring yoghurt.

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