Hello all

I hope everyone has lovely plans for the four day weekend- hooray!

I am just glad that I (just about) made it to half term in one piece.

Wednesday evening I walked up to Sweatshop for my second run with them. It was cloudy, but after last week being so hot I was glad it was a bit cooler. Anyway, it started raining just as we were about to set off, and once we had run for a minute or so it was pouring down- massive golf ball sized drops. The runners up ahead had stopped in a bus shelter- I could barely see as the rain was streaming down my face. Some people decided to go back, but as I was wet through and would have had to run home in it anyway, I decided to carry on with them. It was a different route from last week, but a nice one, although at some points we went down underpasses and the water was streaming down them, and at other points we were close to the road so getting 6ft high sprays from the cars too. By the end the rain eased off, but I was so cold on my walk home as I was wet through. The route was a 5K, and although I was right at the back, I kept a pretty good pace- averaging 10 min miles (and for the first mile it was 9.30 I think)- I did say to them that next week I won’t be there, so they can go a bit faster, and they were all so encouraging saying “oh it looked like a long way but we only finished a few minutes before you“, and I just know that running with them is going to help me speed up.

I ordered some more nuun this week, as I saw on Wiggle they have new flavours, and a new packet design! I went for Tropical, and it is lovely (although I still think Tri-berry is my fave). Also I ordered some running shorts- what I want is ones like capri pants, but about knee length or just above- I find that baggy style shorts just ride up and chafe, so I want ones more like cycling style ones if that makes sense? Anyway, the ones I have are OK, not sure if I feel brave enough to wear them out as they are a little bit tight and maybe a bit short, so anyway I wondered what shorts people wear when it gets hot?

I went to body pump again on Thursday- I kept the same weights as last week (partly because I am missing it next week) but made sure I stretched a bit more as I really felt so stiff last week. It helped, as I was sore, but not as bad.

Friday I went out on a run after work- we had such a manic day having a Jubilee party, games on the field, a picnic etc etc, and I was on my feet for the whole day (more so than usual), plus it was very warm, so I just did 2.5 miles, very slowly (took me 30 mins) with one walk break. Plus a lot of foam rolling!

After seeing Laura make an iced chai tea latte, I decided to make one for myself. I brewed some Bengal spice tea (which is spices but no black tea) for a few mins, took the teabag out and left it to cool overnight. The next day I poured some into a glass, and topped up with almond milk (no ice though, so more of a chilled chai latte!). This was delicious, and I have plans for the other half. 🙂

Today has been a strange day as the plumber is finishing off the bathroom meaning I can’t do much at home. I popped to the shops to do a few jobs (and had a chai latte to warm myself up, and- how rude– a man pushed in front of me in the queue! I was so shocked that I didn’t even say anything, just got annoyed in my head), but as they keep turning the water on and off I can’t even do things like cleaning the bathroom or running the dishwasher.

I need to pack because tomorrow we are going to Nice for a few days (how nice- get it?), and then when I get back from there I am off for a hen weekend too. A busy week planned! But I can’t even pack because the plumber has the door open against the wardrobe and all his stuff in the way.  I am planning on going out for a run in a bit, as I won’t be running while I am away, and the weather has brightened up a lot.

I hope everyone has a fab long weekend- I walked up to the allotment earlier and the gazebos are already being set up for their party tomorrow. Plus there is bunting everywhere! How exciting!

Have a good one 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Drenched!”

  1. I used to get so worried about running in the rain for some reason, sounds like you really were totally drenched! Yey for the ‘chilled’ 😉 chai latte, I bet that tasted amazing with the almond milk too! I’m the same with the running shorts, I prefer tight capris, I have a great pair which are Nike I think and I love them they are so comfortable and great for yoga too 🙂 Hope you have an amazing time in Nice!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I find it annoying when my shoes get wet (like they did that day) but because it was only a short run it didn’t matter that much.

  2. Argh, I absolutely hate getting hit by tidal waves from cars and lorries when it’s wet! I’d still take the rain over crazy heat though. I’m really happy your speed is coming back and running is feeling more natural again 🙂

    Have an exceedingly nice time in Nice 😉


    1. Yes I am much faster in the cool compared to the heat- my run on Friday was a shorter distance and took me 40 mins I think, where as today I ran a bit further and did it in 35 mins!

  3. I’ve got a skort, has cycling type shorts and a little skirt over the top, really comfy – it’s a Ronhill one and wasn’t too pricy 🙂

    1. I love Ronhill things- I do have a skort but the shorts part is a bit too short and also is a bit baggy so does not really work.

  4. The bunting everywhere’s lovely isn’t it; my dad laughed at me for putting some up on my house but I love it – can’t wait for the big Jubilee party in my village on Monday! Glad the running’s going so well and have a fab time away 🙂

  5. Sounds like a busy week, have a lovely time! I love running in the rain! I got absolutely drenched once and had to stop a few times along the way to squeeze out my tshirt and shorts they were so wet! I wear nike tempo shorts in all weather! I don’t really like capri pants or jogging bottoms, so I wear thermal leggings underneath them in the winter.

  6. Wow, hope you’re having an amazing time in Nice! 🙂 Liam went there for one day (!) when he went travelling around Europe a few years ago, and really wants to go back there again for a proper holiday sometime. Hope it’s as great as he’s made out, you deserve a lovely break 🙂

  7. Good fir you continuing with the run! I got wet ont run yesterday but it wasn’t heavy like yours! Have a fabulous time away x x

  8. My trainers still smell like a pond from a run in the rain ages ago. 🙁 I actually didn’t used to mind rainy runs since they were always cooling and refreshing but a drenching downpour is never fun! 🙁

    Hope you have a great time in Nice!

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