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A while ago I was sent some Good Hemp products to try out. I thought I would be sent a few sample packs, but I was sent a massive box- it has been keeping me going for a while!

Some hemp seed oil (Original, and Mild and Light), some shelled hemp seeds, some plain hemp protein, and two flavoured shake mixes (strawberry and chocolate).

I loved the sprinkles and have been adding them to salads and dinners to add some crunch. They are not as crunchy as seeds, and when I put them into some bread I could not really taste them, but when they are on their own they have a faint nutty taste.

I really liked the oils too- I have used them for roasting vegetables, and in general cooking in place of our usual olive/rapeseed oil. Sometimes when it burns it has a bit of an unusual taste, and so I am not sure I would use it in a sweet recipe (like a carrot cake) but for normal cooking it has been great.

I was not such a fan of the hemp proteins- I tried the chocolate one first, and I just found it had a funny after-taste. I was not sure if that was the sweetener used, or the hemp in it, but it did not taste much like chocolate to me. I also found it hard to mix, although I did see some reviews on the internet say to mix it and then leave it a few minutes for the hemp to dissolve a bit, and when I tried that it seemed to work a bit better.

I found the strawberry one similar- it had a strange aftertaste. I didn’t try the plain hemp protein on its own, but I used it in Laura’s wonderful cherry protein brownies, and it was lovely in those.

You could taste the hemp powder, and it tasted less sweet, but not bitter or anything like that. My favourite way to use it anyway.

I will be making them a lot I am sure.

Anyway, hemp protein has many benefits: it is 47% protein, contains all the essential amino acids, and is rich in omega 3, so it is a great addition to any diet. You can read more about it here. The website also has some lovely looking recipes (I like the look of the carrot cake) so I will be trying them out at some point too, I am sure.

I feel like I would rather get my protein from whole foods instead of powders, but I also know that I don’t always have protein heavy meals, and I do feel better (more full anyway, and more recovered after body pump) if I have had more protein, so powders are convenient. I think I prefer the plain hemp powder to the flavoured, as then at least I can add my own flavour to it.

But I liked using the oils and the sprinkles 🙂

Do you ever use protein powders? How do you incorporate them into your diet if you do use them? Any good recipes to try?

And thanks to Good Hemp for letting me try them 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Good Hemp”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of protein powder, but I have tried to incorporate it into my diet. I eat it every morning at breakfast in my oatmeal (sounds weird, I know. I was trying to find some way to incorporate some protein into my breakfast.). I make the oatmeal with water and put in vanilla protein powder, so it ends up tasting like I made it with milk!

    Also, those brownies look amazing!

    1. I understand- my breakfast is probably too low in protein really, as I tend to have porridge or cereal.

  2. I love good hemp’s products! The shelled hemp seeds are amazing, and I really like their chocolate gym shake. I usually add a 1/2 scoop of protein powder into my oatmeal in the morning, and have a full scoop in my green smoothie after the gym. Sunwarrior is my favourite to use, tastes amazing, but is super expensive, so i alternate with Pulsin’ pea protein which is a lot cheaper! I’m not sure if you are supposed to heat the hemp oil, but I could be wrong. I’ve just used it for dressings in the past.

  3. The only protein powder I like is Sun Warrior – I can put that in pretty much anything. I don’t like the Good Hemp powders either; Laura’s bars are the best recipe ever for using up unwanted protein powder because they’re lovely no matter what you use (pretty much!). The only hemp protein I like is the Nutiva Chocolate Hemp Shake – we must have similar tastebuds with some things because other bloggers love the Good Hemp stuff, and Spirulina, whereas we both dislike them (or HATE infernal spirulina in my case).

    Shelled hemp seeds are delish though – yet another thing I can’t have around or I’ll gobble them all up roasted or unroasted, whereas at least nuts are safe because I don’t like them raw and making the effort to roast them means I can’t eat them on impulse.


    1. Yeah I just could not put my finger on the taste of the powder, and I have no idea when the seeds are tasty- it must be something about the oils in it or something- yes joining you with the anti-spirulina ! Bluergh!

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