High Five! (Snapshots from Saturday)


Porridge with some oats (going cheap from Sainsbury’s) with dried apple and hazelnuts.

5 mile run! Well, 5.2 miles (and I did stop for a few mins for a chat on the way back too as I bumped into Bronagh)- my average pace was more like 11.30 miles (I thought the pace at the bottom of the watch was average but I think it might be current pace instead). I decided to go a little further as I have been running longer on my Sweatshop runs (as I run there and back as well)- so I went up to the lakes which I have not done for ages- it was fab- virtual high five!!  🙂

Yummy coconut water to rehydrate. I have’t been taking water with me on my runs as they are quite short (plus it has not been that warm) but I get such a dry mouth- I think I might have to again soon.

(This is actually from Friday night- we went into London to see Pointless being filmed, and then went to dinner, and on our way back did our food shop. I was very excited to see that Sainsbury’s make their own coconut water now, although it does contain sucralose- it can’t be sweetened too much because the cartons are something like 30 cals, but anyway it is about half the price of vita coco etc so worth a try I thought).

Then I sorted out my training plan, popping to the shops, pottered around, did some baking (hooray! I was getting withdrawal symptoms) and watched a film. 🙂

This morning started out with a real treat- I asked Andy what he fancied me baking this weekend, and he requested cinnamon rolls. I used the same recipe from Christmas, (this time I made 1/4 of the recipe) only I had no cranberries, so I used coconut instead. I also used coconut sugar to replace the regular sugar, and coconut oil to replace the butter in the filling. They seriously are so easy- the dough takes about 5 mins to make- you hardly need to knead it, then you leave it to rise, again it takes 5 mins to roll it out and spread on the filling, and then you just leave them in the fridge overnight. In the morning they only need 15 mins to cook. Delicious 🙂

I also managed to pick up some agar flakes yesterday, and have made some fruity grape jelly for a refreshing dessert. I was sent some Welch’s grape juice to review, and I mentioned I had loads to my Mum (I thought they would send a few mini cartons but they sent a massive box full) and she said grape juice is great for jelly. I also found a recipe for iced green tea, where you add grape juice instead of water, which I thought sounded lovely. And I found a recipe for blueberry muffins which used grape juice, so I might have a go at something similar to take to work this week.

I am loving having a weekend at home- I have been cooking my lunches for the week, and half watching the Grand Prix, then we are off to the cinema, then I will do a short run (got to stick to my plan now) and will probably watch some of the football later.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

Any grape juice recipes to share with me?

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14 thoughts on “High Five! (Snapshots from Saturday)”

    1. Yes the jelly turned out very sweet so I am thinking of making it with half water next time- using it for oats is a good idea- esp with some pb for pb and j style breakfast 🙂

  1. 30 calorie coconut water? That’s all of my hydration problems solved! The Vita Coco have a ridiculous amount of calories by comparison and are such a rip-off IMO.

    My Mum uses grape juice in jam sometimes, I’m sure…something about a high amount of pectin? I’ll have to ask her!

    Glad the running is continuing to go smoothly!


    1. Yes- I did try to make jam before Christmas (you had to reduce the grape juice to 1/3 original volume) but it never set, so I had cranberry compote instead.
      Well have a look in your nearest Sainsbury’s and see if they do it 🙂

  2. Nice miles there! I had to have coconut water after my run today, it was so hot out there, I felt like I was melting! It really irritates me that the supermarket brands of coconut water have artificial nasties in them! I have found a different brand in Ireland to vitacoco which is a bit cheaper, and doesn’t have anything artificial in which is good, as much as I love vitacoco, it is pricey!

    1. Yes I try to buy it when it is on offer, but it is still expensive really. I am not 100% sure what sucralose is- something artificial, but I think a small amount can’t do much harm.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know Sainsbury’s did coconut water; it’s great how the big supermarkets are getting more stuff like that in; like Tesco’s dairy-free range too…
    Those cinnamon rolls sound fab and it’s great that coconut oil works… that means they count as officially healthy so I’ll just have to make them now… 🙂

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