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Hey peeps

Hope everyone is well and not too soggy after this rain we have been having- we were lucky today and it was not too bad- I managed a run after work (only a short one, not quite 3 miles) before it rained here.

I did another Sweatshop run yesterday, and I must say I am loving them- we did the same route as the time I got totally drenched- nice to actually see it this time (and a rabbit- woo!). Although it was a bit strange because there was a girl who was a bit ahead of me, then I caught her up (and had to show her the way as she was not sure) and I eventually ended up about 20m ahead of her (not through trying, but I think she set off fast and slowed, whereas I started off slow and got faster)- anyway, at the end I stopped outside the shop to chat to another girl, and she cut the corner off, sprinted through the car park and into the shop, and sort of made out that she came in before me when I walked back into the shop! I found it weird because it is not timed, like a Parkrun. But it doesn’t bother me (and I finished with 4 people behind me! Unlike the last 2 times where I was totally last)- I don’t mind being at the back anyway.

Exercise has been a bit crammed at the moment- last week I did a run Friday after work, Saturday evening, then we were in Nice until late Thursday night. Then I had a short run Friday morning, before heading off to Brighton. I was going to have a run on Sunday when I got back, but I was so exhausted that I rested instead. This week I went out Monday on my own (about 3.4 miles), the Sweatshop run on Wednesday (and I jogged there and back too- the route is just over 3 miles, but in total it was probably 4.5 miles) and then a short one today. Tomorrow I am off for another hen weekend, so won’t be running until Sunday at least. But hopefully after that I will get back into a routine. Can you believe that the other week I went out running in cycling shorts (would still like some that are slightly longer) because it was so hot?

That was while our bathroom was still being done- explains all the mess in the background! 

Today I had goose pimples as the wind was so cold.

We had to go shopping this evening, and it was all worth it when I saw this in Sainsbury’s:

PB&Co- on offer (save 29p!!!)- they had smooth and crunchy, but I got two lots of smooth. Yum. I used to see it in Tescos, but have not seen it there for ages, so it was exciting. Plus some Rooibos Earl Grey to try.

We bought back some yummy chocolate from Nice- white and dark chocolate with coconut, chocolate with popped quinoa (how “blogger”!) and dark chocolate with earl grey tea, which is really yummy!

Oh, and thanks for the comments on the post yesterday- Good Hemp have asked me if there are any other bloggers who fancy trying their products, so if you do, then leave a comment and I will let them know.

Right, have a lovely weekend all- I need to finish packing!  🙂

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19 thoughts on “Random shopping”

    1. It does sound good doesn’t it! I like their rooibos chai, so I thought I would give them a go too.

  1. I know … I wish this weather would sort itself out …. so hot one day I’m ordering thin summer running socks, the next I’m hauling out my long tights and warmer Ts because its so cold and blustery!!!!
    Have a great weekend, I’m very envious of all you holidays 🙂

  2. I cycled past you lastnight and waved but I don’t think you noticed me 😛 I’m glad that the running club is going well as it’s something I’m definitely going to consider when I start running again (having to stick to cycling at the moment though). Good find with the PB&Co! I haven’t seen it in Hatfield Tesco for months. Was that the big Sainsbury’s in WGC you got it from?

    1. Oops! No I didn’t notice at all- sorry! 😉
      Yes it was WGC Sainsburys- they had smooth or crunchy!
      Yes the Sweatshop is so good- they are going to start a beginners club where they do a sort of couch to 5K thing- I am really glad I have gone anyway as it has really helped my confidence getting back into it.

  3. Ugh, the rain is indeed a pain at the moment – it seems to time itself perfectly for when I’m trying to run. I’m a little sick of being soaked to the skin every morning!

    The chocolates look so interesting – I agree that they’re very bloggerish, but in a good way 😉


    1. Thanks 🙂 I love the smooth one- so drippy- I have no idea how they do it as they add no oil or anything.

  4. I found it odd that PB&Co disappeared from Tesco and then reappeared in Sainsburys! I did a double take the first time I saw it! I wonder why it’s not in both!? Anyway, they often have offers on it so it’s definitely worth popping in to Sainsburys ever so often! I’m waiting for DCD to filter through though! 😉

    Hope the rain goes away! It’s actually dry here at the moment but I don’t think it’ll last long!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. How strange of that gorl to do that! But like you say, you’re there for the running aren’t you, just for its own sake rather than being competitive… still weird of her though!
    I agree, you can’t get much more “blogger” than quinoa chocolate 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  6. I used to live with someone who used to lie about the smallest things that i knew wasn’t rue, like pretending she’d been up for a long time before I had even though I’d been in bed reading before I’d headed down for breakfast, like, who cares! I’ve concluded that some people are just weird! I don’t have a Sainsburys nearby, but I know that one has opened in Llandudno, I’m going to try and make some excuse so that I can go find some PB&co! If good hemp are still looking for bloggers, I would be interested, I’m intrigued by the oils!

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