Something about grapes/great

I can’t think of a title, so feel free to help out. Something like “It’s grape”. You get it.

The grape jelly was very nice (great/grape)- but very sweet. I just heated grape juice and sprinkled on the agar (as per instructions), then stirred in and left to cool, poured over fruit. I think next time I would have 1/2 grape juice and 1/2 water.

I also added a little to my overnight muesli in place of some of the milk- that was refreshing too.

On Monday I had a run after work and it was so hot. I saw 3 rabbits, which get a smiley face, but I also saw 2 rats, which totally counteract the rabbits. I must have looked rather crazy as I ran along clapping as loudly as I could to make the rats run off the path. When I got back I was in need of rehydration- I think I probably looked like a dried cranberry from some trail mix (covered in salt from the peanuts)- really I needed to be soaked in water. Anyway, ramble aside, I tried some of the Sainsbury’s coconut water. Now, I am not really a fan. It tastes so sweet- it reminded me of the “juice drink” cartons you get, or maybe like strong squash, and I never even drink weak squash. I suppose if it was diluted with water it would be OK. Also it didn’t taste of coconut water- the first one one tasted of orange squash, and the second one (pineapple flavour- I had it today after my Sweatshop run) was OK- a bit nicer as I prefer the pineapple flavour, but not great. It is a shame because it is much cheaper, but I suppose that is why.

On Tuesday I had a rest day (I did have a run on Sunday after the cinema too), and had a lovely easy dinner. I found these beetroot and goats cheese roasts in asda- they had a pretty good ingredients list so I decided to try them. It was nice- like something you might have for a pub lunch if that makes sense. Anyway, easiest ever dinner served with roasted veggies, cucumber, tomatoes and more beetroot. Not too much goats cheese either as although I love it, sometimes it can be overpowering.

To cool down I had a fruity iced tea- I poured hot water on an orange and coconut teabag, left it to cool, and then added the liquid to a glass with some rose grape juice, ice and lemon slices. This was lovely. I do like the grape juice on its own, but it is very sweet, so I prefer it watered down a bit.

I also decided to make some fruity cakes for work- I used a recipe for light fruit cake from the Home Bake book, and soaked the fruit in grape juice first. If I make anything with dried fruit I always soak it first, as I find then it plumps up and also does not burn in the oven. I topped them with a little lemon icing (lemon juice+icing sugar), and they turned out really well. I used wholegrain spelt flour too, which I love in baking.

My Sweatshop run today was good too- although again it was so hot and I was baking by the time I had jogged up there- not a good sign. I qualified for my free t-shirt today (it is a technical one and everything) but I was too sweaty to try them on, so will have to get it next week- haha.

But- exciting news- from Tuesday (at 5.30pm) they are starting a run/walk for beginners- starting at 2 miles. I really cannot rave about it enough, so if you are tempted then check out your local store to see if they have one.

Anyone tempted? 🙂 Anyone else tried the Sainsbury’s coconut water, or discovered anything else new?

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13 thoughts on “Something about grapes/great”

  1. Glad you’ve mentioned about the sainsbury’s coconut water, by the way you have described it, it definitely doesn’t sound like something I would like so I’ll probably give it a miss. I have a big pack of agar in the cupboard so may have to try out the jelly!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of rats when I’ve been running, and even had one run straight over my feet. I don’t really mind them – I know they’re not ‘cuddly’ or even affectionate like pet rats but they don’t bother me like some insects do.

    I’d probably like that coconut water as I am a sucker for sweet things. I still miss Diet Pepsi despite not having had one in ages – I guess I like crappy sweeties more than I let on 😉


    1. Well give it a go- you might like it, and I think it would be OK watered down a bit, but I am not sure how hydrating it would be compared to normal coconut water.

  3. I’d be tempted by that run but as I live in the middle of nowhere, I couldn’t really do it… shame… but urgh to rats; they’re so horrible!
    It’s a shame the coconut water wasn’t all that but the cake looks lovely; I love lemon icing on anything like that 🙂

  4. I’ve been wondering about using agar. How well did it work? Do you think it would work for a differently coloured layered jelly? And/or in a shaped jelly mould? Haha, Izzy’s birthday in a month so I’ve started thinking about “party” foods! 😉

    I love the idea of using the grape juice to make a fruity jelly. All 16 cartons I got sent somehow disappeared just by drinking them straight/with sparkling water and a few cocktails!

    1. It did take longer to set but I am sure it would work with layers- I didn’t turn them out though so might be worth a practise first 🙂

  5. I’ve been wanting to experiment with agar, do you use it often? I’ve seen some recipes for making a mock whipped cream or other pudding like dishes. So cool about the running club!

    1. I have not used it before but my mum has – it would work with other liquids – I fancy trying one with almond milk too

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