Weekend by the seaside

Hey peeps

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend- the weather seemed better than expected. The hen weekend was a good one (no fires which is always a bonus haha)- nice and relaxed in a massive farmhouse near Southwold.

We had games on Friday night, then a pub lunch on Saturday. In the afternoon some girls were having treatments at a spa, so some of us went into Southwold to have a look, and I am so glad I did- it was so pretty.

The beach huts were so pretty- but we saw one in the estate agents for £45,000, and another for £70,000! Mental!

We walked along the pier and it was so windy!

But so pretty too- no tacky rides or doughnut stalls here! The shop on the pier sold Emma Bridgewater stuff

There was a clock on the pier too- built out of metal and things, and it had water flowing through it, and when the bath was full the water tipped out and a gong went off.  You can see the wind blowing the water out sideways at the top.

One view from the pier.

And the other side. We wandered around the town, went for a cup of tea, and walked again by the sea.

Anyway, Saturday evening we headed back to the house, had some wine and cheese tasting (or grape eating for me haha!) food, and the best thing- a DVD of Mr and Mrs- the bridemaids had asked the groom questions and filmed his answers (and the bride-to-be has to guess his answers)- I have played it before but it has always been with answers written down. It was so sweet seeing him answer the questions.

Anyway, it was another late night, but luckily there was no rush to leave, and our drive back was not too bad. I think I am going to have a little run in a bit- I feel like the last 2 weeks I have lost my routine totally, and I need to get back on track.

Anyway- have you ever been to Southwold? I had not even heard of it but it seems like loads of people go there.

Hope you all had a good weekend. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Weekend by the seaside”

  1. Aww, that DVD Mr and Mrs sounds adorable. Even an old cynic like me can appreciate a little romance when it’s as sweet as that 😉

    The price of beach huts is indeed insane – I think if I had that kind of money I’d spend it on something else (can anyone say home gym?)

    Sounds like you had a fab time 😀

    1. I know, what a crazy amount of money to spend on a little hut- even though they are pretty you could buy half a house there for that price!

  2. Beach huts are so pretty though….

    Never heard of Southwold but it looks very picturesque and like a lovely place to wander around on Sunday afternoon! 🙂

  3. i think its southwold that there’s a beach hut that is painted very nicely with a vintage scene of a little girl & boy. some of the art galleries in town to lovely things too.

    also worth a visit nearby is Walberswick which you can get a little ferry across the estuary too – i think it is a big rowing boat if i remember right. There’s a lovely seafood restaurant there.

    1. Not sure about that- I only saw the ones painted with different colours. There were loads of paintings of beach huts in the shops though, and some lovely paintings in the shop on the pier.

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