A productive weekend

Hello all

I hope you all had lovely weekends. I managed to fit loads into the 2 days which is the best way I think. After the rainy run on Saturday morning, I needed to go shopping as I have a wedding over 2 days this week, so needed 2 outfits (nightmare- finding one is hard enough!). Andy agreed to go with me, and we treated ourselves to a Starbucks (well my treat for not getting too grumpy in the shops)- we shared a cinnamon roll for a late lunch- mmm. I managed to find some shoes, but no nice dresses. I picked a massive pile of blackcurrants from our garden and made a cheesecake for Sunday.

This is a massive pasta bowl and it is full of currants!

Not sure why it went to red in the picture!

I used a recipe that I had used before, (base of ginger biscuits and butter, middle of light cream cheese and light condensed milk- not sure why either of them are called light but anyway) and for the topping I heated 1/2 cup water, added some agar flakes, and then added the berries. I left it to cool a bit before I put it on the cheesecake, but it set really well. I still have loads of berries left though so I might make some jam or something.

Saturday evening we watched a film and shared some treats we had picked up at the shops- I had a little M&S voucher so we bought some chocolate pretzels, and some giant salted chocolate coated peanuts- yum!

Sunday morning I was up bright and early doing some work, and once I had made some progress I made us some pancakes- Andy requested banana and chocolate, so I put some chocolate chips in the batter (the batter was super easy- 1 egg, 75ml almond milk, 75g wholegrain spelt flour, 40g apple sauce, almond extract, baking powder and bicarb)- and while they were cooking I sliced a massive banana and cooked it in a pan with a tsp spread and a tbs coconut sugar. Yum. The banana was huge but it really cooked down- does not look like much compared to the big pile of pancakes!

I made some fudge (more fudge as end of term gifts for people)- this one was peanut butter fudge with white chocolate and freeze dried strawberries- instead of putting the chocolate as a layer in the middle, I sprinkled on chocolate chips (they melt as the fudge is hot) and then poured some strawberries on.

Then I went shopping again (this time on my own) and found a dress, although now I think I might need something for my hair? That might be a job for tomorrow! I then made the mistake of going to the allotment- my this wet weather has encouraged the weeds! I felt like crying- and what is the deal?? Something has been eating the onions but left all the other weeds that are growing around them- I don’t get it! Anyway, I did about an hour of weeding, but at least once I break up from work I can go up a bit more.

Then we had a lovely chilled out afternoon.evening at Andy’s parents- lots of wedding talk as it is his brother who gets married on Friday (and the Reception on Saturday)- it seems to have come along very quickly.

I was planning on doing some more work when we got home, but (shh) I didn’t because we got in at about half 9.

Today when I got home I went on a run, but again it was hard work. Not as hard work as last Monday’s run, but still my legs were stiff. I am not sure whether it is the longer runs on Saturday that are doing it, or whether I am not moving about enough on Sunday (although I think I was), or something else? Anyway the weather didn’t help- I know I prefer the cooler weather but it was windy and the rain was sideways at times (not too heavy just annoying). I did see some rabbits though 🙂

Right, off to watch The Newsroom- night 🙂

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13 thoughts on “A productive weekend”

  1. BUSY weekend for sure.
    I wouldn’t worry about the run being hard work (I know its easier said than done) but have faith, make sure you are getting enough rest and doing plenty of stretches – I know I came home from todays run and only remembered to stretch when the kids were in the bath …. 3 hours later!!!

    1. Whoops! 🙂
      Yes I am happy that the long slow runs are going OK, which is the main thing I think.

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend! I have had one too, I worked all weekend and today, so I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow! I managed to get in some good workouts. I find I am never as sore after long runs if I keep moving and active all day, i used to come home and just crash out all afternoon after a long run, but I definitely used to be more sore and stiff later and in the following days when I did that. I thought I saw a rabbit on my early run on saturday morning, but it turned out to be a squirrel 😛

  3. Mmmm, that cheesecake sounds delicious, as does the fudge, yum! I think I’m going to make layered brownie or cookie mix jars for Izzy to give her teachers…something slightly different from the usual “best teacher” mugs, and she can help me make them…do you think that idea sounds ok? I need to hurry up though, only 3.5 days left, whoop!! 😀

    Starbucks is my treat of choice when I have to go shopping too – my Mum and sister thought I was mad on Sunday, but I was getting such a headache from going round the shops that I “needed” to pop into Starbucks for an iced dirty chai latte, definitely made trying on zillions of pairs of shoes more bearable!! 😉

    I hope your next run is easier. You’ve done so well to get your running back to where it is after your operation, time off etc 🙂

    1. That sounds like a lovely idea for a gift- all the teachers I know don’t expect anything, but it seems that a lot of families do give gifts at the end of the year- last year my favourite gift was a home-made book mark (with my picture carefully drawn on)- they had laminated it and then tied it with a ribbon- it was fab 🙂
      Honestly I hate shopping for when I need something, and I know I was getting grumpy with Andy for all his suggestions, so we needed that break too!

  4. I just love those M&S chocolate covered pretzels. Words can’t even explain. We have a small M&S in the local town and everytime I go in, I buy some. They are too good to pass up. I am tempted to make my own some time though, can’t be too hard to dip pretzels in melted chocolate?! 🙂

  5. Ooh, I sympathise with having to find the wedding outfits – whenever I need to find something, I know that’s the day I can’t find anything I like and am just not in the mood so I can see why you needed the Starbucks!
    That fudge sounds amazing; any fudge is good but a layer of white chocolate and strawberries must take it to a whole new level of deliciousness 🙂

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