And relax

Hey peeps

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you all got out to enjoy the sunshine- it has come just in time!

I was very lucky on Friday (as it was the last day of term)- I was given some beautiful flowers and lots of lovely cards.

(And a badge made by one of the children- so sweet).

Plus some lovely gifts from colleagues- candles, lush bar, baking book and a candle jar for the garden.

It was a bit of a rush as I had to leave right away to get to the wedding on time, but I made it, and it was lovely- an intimate service with immediate family. I was so nervous about doing the reading (even though it was for such a small audience) but it went well thankfully.

Saturday was the busy day (even more so for Andy as he had best man duties to attend to). I ended up pottering around at home all morning, before I got dressed up and headed over to pick up his parents. All the family members had these lovely flowers (although they have wilted a bit now!)- I wore mine on my wrist, and of course all the men had theirs in their button holes.

Officially the service was a blessing (as they were married on Friday) but it was basically a wedding service with readings and hymns etc. The sun came out and I am sure the photos will look lovely. I had plenty of time to catch up with people I met at the hen weekend (in Southwold) as Andy was very busy.

They also had a sweetie bar which was total genius– jars with jelly beans, dolly mixture (remember that?), licorice allsorts, flying saucers. They had the little metal scoops, andΒ stripyΒ bags! I got some jelly beans but hardly ate any so brought the rest home with me!

Of course the inevitable questions kept coming at the two of us (as his brother is a year younger than Andy and they have been together nearly as long as we have). Firstly I find it awkward because really it is nothing to do with anyone else. But also I am not sure of my own thoughts on it! I mean, I know that I would not want a wedding day- every wedding I go to confirms it more. I think people think I am insulting them when I say it, and I am not- I enjoy going to weddings, but I would not want a day like that myself. Andy had to do a speech, and he did so well, but I would have hated to have all the focus on me just for a little bit, let alone a day. Plus they are so expensive- for just one day! Think of what holiday you could have in exchange. And we signed a lot of things when we bought our house- that is a pretty big commitment. And you hear about people who are happy for years, then get married only to split up soon after. Is there something about it that adds more pressure? Who knows.

Anyway, they had a brilliant band (Hula groove) who were fab- I have never been to a wedding before where the dance floor was so consistently packed. The two of them had a wonderful day (which is what counts, after all), and the weather was just the icing on the cake.

We didn’t set an alarm for Sunday morning, and in the end I didn’t get up til 10am (which is so late for me) and headed out for a 9 mile run. It was hard, but I was tired from all the dancing, and probably had not had quite enough to drink on Saturday. I made the mistake of thinking (at mile 6) “hmm, at the Great North Run I won’t quite be half way yet”- whoops. Anyway, overall I enjoyed it although my legs did feel tight. I saw so many runners out too- it must be the sunshine calling them! It took me nearly 2 hours I think (have not plugged in the Garmin yet, and I was too thirsty when I got home to look at it!), but that is OK.

We were going to go to the Waffle house for breakfast, but I got home from my run at 12, so it was too late for that! We watched the Grand Prix (go Button!) and then headed out to see my parents and Andy’s parents, and then went to the Waffle house for dinner instead. It was packed, but that is no surprise. It has so much outdoor seating, and it is right by the water, so it was perfect. I went for a wholemeal waffle topped with veggies, hummus (a massive scoop of it) and sliced avocado, topped with a sweet chilli sauce. It was delish.

Today I have got to wait in for some deliveries, and then do some shopping, and work (and possibly the allotment to tackle the wedding, but that might wait until tomorrow!), but it is nice to have a day to myself now and finally relax into the summer holidays.

After all:

OK that has gone huge! I copied off a friends’ facebook wall πŸ™‚

Catch you later dudes!

Also, married folks- what made you decide on getting married? Has anything changed since you have been married? Just curious.

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16 thoughts on “And relax”

  1. It’s interesting to read this after I’ve just read Laura’s post on turning 30 and the pressure to start a family etc. I admrire you both for being ‘non-traditional.’ Societal pressures nowadays really get to me – a relationship is no less sacred just because you’re not married. And you’re such a modest and humble person for not wanting attention on you – I could honestly hug you for that because I feel you are such a good person and deserving of attention, but you’re too sweet to want it. My Mum is just the same.

    I love that last picture – it certainly gave me a chuckle!


    1. I know- neither of us have wanted children either, which again seems a big taboo! People are so surprised when I say that. I do sometimes worry that I might change my mind, but I really don’t think that I will.
      I think the thing about the attention is just my personality too- I am not saying that all brides are attention seeking (I know they are not) but the thought of it makes me feel very terrified!
      I think Andy enjoys being anti- what is expected, if that makes sense, but then it would have been easier for example when I was in hospital, so who knows!

  2. A sweetie bar is genius! I can honestly say nothing in our relationship changed when we got married! We never ever wanted the whole ‘white wedding’ thing – that was why we went to Italy and only had 6 guests. You’ve actually really made me think now about why we actually got married! I think it was because, at the time, I did want that more traditional thing, even though we did it in a non traditional way – I even double barrelled my sir name which raised a few eyebrows! Enjoy your summer off!

    1. I knew you got married in Italy but I didn’t realise you had so few guests- good idea I think πŸ™‚

  3. So jealous of your time off! I miss school! I think getting married is a totally personal thing. In this day and age it’s just not a necessity for life. But it is nice to have a big (albeit expensive) party hehe. I’m getting married in September. For me it’s all about celebrating with my family and friends who’d never all be there in one room usually and just having a good excuse to all have a good time together. But I’d never judge anyone who didn’t get married. It’s all personal choice and what you both want πŸ™‚

    1. I think that is great- it was lovely to see family at the weekend, and of course everyone enjoyed themselves. I think most people enjoy their weddings too, which is what it is all about.
      Yes summer holidays are the big bonus of teaching! πŸ™‚

  4. We have the Lorraince Pascale and it has some great recipes – hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

    I don’t really think I have much credence to say anything but (oh well…) marriage is not something that I would chose to enter unless I had children. I’m not against marriage, for the record, I just think it has less and less relevance today. The only need I can see for marriage is to ensure that the father has all the rights he deserves over his children in the event of divorce or, God forbid, death. Aside from that, marriage does not attract me at all. I agree with all that you said and, especially, the attention part, birthdays are bad enough for me, never mind a wedding. I know you can go to a registry office with two witnesses and not have a fuss but even so…

    I am a child of divorced parents so maybe my view is tarnished but I think if you are happy as you are, why change it for the sake of some paperwork and a lot of money? It’s all horses for courses as far as I’m concerned but I don’t think you should feel at all like an oddity for not wanting to marry! I rather comend you both for resisting pressure and doing what you like! πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the holidays! I hope the weather stays nice for you!

    1. See both our sets of parents are happily married, and I see your point about children too, and that is almost my thought, except that I think it will be weird to be a “miss” when I am in my 50’s or whatever!

  5. Such beautiful flowers, perfect for the sunshine that has come out πŸ™‚
    I think in this day and age people would stop asking “so when is it your turn?” … or you’ve barely given birth and they are asking “when are you having number 2?” … people are never happy with what is …. and you and Andy are happy and content the way you are – let the comments pass and carry on being happy xx

    1. You would think people would learn to not ask, but they still do! Good advice from you πŸ™‚

  6. I quite wnt to get married, but already know it will very non traditional. I don’t see the point of getting married in a church when I’m not religious, although lots of people do, ad I quite like the idea of both of us changing our surname. I get asked the marriage/babies question quite alot as Iestyn and I have been together seven years, but I’m only 24! I can see them getting worse as I get older too!

    1. Yes I am not religious at all, so I would not want to have anything in a church. And yes I am sure the questions will continue as you get older!

  7. Hooray for the summer, the weather and long holidays, enjoy!
    I’m on your wavelength about weddings; it’s such a huge amount of money and I wouldn’t like all the attention on me all day. Plus, they all seem the same in so many ways… I think I’d like to run off to a tropical beach somewhere if I was to get married…
    Having said that, the sweetie bar is a genius idea πŸ™‚
    Love the teaching mobile, brilliant!

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