I love a good freebie, I do.

Yup, I decided to go to the run last night. After a cup of tea and a sit down, I was feeling a bit better, and the rain eased off, and then stopped, so I decided I would feel better for going, and could always run very slowly at the back if I felt tired. It was a good run- pretty fast (not as fast last week)- and kudos to the new girl who ran the entire run barefoot. Impressive. Soles of steel.

Yellow is not normally my colour (well, maybe a paler one is OK), but it is a technical t-shirt, and all I had to do was go to 5 runs (well, more because it was not in stock in my size for ages). I think it is a bit hot to wear now, but in the Autumn it will be fab.

I was glad I went- mainly for the t-shirt, but I enjoyed the run too. It is more social than a run by myself, and the fresh air always helps.

Tonight was pump, and I decided to go up a bit for the squats and back track- nearly up to my old personal best. Arms are very shaky now!

Tomorrow is the end of term- woohoo! The benefits of being a teacher 🙂

Any exciting plans for the weekend? Andy’s brother is getting married on Friday, so I have to rush there after work, then the reception is on Saturday, and then Sunday I have a 9 mile run planned (eek). Have a good one.

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10 thoughts on “Freebie!!!”

  1. Oooh have a fantastic time at the wedding and the reception, nothing like bit of old dancing queen antics to warm up for Sundays run 😉

  2. Yay, I’m happy you felt better and enjoyed yourself too 🙂

    And kudos to you for upping weights in that back track – it’s the hardest one we’ve had in ages in my opinion. I’m really struggling with it and that’s usually my strongest track after lunges – my back is fine, but my forearms feel as though they’re going to drop off by the last set of clean and presses. It’s all those bloody slow deadlifts (#bodypumpproblems hehe).


  3. Nice, you can’t beat a good tech tea! I’ve just done my long run for this week, so that is out of the way before this weekend. I am going to see the new Batman this evening. Working all day tomorrow and then going on a work night out which should be fun. Sunday will be spent chilling and hopefully a nice bike ride with Nick if the weather is kind!

  4. Yey, well done for going on the run & for increasing your weights at Body Pump! 🙂 The pump class I’m going to tonight is with a different instructor than usual so I’m going to try to increase my weights a bit…I figure at least if I fail miserably then I wont know anyone as it’s not even in my local gym either! 😉

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the wedding/reception. We’ve got one of my teacher friends visiting us on Sunday which will be really nice…I love the holidays as suddenly all my friends are free for lots of meet-ups (because I did an education degree, so lots of my friends are teachers…) nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen for months! 🙂

    1. It is worth a try to up the weights anyway- not sure if your bars are the same, but on ours the weights mostly stay on without clips, so you can add more on the outside of the clips, and then knock them off partway through (we always do that for the back track so you have heavier bits for the rows at the start). So you could try that? Also I think you just have to think that it does not matter what other people think of your weights, and just do the ones that are best for you.
      I feel like that for the holidays- more so this time as the last 2 holidays (Easter and Christmas) I wasn’t well so didn’t do much like I usually would. Enjoy 🙂

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