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You might remember that a while ago I hosted a giveaway for Groupon, which is a daily deals website. They kindly sent me a voucher too, so that I could try out the service and review it.

They send out emails every day, but you can also search on their website. I kept looking as I could not decide what to spend the voucher on. In the end a deal came up for a canvas print from photobox- a large one for £20 instead of the usual £60 or something.

It was easy to get the voucher for the deal (that is how Groupon works- you buy a voucher from them, and then redeem the voucher with the retailer), and although the voucher expired quite quickly, they did send emails prompting me to use it.

It took us ages to decide what picture to choose. We had originally chosen a different photo, but when Andy uploaded it to the website, it said that the picture quality was not good enough (as the canvas is big- that is it in the middle of our sofa), so in the end we chose one from last summer (sunset at Key West) as by then Andy had very good quality camera (I don’t know the technical term but it has a big lens!).

The canvas is lovely- the picture has come out really well.

Andy also surprised me by ordering some prints from when we went to Canada a few years ago. The picture we had originally chosen for the print is the top left one, and is of a lake, at sunset, with an elk in the foreground. The other ones are Canada too (including Peyto lake, bottom right, which is in the shape of a wolf- amazing).  I just find those pictures so relaxing to look at.

Anyway, I have used Groupon in the past (it was how I found out about the cupcake decorating class) and I would always keep an eye out for different deals. They do rather inundate you with emails though!

Do you ever use any of the daily deal websites? What sort of deals do you look for? 

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4 thoughts on “Groupon picture”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I love filling my home with images like that! I do use groupon and living social and always keep an eye out for good deals, I’ve used a couple of meal ones before, and a rock climbing one which was fun. There is one today for a yoga studio near me that I wanted to try out so I am definitely going to get that.

    1. They are worth keeping an eye on as they have all sorts- it just depends what sort of thing you are after.

  2. I love that canvas (and the photos), gorgeous!

    I get the Groupon emails and do buy things quite often – usually photo related, but also a couple of restaurant vouchers and Izzy’s bedding (that she can draw on) was also a Groupon.

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