Half way!

Yup, I am half way to the half marathon distance- woo!

I am getting used to these early morning runs too. Andy got weekend tickets to the British Grand Prix, so on Friday the alarm went off super early as he had to drive up there. I did body pump on Thursday, and I always find that a run on Friday (just a gentle one) helps me to be less stiff, so I went out before breakfast. Plus because I was meeting friends for a waffle after work, I knew I would not fit one in in the evening.

Saturday morning was another early start- a bit later at 6.30.

I had half a clif bar as a pre-run boost, and then headed out (Exciting news- there are going to be new clif bar flavours in the UK!! And the bars are going to be 68g, not 50g- which I don’t think is so good as I like the smaller size, but I will cut them up I suppose- and for the same price). I would normally have breakfast, but then I have to leave it for ages before I go out. I have been teaching myself to run on empty (you know what I mean) as before my limit was about 3 miles. I had a 7 mile run planned, so I decided to have something just to give me a little bit of new energy.

The run went really well. It was very very slow (but it is called a long slow run after all)- I felt quite stiff so I was quite cautious, plus I didn’t want to struggle. In the end I felt like I could have continued further, which is a good thing and gives me a mental boost too. I did the 7 miles (well a fraction under) in 80 mins (although when I got home I thought I had only done 6 miles so I was worrying about my lack of speed!)- not too bad. And half way to half marathon distance- I think I can make the GNR!

I took some water with me and had a few sips on the way around, but when I got home I was thirsty so had a nuun tab and the rest of the bar.

Then the most delicious breakfast: Β frozen cherries, Dorset muesli, almond milk (I found out that Β£1 is the intro price as the St Albans Waitrose had the “offer” signs out), almonds, dried cherries- all soaked overnight, then topped with a little drippy pb. Yum.

All this was before 9am! Getting up early meant I was so productive! I did some cleaning, vacuumed, sorted out the recycling, packaged up some parcels, went to the post office, went to the market.

I bought some strawberries (which sadly are already going mushy) and some amazing looking sourdough with walnuts and sultanas.

Then I was off to the summer fayre at work to help out, then to the shops, and then home to watch the ladies final- my Dad found out on Friday that he was selected to be in the line judge team, so I wanted to make sure I saw it.

They all get to line up at the end, and he is right over her shoulder!

I got a quick text from him after, but then he was back on doing the men’s doubles final too- busy day!

I got a Graze box today for the first time in months, and it came with an afternoon tea punnet! A teabag and carrot cake, so of course I had to have some. Very tasty indeed.

Then my productivity slowed right down! I had a snooze in front of the TV (oops), and sorted out a drawer which I have been meaning to tackle for ages, but that is about it.

Tomorrow we are off to the Grand Prix, so I am hoping that the rain does not continue. I will be wearing my wellies for sure. This year Andy splashed out on a covered grandstand which will be well worth it I think!

Hope everyone else is staying away from all the flooding. Have a lovely Sunday.

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20 thoughts on “Half way!”

  1. You will have the GNR in the bag I’m sure of it, you know what you are doing and know how to listen to your body.
    So great for your dad to be a line judge at Wimbledon ladies final no less – woohooo for dad πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the Grand Prix.

  2. You’re sorted for the GNR – you’re right around the same point in training as some of the guys at my gym and they’re feeling so confident I’m surprised their heads fit through the entrance doors (although they are guys, so I suppose they would be a bit more brash :P)

    I can’t believe I was watching your Dad the entire time at Wimbledon – I kept nudging my own Dad to emphasise how cool it is πŸ˜€

    I really do hope Silverstone is not a washout! I think the weather was pretty nasty last year as well…


    1. Last year the rain stopped for the race so we shall see..
      My Dad has done it for years at Wimbledon – maybe 12 or more? But still exciting to see esp when he gets a final πŸ™‚
      And thanks for that about the gnr too – feeling a bit more confident now

  3. I hope it’s ok and the rain stops; I heard on the radio they were turning people away so fingers crossed you get to see it…
    That’s brilliant about the running distance, hopefully you’ll be fine for the GNR; it must be so lovely to be back into it, after everything! And I love that you went out for a waffle with your friends, great idea πŸ™‚

    1. We have a park and ride ticket and those were OK- it was the poor people who had paid extra to park right at the circuit who were told not to come today – I just hope it is still on. Yes we love the waffle house for a chat πŸ™‚

  4. 7 miles is such a fantastic achievement, well done! I’ve been really enjoying reading about you getting back into running, such an inspiration! Hope you have a lovely time at the Grand Prix tomorrow!

  5. Sourdough bread is the best!!!!

    Okay – on your almond milk bottle (carton?) it says 29…I am trying to figure out, 29 what?! When I buy the vanilla unsweetend it says “40 calories” in that exact spot; if I get the sweetened vanilla, it says “60 calories” there.

  6. Wow, you are doing so great with your running… I’m still struggling & my half marathon is in October!!

    Need to get back into my early runs & thankfully you have inspired me, thanks hun!! Do you run specific mornings? X

    1. Normally I go mon wed fri after work and Sat or sun am but sometimes I have to go out first thing- usually fridays – good luck with your ttraining you have more time than me x

  7. Oh my! I hope you had a great time at the GP! My brother would be so jealous, I suspect he’d cry if he saw Michael Schumacher (he’s adored him since he won every year at Ferrari!)

    Well done on your running too! I’m looking at getting back into running so it’s really interesting to see how you are approaching it! πŸ™‚ Hope you continue to enjoy it!

    1. Thanks, it was great to see it. πŸ™‚
      Good luck with getting back into running too- I think this time was easier than when I started out the first time, and although my fitness was so low after being unwell, it has not taken too long to come back. πŸ™‚

  8. Awesome run, you are doing really great! I missed my long run this weekend due to a back injury, but I am hoping to get up to 6.5-7 this weekend. I always do my long runs at a fairly slow pace, and I have found that really helps during training. Yay for new clif bars in the UK, I love the blueberry crisp one, although I agree I prefer the 50g size. In America they are all 68g, and I bought loads of them when we went to SF last year, which were a great size for sharing with the boyfriend on days out.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I hope you manage your this weekend.
      I don’t think I have tried the blueberry clif bar, but it sounds nice- I like the oatmeal raisin one- I think the fruity ones are lovely.
      We share the big ones too- and did the same on our holiday last year- stocked up in Wholefoods and then shared them for snacks! πŸ™‚

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