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Hey peeps

I know I keep going on about it, but I cannot believe how fantastic the weather has been these last few days- just in time. Normally it is lovely right until the schools break up, so I am enjoying every second.

Last week I picked a load of blackcurrants from our garden- I made some of them into a cheesecake, but I still had a massive bowl left (I would estimate at least 400g, as they filled a pasta bowl- much more than the little punnets you can buy in the shops anyway).

I was going to make some jam, but I mentioned it to someone who suggested blackcurrant ice cream- what a fab idea. I have a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream book (and I must say, the peanut butter ice cream from that book is divine) so I flipped through for ideas. They had lots of fruity ones, and also a coconut one which caught my eye, so I combined a few recipes to make my own. They have different base mixes, one with raw eggs (which scares me, so I never use that one), and one has condensed milk and cream. They suggested to add coconut cream to the normal base, but I decided to replace the cream with coconut milk, to add to the coconut flavour.

400g blackcurrants (approx)

1/2 cup water

2 tbs coconut sugar

1 can light condensed milk

1 can coconut milk

1 mini can coconut cream (I used the Waitrose essentials one)

50g dessicated coconut

First up, I cooked the blackcurrants- I put them in a pan with a little water (probably 1/2 cup), added a couple of tbs of coconut sugar, and heated until the berries burst and it looked a beautiful purple colour.

While this was going on, I toasted the dessicated coconut on a tray in the oven, for probably just less than ten minutes.

Then in a jug I mixed the condensed milk with the coconut milk. Now I have never used canned coconut milk (or cream) before- mine seemed to have separated into milk and oil, so I just used the milk but (from both cans), but I am sure you could use it all??

Then I added the blackcurrant mixture and the toasted coconut to the base.

Wow- purple!

This was then poured into my ice cream maker. I don’t think I had frozen the bowl for long enough, plus it was a warm day, so the ice cream did not go as thick as usual.

But once it was done I put it into some tubs for the freezer, and it firmed up further.

It was delicious- I think blackcurrants go really well with something creamy as they are a bit tart, so the coconut ice cream base was lovely. I would like to replace the condensed milk too, but I am not sure what with- I am wondering if using plain yoghurt might be nice.

Next up, tea bread!

I saw that Phil had made the most amazing looking tea bread, and I could not wait to try it. Look here for her fantastic recipe. Hers had sultana and coconut, but I swapped in raisins as that is what I had (I am sure it is basically the same). I am already thinking up other variations as it worked so well.

I made mine with:

400ml Earl Grey tea (2 teabags), 1 cup self raising white flour, 1 cup wholemeal spelt flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 2 cups raisins, 1/2 cup coconut, a little lemon zest, cinnamon and 2 eggs.

Any recipe which has dried fruit being soaked is already a winner in my book- I love how they plump up so much. Here are my raisins soaking in Earl grey- how civilised.

There is the mixing bowl- super easy- just mix it all together.

I could not wait to try it warm from the oven- it was amazing!

Lime curd went very well with the earl grey I feel. I have also enjoyed it toasted for lunch. It holds together so well- and considering it has no butter/ oil, and no sugar in there, it is very flavourful indeed. I am thinking of adding in some pumpkin puree next time for a pumpkin tea-bread.

Finally, some cookies:

All ready for a chocolate-free girly meet-up. I used the ever reliable Millie’s cookies recipe, and replaced the 200g chocolate chips with 100g butterscotch chips and 100g peanut butter chips (both from American Soda).

They have turned out well, but the butterscotch chips have a very strong flavour and almost overpower the peanut chips a little. Next time I would use less (say 50g) butterscotch chips, and more peanut ones.

Phew, that is enough recipes for now. I am off to body pump later (and guess how many people turned up to the Sweatshop run yesterday? 3! Three! ) and hoping that the air-con actually works.

What is the best recipe you have tried lately?

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10 thoughts on “Many recipes”

  1. Wow lots of baking! Love the colour on your ice cream! I haven’t made anything in ages, just been super busy lately and no time to try anything new out! I tried a few of Brendan Braziers raw breakfast recipes, but they were pretty minimal prep, but they were good though.

  2. I’m slightly jealous of your garden loot! The blackcurrant ice-cream looks beautiful! I really, really love the pretty colour.
    I think my favourite recipe of late was Hugh F-W’s stuffed butternut squash…I’m looking forward to the autumn squashes already!

    Oh and I just have to mention that the Olympics are here!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I hope you enjoy all of it!

  3. That ice cream looks absolutely divine! I think that might be my next splurge/treat to myself. I love ice cream, and home-made is the best!

    So glad you liked the tea bread. I’m pretty sure raisins and sultanas are the same thing or near enough!! I really want to make it again soon and a lime curd topping sounds really good 🙂

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