I know, I know, everyone is going on about the weather, but seriously, it is July! JULY!

This is the last week of term, but it does not feel like it at all with all the rain and wet play. We had Sports day (rained off the first date)- the field was wet, and the water soaked through my trainers (why did I take my wellies home on Monday?), and then it rained right at the end, so I spent the rest of the day with sopping wet socks and trousers. Not good.

Last night I made some cookies to keep everyone going:

As I had some cookie mix (and not much time) it was perfect- I used the Oatmeal cookie mix that American Soda sent me, and added in some of the butterscotch chips (which, by the way, taste like butterscotch Angel delight).

It made a lot- 2 big tray-fulls, and they went down well at work.

I have also been getting gifts ready- the fudge is all bagged up now, and I will take it in tomorrow as the last day will be so manic.

I missed the WIAW post again, but I did take a photo of my lunch from the weekend (possibly? Or earlier than that)- crumpets with peanut butter and fresh strawberries (so good), lime curd, and Earl Grey tea.

At the moment I am deciding whether to go to the Sweatshop run tonight. I woke up at 4am this morning with a bad headache, and it would not go away. Since being better I have been trying to steer clear of painkillers (not that I take them loads)- because I must have been on some kind of painkiller for at least 5 months. Anyway, I had to succumb to ibuprophen in the end, and luckily it went, but I have felt a bit groggy today (from the lack of sleep I think), plus after being soggy all day, I feel I have only just warmed up and dried off. It is not raining out there at the moment, and I think that a run in the fresh air might help, but then again if it pours I think I could end up feeling rubbish, and at some points I feel like my headache is on the verge of coming back. So we shall see. Still have not got my t-shirt as they have not had my size in, so that is a good reason to go! Also because we have the wedding on Friday, I can’t go out for a run then (and don’t want to go out in the morning as I want to have time to do my hair and if I run in the morning it gets a wet ponytail), and the Reception is on Saturday so I suppose I could go out then for a short run, but ideally I wanted to wash my hair Friday night and then make it look presentable on Saturday morning, as then it is easier to sort out. Hmm. But then after that I will be on holiday so I can have a run whenever I want. And I don’t want to be unwell for the wedding, or for the last few days of term. Oh it is hard to tell!

How do you decide when to give a workout a miss?

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13 thoughts on “Soggy”

    1. They just don’t taste like anything else and I don’t want to know what’s in them but it is yummy!

  1. The butterscotch chips sound yummy. I think knowing what is best for you ultimately is the best way to decide on whether to workout. There have been many a times where I have decided to workout and have been really tired only to regret later.

  2. I’m glad someone else dictates their run by their hair washing schedule! Hehe. My hair is quite long that I always try to run on a hair washing day so I’m not wasting effort. How easy guys have it… *sighs* I’d love to run during lunch st work but with washing my hair it would be impossible! Those cookies look really yummy. Oatie ones are the best 🙂

  3. I am sure you made the decision re: the run. Running when I’m really soaked, cold and shivery takes way more out of me than in good weather, so it’s perfectly understandable to be a bit hestitant about it.

    Eeek, I have a bit of a fear of anything that tastes like angel delight! The banana and strawberry was the absolute worst, but the butterscotch and chocolate made me feel rather ill too!

    1. Oh no I used to love the chocolate or butterscotch ones, but not the strawberry and especially not the banana one!

  4. I’m craving crumpets with PB and fresh strawberries after reading this post! That plus a nice cup of earl grey would have to be my ideal afternoon tea 🙂

  5. I think I can tell the difference when I’m just feeling lazy or when I really do need to just miss a workout, I think you can sometimes risk sickening yourself altogether – both physically and mentally when you push it so a rest is sometimes what you need 🙂

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