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I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, and avoiding all the terrible flooding that is happening.

Ages ago I was sent a book, called Keep on Running, to read for my blog.

I read it a while back, but I keep on forgetting to review it. You can read more about it on the Amazon reviews page if you want, but basically the author (Phil Hewitt) takes you on a journey through all his marathons (and he has run 25!). It starts with him taking on the challenge as his job as a journalist, and how his love of marathon running bloomed. I found it so interesting to read, because he has run various marathons across the globe (New York, Paris, Berlin…) and it was wonderful to read a runner’s perspective on them. It is not a training book, but it is an inspiring and enjoyable book- it even made me think that maybe Stockholm did not have to be my first and only marathon….

And onto UR Nutrition:

I was sent some products from UR Nutrition to try (in very shiny packets). They make a wide range of products and supplements- lots of protein powders (whey, soya) and add ins like green tea powder too.

My absolute favourite product that they sent me was the soya crisp. This was like rice crispies or something like that- nice crunchy soya pieces with a cereal-like flavour. It was fab on cereal, with yoghurts, and in baking (I added it to cornflake cakes). The stats are impressive too- a 20g serving has 16g protein which I think is pretty great.

Some soya crisp with alpro dark chocolate dessert, raspberries and coconut.

Added to some overnight muesli and nectarines- a great protein boost at breakfast.

The soya sustain (which is a soya protein powder) was a great idea as it is plain (no flavour), but they also sell packs of various flavours including chocolate brownie, strawberry cheesecake and key lime pie.

At first I just tried mixing it (top picture) but it was very lumpy! It was better when I put it in the blender (that time with some strawberries too). I found the flavours OK, but they seemed very strong and I ended up using much less than what was recommended (and I have a sweet tooth). But then that is better because you can add the amount you need, instead of having a flavour pre-mixed and finding it too strong.

They have a page of recipes on their website which is great if you are looking for ideas as to how to cook/bake with the products. I noticed they have a version of cornflake cakes (which I made with the soya crisp)- good idea!

My favourite product was the soya crisp- I am so impressed with the nutritional stats, and I would buy it again for sure. I am not so sure about the protein powders, but I never seem to get on that well with which ever ones I try- maybe I need to get the hint that my stomach just does not like protein powders very much. They were good to try anyway- thanks UR Nutrition 🙂

 Do you get on with protein powders? 

What running (or non-running) books have inspired you?

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6 thoughts on “UR nutrition and “Keep on Running””

  1. Aside from Sun Warrior, protein powders tend to be a no-no. I like Vega’s Smoothie Infusions but I can’t use too much of them – I did think that SW was a culprit for my IBS but it turned out not to be the case (well, now that I don’t use 8-10 scoops at a time!)

    Those soya crispies look great – they’re the basis of the protein in TREK bars (not those specific ones/that brand, but soy crispies in general).

    I have too many digestive issues with soy to think that I’d get on with those protein powders, but I bet in terms of taste I’d love them if they’re really sweet!

    Paula Radcliffe’s autobiography has inspired me the most. Although with her injury issues one wonders if she takes her own advice. 25 marathons is brilliant – I would absolutely love it if I could run that many one day.


    1. You must be close to that!
      Yes I was thinking that clif bars have soya crispies in them too and was going to try to make something similar with them- we shall see. I have read good things about Paula R’s book so might have to look for it at some point

  2. I love sunwarrior, and it’s the only protein powder I tend to use now. I love the nutritional stats and ingredients, a lot of protein powders are so processed and full of awful ingredients. I have a couple of favourite running books, born to run is one, just a little run around the world is incredible too. I’ve just started reading Scott Jurek’s book which I’m sure will be awesome too!

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