WIAW- early start

I feel so organised actually sorting out a WIAW post- first time in months.

This is Saturday- Β it was an early start (6.30am) as Andy was off to Silverstone for the qualifying.

So, early morning snack:

Half a Clif bar (enjoying the last few 50g bars before we get the supersized 68g US ones over here!).

Then I was off for a 7 mile run- I usually have breakfast before a longer run, but then I have to wait hours, and I had to be at work at 11.30 so didn’t want to leave it too late, so I thought I would have something small for a bit of an energy boost.

Post-run snack- the rest of the Clif bar and a nuun tab in water.


Lovely overnight muesli- this was 80g frozen cherries, 40g Dorset muesli, a handful of almonds and dried cherries all soaked overnight in almond milk. In the morning I topped it with some super drippy PB&Co PB. Yum.

Then I was off doing jobs- housework, going to the market, post office, helping at the summer fayre, popping to the shops.


No photo (fail!)- but I had 2 crumpets with pb on one, and lime curd on the other, plus a persimmon and some fresh cherries.

Afternoon snack:

A Graze afternoon tea box! Carrot cake and tea-what a fab idea πŸ™‚


Andy was back late so we had a picnic tea:

I picked up some sourdough rye with walnuts and sultanas at the market, so we had that (more than one slice don’t worry!) with some cheese (strong cheddar with caramelised onions) and some salad. Plus I had a smoothie with chocolate almond milk and strawberries which ended up being very lumpy- I think my blender is on it’s last legs.

A lot of cherries that day!

As for the fitness aspect- well as I have previously rambled, I did a 7 mile run that day. Training for the GNR is going well – I am gradually upping the distance for my long runs, and at least now I am half way there.Β 
Are you training for anything at the moment?

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25 thoughts on “WIAW- early start”

  1. This post’s definitely aptly titled because it’s up before 7.34am!
    I’d love to try the Clif bars but don’t think they’re gluten-free oats so I’ll have to try and make my own version. I tried the overnight muesli inspired by yours the other day and loved the way the soaked dried fruit and nuts tasted πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you liked the soaked muesli- I thought it sounded strange but I really love the nuts and fruit after they have soaked overnight. No I don’t think they are gluten free- shame ;(

  2. It would be nice if I could make it to the GNR too, but with all of my injury ‘wobbles’ it’s always up in the air. An autumn marathon might be nice too, but only if I can get my stupid right leg sorted out :/

    Typically I’m a little piglet and would love the 68g size Clif bars – I was really disappointed when the UK ones were only 50g size. They aren’t the best for my stomach because as Eleanor mentioned, the oats aren’t gluten-free and they also contain barley malt extract, but they’re nice for the odd treat if I can get away with it.


    1. I can eat a big clif bar, and loved them as a post long run snack, but for in the week they are bigger than my other snack bars.
      I hope I do manage to see you at the GNR πŸ™‚

  3. Your breakfast in this post looks delicious – cherry and almond are my favourite flavours! I’ve tried soaking plain oats overnight but never muesli.. do the seeds and nuts go soft or stay quite hard/crunchy?

    1. It is hard to explain- the nuts still have some crunch, but it is like the outside is softened slightly. Give it a go and see πŸ™‚ They don’t go mushy or anything.

      1. Sounds lovely! Think I’ll give it a go this weekend. Plus, anything topped with PB&Co is a winner in my books!

    1. I know what a coincidence! I have had it for about 5 years though so I am sure it has done a good job to last that long.

  4. How is the Almond Breeze?? I haven’t seen any anywhere but haven’t been to Tesco so…! I always like the looks of your eats and this week is no different! πŸ™‚

    1. It is really nice I think- I have tried the unsweetened, which is very mild (not very almond-y in flavour) and the chocolate, which is super sweet but nice!
      I got it in Waitrose but I have seen other people get it in Tesco.

  5. Love PB and co, need to get some when I am back in the UK next month! My blender is also on it’s last legs, although I have been using it about 5 times a day whilst doing a raw vegan cleanse this week! I thought it had died earlier, as it wouldn’t turn on, but it somehow came back to life!

  6. I need me some of that chocolate almond milk! I’m not training for anything in particular just trying to slim down and tone up!

  7. The strawberry chocolate milk combo sounds really good! Great job on your 7 miles… I’m tapering this week for a triathlon, and then hope to do a few half marathons this fall.

  8. I am not training for anything right now, just getting my exercise in and trying to run the right amount to not aggravate my hip/back!

  9. I am not training for anything specific at the moment. Though I do need to get my butt outside and finish a few runs for the race I am running with my mom and sisters. I haven’t been doing as much running as I used to since starting boxing and hot yoga!

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