WIAW- Good Hydration

Guess what song I have had in my head for 3 days now – (I’m talking about good hydration, It’s giving me exitations, Good, good, good, good hydration…OK enough of that).

Anyway, it seems the summer has finally arrived in the UK- hurrah! After my long run on Sunday I was very conscious of drinking enough, as I have a tendancy to get headaches after long runs in the heat. But some nuun and coconut water sorted me out. I was really thirsty on Monday, which I suppose might have been a sort of after effect.

Anyway, this is my food from Tuesday:


Started with a few bites of a blueberry clif bar (my they are sweet) before I went out for a 6 mile run. I wanted to go before it got too hot, and had a lovely run up to the lakes, around the park, and saw lots of rabbits!

Once I got home and had a shower, I had this lovely breakfast to enjoy. The night before I mashed up a banana with a little pb, and then topped with muesli, a few chia seeds, and hazelnut milk. It had really thickened overnight so I added a little more hazelnut milk before serving.

Then I was off to the allotment for some weeding- bindweed seems to have taken over now. It was so hot there- I wish I had taken some water with me.


Two slices of tea bread, one with sunflower seed butter and one with lime curd.

Plus watermelon and pineapple. I find watermelon the most refreshing fruit for the summer, especially when chilled as it is like eating sorbet.

I also snacked on a few freshly picked berries while I made some ice cream with all those blackcurrants.

I didn’t eat the ones that had been already started on by bugs!


Roasted beetroot, courgette, peppers, with spinach, basil tofu, hummus and pine nuts. A bit random, but lovely- it was so hot that I wanted a cold salad.


Home-made coconut and blackcurrant ice cream (recipe next time in case anyone is interested).

As for my good hydration, I had lots of water as usual, and made a big jug of iced mint tea, plus a nuun tab in water once I got back from my run. Again I was a bit worried that I would get a headache (especially as I felt I overheated a bit at the allotments- no shade there at all) but I was OK.

Thanks to Jenn for organising the WIAW link up.

How do you adapt your exercise when it is really hot? I tend to go a bit slower, try to go at different times of the day (if possible) and try to choose a shady route. I also try to make sure that I am hydrated the day before. On long runs I take water with me (but not loads, just half a bottle to sip on to stop me getting a dry mouth). I must admit I am not looking forward to my Sweatshop run quite so much, because I know it is going to be so hot at that time of day, but I am hoping we choose a shady route and I will just not go too fast I suppose.

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12 thoughts on “WIAW- Good Hydration”

  1. Oh that ice cream looks good! Is it with coconut milk? I made some strawberry coconut milk ice cream a while ago and it was delicious! I think running used to be the only type of exercise that would be affected by the heat for me. I like doing yoga hot anyways and the gym has fans!

  2. I always take water with me now on longer runs as I made that mistake before and almost fainted :-S I try to run in the morning before its too hot. I just don’t enjoy it if it’s too warm.

  3. Mmm, that tea bread looks delicious! 🙂

    I don’t actually like watermelon – unlike 99% of bloggers I’m sure! – although I think it might be an “inherited dislike” – two of the few foods that my Mum doesn’t like are watermelon and gooseberries, and consequently I rarely, if ever, had them growing up and in my head don’t like them…maybe I should give it another go!

    I only exercise indoors so the weather doesn’t overly affect me, although our spinning classes have been even stuffier than usual…the room does have one fan, but it doesn’t really cut it at the best of times, let alone in this weather! I’ve been drinking loads of water recently though, luckily it seems to be what my body craves most when it’s this hot 🙂

    1. Gooseberries are very sour! We used to have a bush in our garden when I was little, and every year I would eat a few straight off the bush before I realised why Mum usually cooked them!

  4. Yes, taking is slowly and being well hydrated is key. It’s amazing how much harder our bodies have to work in the heat!
    I’m excited to hear that coconut blackcurrant ice cream, yum!

  5. Haha, I had that song in my head as soon as I saw your title too 🙂
    I bet running first thing’s been lovely – early mornings are so beautiful when the weather’s like this, I love it! I cycle early and after work and have been riding late; that’s lovely in a warm evening too.

    1. Glad it is not just me with the song!
      Yes being out early or late is lovely at the moment- nice sunshine but still fairly cool too.

  6. I hate getting headaches after long runs, horrible. I find coconut water really helps. I’ve just started using Viridian sports electrolyte fix, which you add to water and it’s full of sodium, potassium etc, I’m finding it great so far, and it works out way cheaper than coconut water in the long run. I tend to get my runs in early if I know it is going to be hot. I think I will do my long run early (6-7ish) tomorrow to avoid the heat.

    1. That sounds very similar to nuun- they are little tabs you put in water and they have all the electrolytes too- they really help. I even took them on holiday last summer and had them on a few of the very hot days. I love coconut water too but it is expensive.
      I usually go out early when I can- just Wednesday I still wanted to do the sweatshop run so that has a fixed time.

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