Loving the summer!

Hey peeps!

I hope you are all having a lovely summer. I cannot believe that nearly two weeks have passed- time flies! Plus I have managed to fit so much in to the last few weeks- I am sure I am even busier in the holidays than when I am at work.

I can’t even remember this week! Monday was a 6 mile run before breakfast (again, slow and not great- my legs just don’t like Mondays for some reason), working at home, a walk to the shops, and I even managed to watch some Olympics.

Tuesday I went to London for the day!

Me and a friend had tickets for Buckingham Palace, which was great, but no photos were allowed inside the palace- boo! We looked around (they give you headphones which makes it more interesting I think), we popped out for a quick lunch (yummy hummus salad wrap and peach iced tea from Pret) and then went back as we had timed tickets for the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition- that was also very interesting (and I could have taken pictures but didn’t, whoops). Β Later on we went to the Mews (where they kept horses but now keep carriages) and you could take pictures there, and I actually did.

I liked the car- the Queen can stand up in it before she has to get out- very handy.

At one point there were loads of little carts- I liked this one (goat cart) the best.

This carriage is wooden, and several hundred years old. I thought they only had one carriage, but no, there are loads.

After that we wandered over to Hyde Park, as we knew they had big TV screens up. It was more of a faff than we realised, because you had to go in certain entrances (some were exit only) and be searched. But when we got there the equestrian team were getting their medals, so we watched that for a bit. We were hoping to see the gymnastics team, but none of the screens showed it, so after a bit we decided to go and have an early dinner.

We saw quite a few of the mascots in different places.

Quite cool πŸ™‚

Then we went to a fab vegetarian cafe, Mildreds. (My friend had been there before with a friend of hers that is veggie, and she thought I would like it). It was fab- so fresh. I had a mountain of a salad in the end- grated carrot, fennel, apple, salad leaves, fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds, sultanas, probably other stuff too, oh and goats cheese. Yum.

We must have walked miles, so I was pretty tired by the time we got home!

On Wednesday I went into work for the morning, and then went out for lunch with some friends from work (waffle house- yummy hummus and avocado one again). I had to pop to the cinema on my way home to pick up tickets, then went on my Sweatshop run – we did a slightly longer route (3.5 miles in 35 mins- quite quick), so with that and running there and back it ended up being 5 miles. Then after a quick shower and dinner we went to see Batman.

This morning I had a short run (30 mins, just under 3 miles), had a haircut, did some shopping (got 3 tops and a jumper in the Debenhams sale, all for Β£40), then went out for lunch (Waffle house again- Banoffee waffle this time) with some other friends! I love that place. Then I was off to Body Pump (might be my last one before holiday- it was fab), and tomorrow I have a wedding to go to. I feel like I don’t waste the holidays. Plus more medals for team GB- woo!

I have taken some random photos of foods this week:

A yummy peach melba breakfast- nectarine (nearly a peach), raspberries, muesli and almond milk, with a little pb on top. I think that was a post run breakfast, and it was amazing. I have not had much luck with nectarines recently, but these ones are amazing- perfect ripeness.

A yummy salad of spinach, tomatoes, peppers, beetroot, basil tofu and watermelon.

Wedding cake (this must have been last week!), fig and strawberries.

A tasty quick lunch of pitta, hummus, pepper and avocado (I got some super cheap from Aldi). Plus iced mint tea.

Toasted tea bread, lime curd/ hotel chocolat pb spread, plus apple.

I also made some more tea bread- I took out 100ml of water, and added in half a can of pumpkin puree, plus ginger, cinnamon and cloves. It has come out super moist- more like a pudding, but it still slices really well, and is lovely (esp with pb spread on it).

Right, I am off to catch up on the Olympics from today- have a fab weekend everyone!

Are you busier on days off or at work?

Are you going to the Olympics?

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19 thoughts on “Loving the summer!”

  1. Wow! You definitely sound like you’ve been busy!! I am jealous of all your waffles, banoffee mmm. I can’t quite picture the savoury one, but would probably love it in reality!

    I try to keep at least one or two days a week as quiet days in the holidays – where we just pootle around the house/garden for most of the day and possibly into town/the woodland area for a bit of fresh air. The children get so tired otherwise that they can’t enjoy the busy days!

    This next week will be busier though – we’re off to Butlins tomorrow-Monday, and then it is folk week in our town next week so we will be going down to the town/seafront each day to see what is on, it is always so busy, but good fun! πŸ™‚

    I love the sound of your peach melba breakfast πŸ™‚ I have been eating lots of nectarines recently but need to buy some raspberries! (and cereal…I am somehow completely out of all cereal except plain oats, not sure how that happened!!)

    1. I like to have a few days to myself too, to just relax. But I suppose I will have those on holiday πŸ™‚
      Folk week sounds lovely-enjoy.

  2. Mildred’s is fantastic – as Jemma said, we went there together..after the Cosmo awards actually, it’s a wonderful place, food is fab, great atmos too.

    I’m enjoying the Olympics too. I’m hoping to go and catch a glimpse of the marathon on Sunday but I might chicken out if it’s raining!

    1. That is my thought exactly- we are going to see what the weather looks like because it won’t be so good if it rains on Sunday.
      Mildreds was fab- so glad my friend took me there πŸ™‚

  3. I know what you mean, I always seem busier on days off!
    I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace or Hyde Park to my shame but would love to – but what’s a goat cart?! So cool you got to see the eventers getting their medals (woop for the British silver) – but what are those mascots like – I think they’re very strange πŸ™‚
    I’m going to the Olympics next Thursday can’t wait – and I think I need a banoffee waffle πŸ™‚

    1. I have no idea what a goat cart is! I just liked it!
      The mascots are weird, but we had them explained to us at school- one is about the paralympics, and has the 3 spikes to do with that logo, and their names are to do with who founded the modern olympics (and where) and paralympics, so once that is explained it makes more sense. They still look odd though!

  4. Sounds like a busy but great week. I went to the hyde park olympic zone this afternoon after our beach volleyball session, and we watched the athletics there, it was a great atmosphere, everyone cheering on Jess Ennis! I had that salad when I went to Mildred’s last time I was in London minus the goats cheese of course, it was amazing! We have tickets for basketball tomorrow and hockey on monday, and then we are going to watch the womens marathon on Sunday which I am really looking forward to.

    1. Ooo I’m going to the marathon too! Do you have tickets? Or are you doing what I am and going & hoping to catch a glimpse πŸ˜‰ sorry to gatecrash your post Maria <3

      1. Ha ha I don’t mind any comments πŸ™‚
        We don’t have tickets so will just be going to the streets if we do go in πŸ™‚

    2. I might be going in for that too- depending on the weather πŸ™‚ I am a bit of a wimp!
      The salad was lovely and I think they did it with tofu too, which I might try another time.

  5. Wow busy week missy! Pleased you had a good time in London! How busy was it? Was it scary busy or what? I’m going tomorrow to see the Olympic marathon on Sundee and I’m sooo excited but people have said its mental down there atm! Eaks.

    That tea bread looks delish and well done on the good run times xxx

    1. NO not busy scary at all, just as normal I think. It was busy on the underground when we came home, but that was rush hour so you expect it anyway.

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