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I hope everyone is still loving the Olympics- I sure am!

I got an email from Twinings this week, telling me all about their new range of teas, and I must say, they sound right up my street! They sent me a couple of them to try (Jasmine Pearls and Honeycomb Camomile) although I love the sound of the whole range.

They seem to be based on old fashioned sweet shop sweets- ones in jars that you used to buy a quarter of (makes me sound old, although I never knew what the quarter meant!).

Click on the links if you want to see photos, as my net-book is refusing to upload photos for some reason.

Honeycomb camomile tea (sounds nice- I really liked camomile tea when I tried it before, but have not bought any for ages): This is lovely- really mild and fresh tasting, with a hint of honey- sweet but not too sweet. The teabags are those fancy silk “temples” and they look so pretty with the yellow buds. The tea went a very bright yellow colour too.

Gingersnap Peach tea (sounds like it would be my favourite- on holiday last summer I became rather a fan of ginger peach tea). I will be on the look out for this as it just sounds amazing, and I bet it would make a nice iced tea too.

Mint Humbug tea (also sounds lovely- I do love a nice cup of mint tea)

Liquorice Allsorts Earl Grey Tea (This must come a close second in ones that I want to try- I am having an Earl Grey phase at the moment)

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea (athough I am not a massive green tea fan, it still looks pretty. Not sure what sweet they are aiming for though, any ideas?). This tea was very mild tasting, which I liked, as I often find green teas too strong, even if you only brew them for a minute or two (this recommended 2 mins). Again the tea “pearls” looked very pretty in the silk pyramids, and it turned the tea a very strong green colour. It was not as perfumed as other jasmine green teas that I have tried, but I preferred this one I think as it was overall milder in taste.

Which tea do you like the sound of the most? I am torn between the Gingersnap peach and the Earl Grey, although I like the sound of the mint and camomile too, those first two are a little more unusual.

What sweet would you love to see made into a tea?

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