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Gosh it is getting chilly now- might be time for a hot water bottle soon! Before it gets too cold, I am going to reminisce a little more about my holiday. We had lots of yummy food on holiday, and I took quite a few photos.

This was the best breakfast ever! I think it might be the third time I have posted the photo?? Ha ha. First up, iced chai lattes with soya milk- they blended them up which was sooooo good. (After that we realised it was much cheaper to share a big one!). Plus the yummy acai bowls- whizzd up frozen fruits including acai berries, served with fruit, granola and local honey. From Island Vintage Coffee.

Following a friends’ recommendation we went to

We had a few visits to Yoghurtland– my fave flavour was frozen strawberry lemonade, and a coconut one. Plus pb chips because I was excited to see them (plus some fruit under there for good measure, or to try to cancel out the HFCS).

We bought dinner from a little health supermarket one evening, and as well as dinner we picked up a few goodies- coconut peanut butter, peanut butter filled pretzels, a papaya and a vegan (there was quite a lot of things like that) coconut and banana cookie to share as it was humongous.

Shave ice (I want to call it “shaved ice” but no, it was shave). They basically scrape off ice, then pour syrup all over it. It was nicer than I thought, quite refreshing, but when the ice melted it went very syrupy, and I much preferred ice cream. The place had the biggest queue out of the door, so we knew it must be worth a try, plus they had very cool t-shirts on sale.

In Volcano there was a wonderful vegetarian cafe, and we went there for lunch twice. Once I had a chilli (yum), and another day we sat outside in the garden (with the goat) and had a delicious hummus and veggie sandwich, served with corn and potato soup and a salad.  The iced tea was lovely too- they made it fresh and it had things like hibiscus flowers in it too.

That was the garden although the goat isn’t in the picture, oh well.

Another acai bowl from another coffee shop- I had this and the guy at the next table went to me so loudly “wow you gotta take a photo of that”, so I did! Lovely, but not as good as the top one.

Our place on Maui had a little kitchen, so we took advantage of that with breakfasts at home- bought some puffins (how tasty!) after seeing them on various blogs before, and some lovely creamy almond milk, plus banana and a little bit of Andy’s smoothie.

I don’t think there are any puffins in that bowl! Not sure why it is there. Maybe I had some after. Anyway, that is fresh papaya and watermelon. The papaya was just amazing.

We also bought some banana bread when we drove the road to Hana- the little stand had a big queue, and we had to wait for them to take it out of the oven- don’t mind if I do! We had a few slices for lunch, but it was a small loaf really, so we had slices for breakfast/ snacks some days too. I think the bananas are in the photo so I remember what it is!

On our last night we went back to The Cheesecake factory (the menu is so huge so it had a lot of options for me)- we saved some space for a slice of cheesecake. This was a peanut butter one, of course (and luckily one of their smaller slices- some of the cakes are quite gross really with 5 or 6 layers to them)- we needed a walk after sharing that!

Ah, seems so long ago now! Once you are home and back into a routine it feels a world apart. I have some papayas in the fridge so I must try to remind myself of holiday by having one.

Night 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Holiday food post”

  1. Holiday eats are the best!! Food lovers really are in paradise in the US and Canada, I really didn’t know what hit me when I visited. Everything was amazing. Great to see what you got up to, food wise 🙂

    1. No it was huge- we shared it (and neither of us ate the cream) and it was very rich, but it was about half the size of some of them!

  2. So much lovely food – the coconut PB and PB Puffins caught my eye straight away.

    I’m always surprised when vegan food pops up where you wouldn’t expect it – we’re a bit better than we used to be in the UK but so much vegan-specific food is just utter and absolute junk. I wish we’d catch up to other countries!


    1. I know the coconut pb was everywhere- the nice coffee shop even did a sandwich with that and bananas, served with fresh fruit, but we never got there in time for it!

  3. It all looks so good… I don’t think I’d trust myself in somewhere called the Cheescake Factory though! The acai bowls and all the fruit look delicious and I wish we had more yoghurt places like that here…I’ve been intrigued by the coconut peanut butter before too – what’s it like?

    1. I have had it once- want to make it last, and it is very nice- the two flavours do go well together I think.
      While we waited for a table in the cheesecake factory we looked in the cabinets at all the flavours (there are loads), but most of the slices were massive and a bit off putting really. They had some lovely sounding flavours (they do a pumpkin one for autumn), but the food portions are also massive so I can’t think that most people would have space for some after their meal.

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