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It is another holiday related post I’m afraid! I think because we visited so many places we ended up bringing back quite a bit, even though we never seemed to buy much in any one place. When I unpacked it all it seemed like a lot!

My favourite things are the pictures we bought:

The left one we bought on the North Shore of Oahu- a local artist created lots of prints in that style, and it took us ages to decide. In the end we chose that one as it is of Diamond Head, at the end of Waikiki beach which we walked up. The right picture is a one off (another local artist from Lahaina in Maui)- they are little squares of lovely textured paper glued on to the backing. I loved the turtles- like the petroglyphs, and I kept seeing pictures like this. I leafed through for ages before I found one with the perfect mix of colours- those blues just remind me of the colour of the sea and skies on Hawaii. We have not put them up yet though.

Of course we had to buy some cups. The left one is from the lovely Island Vintage Coffee shop which did the most amazing acai bowls and iced chai lattes. Then a cool Starbucks cup for cold drinks, a Starbucks mug (this is for Andy as he has massive mugs of tea) and an insulated cup for me to have at work.

I nearly bought one in Canada, but I was glad I didn’t as they had Hawaiian ones 🙂

I also brought back some food.

Dried fruit (papaya, pineapple, mango), cocoa roasted almonds, salted peanut chocolate and various cereal bars. Oh, and coconut M&M’s. They are tasty (but they are artificially flavoured which is a shame, no coconut in them at all). We also bought some dark mini pb cups. 🙂

I also got some tea, of course! Black tea with mango (I had this while we were away and it was yummy, both hot and as iced tea), and some rooibos with coconut and macadamia nut. Plus micro-mitts (basically mini oven gloves for when you have stuff in the microwave- I was so excited to find them!!!) and some little turtle earrings.

I also bought some clothes, but no pics of them. Honestly I didn’t think we had bought that much at all! We also bought mugs, coffee and chocolate covered macadamia nuts for gifts- no wonder we were right on the baggage allowance when we came home!

Do you normally bring home many souvenirs? We buy magnets for each place that we visit (we have a couple of Hawaii ones and I got a funny one from Whistler ), and I often get a few items of clothes when we go to America, or cups (I love cups) but I don’t tend to get all the little “bits” that are typical souvenirs I suppose.

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5 thoughts on “Holiday souvenirs”

  1. I usually buy a few souvenirs, I always buy postcards to keep from wherever we have been. I didn’t buy anything on our recent trip to Norway though,one because everything was too expensive but also our suitcase was 5kg overweight on the way out!! Ha! I did buy quite a lot of souvenirs when I went to South America though, and ended up lugging them round in my backpack for the 5 month trip!

    1. A postcard is a nice idea- we bought a few to put up- they were sort of retro poster ones, but have not put them up yet.

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