Rest of the Big Island

Hello all

Gosh back to work with a bump! The routine is already back in place (just about)- seems like these photos were taken a long time ago.

So, after our trip to the Volcano National Park, we went to the west coast of the Big Island, to a resort. Not something we would usually do, but we had figured we would want a couple of days to chill out before our next move. The drive there was lovely as it was a coastal road with waterfalls coming down to the sea, and the resort was very posh- when we checked in we were given shell necklaces (lei?), sat down at a table, given an iced towel (you used to get that sort of thing on a plane) and some guava juice. Very posh indeed! But the downside- no free internet!

We walked around the grounds of the resort.

Many palm trees, beautiful views of the ocean.

Flowers in the trees

Matched my flower hair clip!

Found a wild turtle- was massive!

Loving being by the sea

We found some chairs to watch the sunset from

Then I had a wander as I saw another turtle

Then we went to one of theย restaurants- perfect view of the palm trees and sea

And the flames too- I liked those torches

I went for an Earl Grey (it was a bit chilly by then) and a fruit plate- yummy fresh papaya filled with all sorts of fruits- delicious.

The next day we went up the mountain (can’t remember the name) to watch the sun set and then do some star gazing- as it was so clear when we were in Volcano we were hoping to be amazed.

The visitors centre set up telescopes- I got to see Saturn so clearly, and the moon. Then someone did a talk and explained about all the different constellations, pointed out planets (we could see Mars with our eyes and even see the orange glow compared to the blue/white glows from other stars).

I have never been somewhere so dark either!

There were turtles in our hotel- little rescue ones that live there until they are big enough to survive in the wild.

Also some sharks in some of the ponds

Post card image!

I would rather be here!

It was a lovely couple of days- except from our trip to the mountain (which was a long drive- Saddle Road (goes between mountains) was bumpy enough, and then the drive up the mountain was very steep and twisty) we did not do much except relax. Well, we had a run one morning together, and saw more turtles on the beach! I think a couple of days was enough as I am not into sunbathing or anything, but it was lovely to just totally relax.

Right, that is enough for now- well done if you made it to the end again!



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13 thoughts on “Rest of the Big Island”

  1. So many turtles!

    The resort looks lovely – I think it was a great idea to have time to relax there for a bit. And that fruit bowl looks so refreshing.

    It’s also nice to see more photos of you on this trip since you rarely post pics on the blog – I’m always amazed by how well-styled your hair always looks no matter what scenery/environment you’re in!


  2. Oh Jess you are so sweet! Not sure my hair has ever been called styled before but thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes so many turtles that was. Highlight x

  3. This looks amazing, so peaceful and relaxing! How long did you go for in total? I really want to go to Hawaii sometime soon! The turtles look so cute! I went stargazing in Chile, and thought it was amazing, I couldn’t believe how clear Saturn was and the constellations, so awesome!

    1. I know the post holiday blues seem to come, although work has been good- a new school year is always a lovely time to be there. Plus the sun is shining ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It really was amazing- I suppose a lot of people think of Hawaii as being just a beachy place, but there was so much to see, such variety and contrasts- well worth the long flights!

  4. Now that it is a good holiday – when every photo is like a postcard! Looks so beautiful and natural. It’s always nice to have a few ‘do nothing days’ on holiday just to relax. And wow to the turtles and sharks!

    1. Yes although Andrew does take so many (I think he took about 1,500 photos on that holiday)- just to get the perfect shot.
      Yes those days of chilling out were great ๐Ÿ™‚

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