Something from Sarah and looking forward to baking


I hope everyone is having a lovely day- yet again I am not organised for WIAW, but I have enjoyed seeing what other people have been eating.

A while ago I was sent some lovely little snacks to review for my blog, from Something from Sarah.

Some raw superfood energy balls. These are lovely little balls made with dates, cashews, hemp protein, chia seeds, coconut butter and other lovely ingredients.

The Raw Cacao ones were delicious- they have a short of chewy texture- softer than the CKK’s fudge babies- I think the addition of the coconut butter helps. They are about 10% protein, from the nuts and also from the chia seeds and hemp protein.

The Peruvian Maca ones were lovely too- I liked the slightly unusual flavour- fairly sweet but not too much. Plus the texture was lovely yet again. They recommend one ball per serving, but I had both as the pack was 40g, and I think I had one as a pre run snack, and another as a post run one.

They also make some lovely looking breakfast blends (ground up seeds and nuts to sprinkle on cereal etc) which look tasty, and also very pretty in the little tins. Worth a look anyway.

I went to see my Mum and Dad yesterday, so I am now well stocked with eggs, and I am looking forward to doing some baking this weekend. I saw (on the Pink Whisk blog) that some people are starting to make their Christmas cakes though! I won’t be doing that just yet- I’ll save that for October half term I think.

After work I went out on a short run- I decided to miss the Sweatshop run because it ends up being about 4.5 miles with the run there and back, so I did 3 miles on my own, and my legs felt fine. So I have signed up to do the Brighton Half Marathon next spring 🙂 Fingers crossed I make it this time.

Any races or events coming up? Anyone thinking about Christmas just yet??

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13 thoughts on “Something from Sarah and looking forward to baking”

  1. Those raw snacks look so good. I’ll bet they’re quite pricey though – I wish I could trust myself enough to have the ingredients around to make my own.

    Great news that your legs are feeling good. I’d love to run another half to try to redeem myself but I’m not so sure – I’m scared I’ll do badly again or even worse and the GNR has just knocked me for six in so many ways.

    Please do not mention Xmas until December 😉


    1. I am not sure how much they are- I went back on the website last night but I could not find it? Think they are on sale in Planet Organic.
      I am sure your confidence will come back with your running, just give yourself some time.

  2. Well done on the run. I did 6 miles today and my legs still felt tired from Sunday.
    I’m trying not to think about Christmas just yet, I’m a bit of a last minute person anyway. My Dad often eats last year’s Christmas cake because he reckons that it tastes better as it matures.

    1. Yes you are meant to leave it! It would not last that long with us as we both love fruit cake.
      6 miles- impressive!

  3. Mmm, those energy balls sound delicious, I love CCK’s fudge babies 🙂

    We have already started trying to organise Christmas in our family, ha, way too early I know but it gets complicated who is going where for which meals! It is our “turn” to go to my Mum’s for Christmas lunch, as we went to Liam’s family last year, but as my sister broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago she will also be going to my Mum’s…plus my “baby” sister, and my Grandma…my Step-Dad used to have really quiet Christmases (think sandwich on the beach quiet!) before he met my Mum, and this is their first year living together, so he’s not going to know what’s hit him!! 😉 & then we will see my Dad in the evening of 25th plus Boxing Day, and got to fit in seeing Liam’s family too…it does all get very hectic!! I’m looking forward to it though, it’s such fun seeing the children’s excitement on the day, but I won’t start actually getting organised with presents, food etc for a while yet!

    1. Having written this last night, I bought the children’s first Christmas presents today! Just little playdoh sets that were on a good offer but still…it’s starting! I do tend to buy little stocking presents gradually over a few months – we have a present box on top of our wardrobe which I get down at the start of December & I’m always surprised by how much I’ve already bought!

  4. Those raw snacks looks delicious! I can’t believe the shops are starting to get all their christmas stuff in, it’s crazy! I can’t even begin to think about it yet! I have the Dublin marathon in just over 5 weeks (eek!) so the final few tough weeks of training are ahead!

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