Time for (lots of) tea

Hey all

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, and avoided the horrible weather. I thought it was meant to be awful today, but we have only had a little rain today.

Anyway, this weekend has been all about tea.

I have been slowly working my way through the mountain of teabags I was sent from teapigs.

Last week I made a latte using a chocolate flake teabag and some vanilla soya milk.

When I got home on Friday I had the chocolate flake tea, just plain with milk. Both versions are very delicious.

The pure lemongrass tea is lovely- so refreshing and delicate.

Of course I have been loving the earl grey tea too (Darjeeling Earl Grey– very refined).

Saturday started with a trip to the allotment, to do a little weeding (there is so much weeding to do all the time!) and plant out some strawberries. I do have pumpkin envy as one plot next to me has at least 3 massive pumpkins growing, whereas only one of my pumpkin plants survived the slugs and is tiny, with only flowers (so no hope for a pumpkin this year). I spent a good hour there, and I picked some raspberries too.

Then after a bit of pottering at home (urgh- housework! Dusting, sweeping and cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, sorting out drawers) I headed out on a run. I decided to do 7 miles, and the loop I chose ended up being just under that. It went well, I felt OK, and so my plan for the next few weeks is to do 9 miles, 11 miles, and then I think it is my next half marathon (if I have counted the weeks right).

It was cold! I think I might need to put the vests away soon! I had a yummy peanut 9bar when I got home (the lovely Ffion mentioned that after her review, the lovely people at 9bar were sending out samples)- it was delicious. Plus some of the chocolate soya milk, which turned out to have gone past it’s date about 6 months ago whoops.

I needed warming up, so after my shower I had a mint tea. This was free in the Waitrose magazine, which by the way is free to My Waitrose card holders (have had one of those cards for ages and never sure what the point of it was).

After burning my toast (testing my smoke alarms) for lunch, I went out to the shops for a bit. Right, there was actually a whole stand of Christmas gifts in Debenhams. What is the deal???

I had a chai latte in starbucks (and saw that the pumpkin latte is apparently “coming soon”- wonder if you can have that without syrup?

Next time I think I will sprinkle on some cinnamon too. It was so lovely I sat outside- won’t be able to do that for much longer.

Anyway, I parked in Waitrose so I had to buy something!

There was a £1 off the Twinings tea, so I bought the Earl Grey stuff as although the mint humbug tea was lovely, I have a massive jar of mint tea. Plus baking things- gluten free flour (half price), chocolate drops (on offer), cinnamon sugar (on offer), posh cocoa powder, and rice crispies. I also got some coconut water as the Waitrose magazine had £1 off that too. What can I say, I like the offers!

I had to try the tea, and I love it! It does not quite taste like earl grey, but it did have a hint of an aniseed flavour, and was quite sweetie-like. Good for keeping me going during some work (my brain likes caffeine I think).

Then I got my bake on!

Dark chocolate brownies with raspberries (all from the allotment!) and white chocolate stars (which I added after, because otherwise they melt and turn into a horrible greasy mess). For work 🙂

I was sent another parcel of goodies from American Soda, so I cracked open the pumpkin.

For some pumpkin spice cakes.

Need to learn how to turn the flash off- using a newer camera now

Had one with some tropical rooibos tea (from Sainsbury’s) after dinner (found a mexican casserole in the freezer- win).

Then I chilled out and watched the Great British Bake off, and then a film about some men who decided to run across the Sahara. Amazing.

This morning I went out on a short run (3.6 miles in 34 mins, not bad) before it started to rain. I was expecting it to be awful today, but perhaps we have that saved for tomorrow instead? I have done some more baking and more pottering, and had even more tea whilst watching the Grand Prix.

Tasty breakfast of warmed baked apricots, yoghurt and granola, with a teapigs chai tea.

We are trying to hold out not putting the heating on, but it is getting very chilly now!

What did you get up to this weekend? Has the storm hit yet?

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9 thoughts on “Time for (lots of) tea”

  1. It’s getting pretty chilly here – I even went out today wearing *gasp* a t-shirt and gloves! You know it’s cold when I don’t go out there wearing practically nothing 😛 Has to be sub-zero before I swap shorts for capris though. I am not looking forward to that!

    I have to be a teenager and use OMG because I spied some Skippy Natural PB. Oh, it’s my favourite thing in the whole world. At least I can look at the jar here…must…not…try…to…eat….the…screen.

    The stars look so pretty as well! I’m really glad your runs have gone well since the GNR – like the sneaky use of the t-shirt in this post as well 😉


    1. Yeah have not put the tshirt away yet! It is skippy with honey – hope I like it 🙂
      And yes it is so cold now- soon – will be in tights!x

  2. It poured here yesterday, almost all day! And I got so cold, I did put the heating on for a little bit… 🙂
    I’ve never quite understood the point of the Waitrose card either, although I might have to go if they’ve got half price GF flour and cheap cinnamon sugar…lovely-looking brownies, I love the stars.
    Enjoy the Nakd thing tonight, I was invited but finish work in Folkestone at gone 5pm so would never have made it but think it’ll be fab!

    1. I made do with a hot water bottle last night! Heating will come on soon if it stays like this though.
      I hope I get into London on time- have to leave pretty sharpish to get the train in time. I wasn’t sure where you lived, but thought there might be a chance. Anyway, thanks, I am looking forward to it.
      Also with the Waitrose card you get 1p off each shop- but the free magazines are good as sometimes I have bought them before.

  3. Oh my goodness – it hasn’t stopped raining all day – it’s kind of depressing …
    Anyway – tea always cheers me up. I have the Chocolate Flake one and I really like it, but it’s quite sweet so I have to be in that kind of mood. I’m addicted to Teapigs, in fact I think that I might be single-handedly keeping them in business

  4. The storm has well and truly hit Ireland today, it’s like a monsoon! Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I went out for a nice meal, saw Brad Pitt’s new film killing them softly, and did a 19 mile run, fairly good weekend 🙂 I have the vegan 9 bars at home, can’t wait to try them out! I went running in my vest the other morning, and there were people with full winter coats, hats, scarves, gloves, the lot! It was cold!

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