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Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post- I am still so pleased about my half marathon time. The official chip time was 2.20.51 (or some seconds, now I can’t check because the website won’t work)- I’ll take that!

While I was away on holiday I was sent a lovely email from the folks at Chobani yoghurt, inviting me to a launch party, as they were to start selling their yoghurt in the UK. I could not make the date (as it was during the day) but they said they would send me some yoghurts to try out. I had tried them before when I had been on holiday in the US (so many US yoghurts contain gelatin, so it was good to find some that were suitable for veggies), and I was looking forward to trying some more.

They sent me a lovely (chilled) parcel of their fruity greek yoghurts including  blood orange, peach and cherry. Each pot contained yoghurt and a fruity compote .

They also sent me some rather cute spoons!

I added some chocolate chips to the cherry one- delicious.

I also enjoyed some with some roasted fruit- nice and warming for the chilly evenings.

The cherry one was my favourite- I usually prefer peach yoghurts but I liked the cherry flavour with the creamy yoghurt more, plus I felt the flavour was stronger.

When I peeled off the top, I was pleased to see that they give away some of their profits to charity– I like it when companies do this.

I do usually look for organic dairy (but that is a personal preference), but on their FAQ page they explain that they work with local-area farming communities, instead of shipping organic dairy from further afield, and of course it makes it more affordable. They still make it hormone-free (which is not an issue I don’t think with UK produced dairy, but it can be present in non-organic US dairy).

Strained greek yoghurt is high in protein, and the stats for this yoghurt is impressive. Per 100g, the cherry one has 8g protein and 94 cals, and 0g fat (so a serving had 14g protein). The reason it has no fat is because it is strained, so there are no preservatives or anything- the yoghurt part just contains skimmed milk and various cultures. It does taste very creamy for something that is fat free. I liked the fruit part too (but of course that contains sugar, but I prefer that to artificial sweeteners or stevia or something).  I also found that the yoghurt was more even in texture- some yoghurts have that thin film of liquid on the top which I find a bit off-putting, but these ones were more uniform. I found them very filling as the pots are big- good for breakfast when it is warmer- I just wish they did them in smaller pots,  as you can’t really save half for later once they are open. They are now on sale at Tescos, so worth a look if you fancy trying them. I used to prefer plain yoghurt as then I could mix in my own fruit, but I liked these too and felt the balance was good between yoghurt (80%) and fruit compote (20%).

Thanks Chobani 🙂

Are you a fan of greek yoghurt? I used to have it quite a lot, but since I have moved to mainly organic dairy I have stopped buying it- this has reminded me how much I like it.

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15 thoughts on “Chobani!”

  1. Love Greek yogurt and always been curious about Chobani but the fat free puts me off. I really just think they taste so much worse than even 2% and ususally they make up in additives what they loose in minimal fat.

    Still, I think I’ll give these a try when I am in the land of large Tesco shops. I haven’t seen any kicking around the many Tesco Expresses down here but it won’t be long before I’m home now! 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

    1. I always liked the total 0% anyway- I don’t think I have even tried a 2% one. I don’t think that there were any additives in the yoghurt- I think they just strain it. Their non-fat plain (which I didn’t get, but I looked on the website) is just milk and cultures. Anyway, see what you think if you locate them 🙂

  2. One of the things I wish someone would come up with is a vegan equivalent of Greek yoghurt! I know they have those fancy SO Delicious coconut things in the States but they seem very processed and low in protein. And the texture of soy yoghurt is nowhere near the same. I’d imagine dark choc chips in Cherry Alpro would be amazing though…

    Interesting that Chobani are importing over here! Must be exciting to see what all the fuss on US blogs is about 🙂


    1. Yes I agree- I tried some of the coconut yoghurts when I was on holiday, and they are tasty, but not very high in protein you are right. Coyo was much more creamy and similar, but I can’t remember it being very high in protein either, and I have not seen it anywhere.

    1. I had it today- was really nice. I never would have thought of orange yoghurt being nice, but it was tangy, like lemon I suppose, but more sweet.

    1. Each to their own! I think I have a sweeter tooth than some, but then I find stevia waaaaay too sweet whereas other people seem to find it fine, so I suppose it is down to our own taste buds.

  3. I absolutely love love love the Total Greek Yogurt. The 2% fat one is, for me, far and away the best. There’s no sharpness at all to it. I have it stirred into my porridge with chopped fruits for breakfast or combine it with a Soya dark chocolate dessert to make for a more substantial pudding in the evening 🙂

    I’ve recently seen the coconut Greek yogurt (I think it was a Rachel’s one) in the supermarket and am tempted to give that a go. Either that or sprinkle some coconut into my 2% stuff!

    1. Yum coconut is so good in yoghurt. I think the Rachels ones are much thinner (from what I remember) but I do remember that I loved the coconut one. I like the sound of mixing it with dark chocolate alpro 🙂

    1. I would agree with you usually, because often the fat is replaced by sugar, but if you read the ingredients you will see that the yoghurt part is just milk and cultures, so they have not added any preservatives or thickeners or anything.

  4. I used to love those Muller corner yoghurts and then I switched to the Yeo Valley fat free natural yoghurt, which is lovely! No additives, thick and creamy and tangy. Now the muller ones seem too sweet! These chobani yoghurts seem to come in such interesting flavours, I might just have to give them a try 🙂

    1. Yes they do have more unusual flavours- I had a pomegranate one today. Although I didn’t like the little seeds in it, but the flavour was nice.

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