Christmas Ideas for Foodies (guest post)

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I have a little guest post for you all today:

(and sorry if you are avoiding Christmas until December- be warned that I make my Christmas cakes in October half term so it will be mentioned a lot!):

The holiday season is just around the corner already, and that means that it’s time to start preparing for everything from long held traditions to decorations and gifts. For people who really enjoy celebrating the Christmas season, preparation can involve a great deal of time, effort, and creativity. For example, even just thinking about the food involved with the holiday can keep you busy for quite a while! The Christmas season is a time to indulge in things you truly enjoy, and for many people that means taking advantage of all of the treats and wonderful foods associated with the holidays. So, whether you want to fix up some treats to give as gifts or simply make sure you have your home fully stocked with delicious foods, here are five Christmas ideas for foodies.

    1. Cakes – If you want to add a personal touch to a gift for a foodie, or if you simply enjoy making your own treats come Christmas time, small cakes are the way to go. Cakes are fairly simple and quick to make, and allow you a great deal of versatility, both in flavour and decoration. So again, whether you simply want to have some tasty treats on hand for after meals, or you want gifts to distribute to friends and neighbors, a selection of Christmas cakes will always be appreciated by everyone around you!


    1. Christmas Hampers – If you’d prefer to buy gifts or treats already prepared, there earnest many better options than Christmas hampers from Marks & Spencer. These may include anything from selections of meets and cheeses, to liqueurs, or even dessert treats. Whatever the case, these hampers come already prepared to be given as gifts or enjoyed in your own home over the course of the holiday. They can be lovely and convenient to have around.


    1. Wine Selections – When you consider your holiday food selection, it is important not to forget the drinks that will accompany your meals. Having the right wine to pair with a wonderful holiday dinner makes the food even more enjoyable, so it’s important to have a selection of different wines on hand to enjoy during the holidays. A nice bottle of wine also makes a wonderful gift to a friend or loved one who enjoys food and drink.


    1. Candy Fruits – Whether it’s dipping an apple on a stick in hot caramel, or covering strawberries in chocolate, these are some of the most decadent desserts that you can make in your own home. Everyone likes sweet treats during the holidays, but if you want something more unique than a tray of cookies or a traditional pie, having some candy apples or chocolate berries might add a great personal touch.


    1. Teas – Finally, if you are looking for a nice gift or something small to enhance your holiday time, a selection of teas can certainly do the trick. Particularly in the cold weather of Christmas, with wonderful treats, foods, and smells all around, a nice hot cup of flavoured tea in the morning can really help you to relax and enjoy the holiday. This is great as a gift or as something to have around the house.


So, what do you think? I love giving and receiving foodie gifts- of course I massively agree with tea being such a good gift! I do not like getting wine though, as I don’t drink it, so it often sits around for ages before I “re-gift” it to someone else! I love the idea of chocolate berries- might be something I have a go at this year.

I normally make Christmas cakes for mine and Andy’s parents, and I often do a little food hamper too. Last year I made some coconut spiced nuts and cranberries (which were wonderful), as well as chocolate coated gingerbread cookies, Christmas pudding fudge, and apple and mango jam (all the links to the recipes are on that post). We bought some nice coffee to go in there too as both sets of parents really like nice coffee.

I have also been loving the Great British Bake Off, and loved the gingerbread structures one- I think I might need to attempt something a bit more than a little house this year.

 What would you include in your perfect Christmas hamper? Any plans to make gifts this year (I love to hear ideas)? 

This post was written on behalf of Marks & Spencer, but I was allowed to edit it as I wished.

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  1. I haven’t decided what I’m doing for gifts this year, I’ll probably make some foodie treats again though. Last year the peanut butter truffles (How Sweet It Is recipe I think) and your coconut spiced nuts were the most popular – everyone loved them 🙂

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