Project Pretzel

I have been wanting to make pretzels for ages. Last summer when we were in Savannah we went to a lovely cafe for a drink (and it was so lovely we went back another day)- anyway while we were in there they took out some freshly baked pretzels and gave them to the customers to sample. They were amazing.

Then I saw the Hairy Bakers visit a bakery in Germany, and bake them there. And I was given their book for my birthday.

When we went to the Olympics we saw a pretzel stand, but were so disappointed as we bought one to share, and it turned out to be a doughnut in a pretzel shape. Poor show!

Earlier this week I decided to add baking pretzels to my list of weekend things to do. I used the recipe from the Hairy Bakers book, only I added cinnamon to it to make them a bit sweeter.

Although they take time, they were fine as they fitted around my Saturday morning. I got up, had breakfast, made a cup of mint tea and did some work. Then when the water had cooled, I activated the yeast. Then I changed for my run, and then once changed it was time to make the dough.

The dough needed to rest for an hour- so I went out on a run. 7 miles which I found really tough.  I went to the Sweatshop run on Wednesday, and although I found the last little bit hard, it was not too bad and I still had the energy to run home. I went to pump on Thursday and didn’t do the heaviest weights for legs and back, mostly I kept them the same. Anyway, today I just was not feeling it. The weather was lovely and I did enjoy it, but my legs felt pretty tired and I had to fight the urge to just stop.

Anyway, once home it was time to shape them- this took some time as they had to be rolled into ropes. The recipe said 60cm ropes, but that seemed way too long, so mine were very small (probably more like 30cm). However by the time they rested and baked (time for me to shower and make some tea) they puffed up and lost the pretzel shape, so next time I would try to roll them even thinner.

Once out the oven I spread them with a little melted butter (well Pure spread) and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They were lovely- soft dough and sweet cinnamon sugar- perfect with a cup of tea. Good brain fuel for my next section of work this afternoon!

I also did a bit of baking earlier in the week. I had some chocolate chips left over from my American Soda parcel, so I made some more crispy squares.

Peanut butter + chocolate = perfection in my eyes!

They are so tasty! All credit to Angela (Oh She Glows) for another fantastic recipe. Seriously if you have not given them a go already, then do, because they take hardly any time, and are just delicious.

While I was making them I had a nice cup of chai (this is a herbal one so no black tea, although I mainly bought it because it matched my nail varnish…).

I promise I have eaten some savoury things this week! I got home from work on Tuesday and realised I had forgotten to defrost anything for my dinner- I was planning on having a mexican casserole from the freezer. But luckily I found a beetroot and goats cheese roast thing (from Asda)- I had the first one ages ago and forgot all about it. Served with spinach and frozen roast veg it was pretty tasty, although it still reminds me of something I would eat in a pub. Also it looks a bit like a raw burger/ frozen around the edges still, but it was hot- the pink colour from the beetroot stayed during the cooking.

I also had some lovely sweet potato chilli (might have needed the flash!).

From the freezer- it contained roasted celery, red and yellow peppers, butternut squash, sweet potato, onions from my allotment, then once roasted I cooked them in a pan with a tin of tomatoes, a tiny bit of lazy chilli, and a tin of kidney beans. So good- the sweet potato goes very soft. I had it with some pecan crackers– they were OK but not that great- I think I only ordered them because I had some space in the i-herb parcel and they didn’t weigh much.

Are you a pretzel fan?

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12 thoughts on “Project Pretzel”

  1. I was never a fan of pretzels – they always seem to stick to the roof of your mouth? Yours have come out very well though, I must say 🙂 I did used to love chocolate covered Nestlé pretzels when I was a kid though. I shudder to think about those now!


    1. I love the little chocolate covered ones- but these ones I made are soft and doughy, not like those pretzels at all.

  2. Pretzels are amazing. I always have them when I visit my friend in Berlin. Big chunky ones with huge bits of salt on them. Never tried them sweet though, cinnamon and sugar ones sound like a yummy combo. I also have a bit of an addiction to the bitezised hard ones…they’re so moreish!

    1. Yes Andy wanted salted ones as in Savannah they gave us the choice and I had cinnamon and he had salted- I prefer the sweet ones so that is what I made 🙂

  3. I thought you meant the little biscuity ones at first! but the pretzels look great, I’ve never tried that sort…. the crispy squares look lovely too.
    I tried the hazelnut crisps from iHerb and wasn’t overly impressed either, they were just a bit meh – I like the look of the goats’ cheese Asda thing too but I think I saw that in the shop and it wasn’t gluten-free 🙁

  4. Wow, these look fab! I don’t think I’ve ever had soft pretzels, will have to see if I can find any at Bath Christmas Market this year – seems like the kind of place that might sell them.

    I ate the last of the pb crispy squares you sent me last night, so yummy, even when still semi frozen (impatient, me?! 😉 )

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