Workouts this week and rude health

Hey peeps

I hope everyone has had a good week- the week has flown by!

Here is a quick run-down of this week:

Monday- 3 mile run after work

Tuesday- Aerobics! I have not been for nearly a year, but it was good to be back. The lovely instructor had a fab new CD with new stuff mixed with cheesy tunes. I found it tough but enjoyable.

Pre- Sweatshop run snack of Β rude health mulltigrain thina, chocolate spread and a Reece’s pb cup from american soda.

Wednesday- Sweatshop run. We did the same route last week (with the dreaded hill), and I was tired from aerobics the previous day. However I ran with another girl (who is usually a bit ahead of me- but we were scared of the underpasses on our own!) and we finished in 31 mins- not bad.

Thursday- Body pump. I was not really feeling it- I was shattered when I got home from work (Poetry day with performances and things), and during the chest track I was feeling quite annoyed with myself because I needed a rest. I wanted to be careful because after all the digging at the allotment on Sunday my back was a bit sore and stiff, so I knew I would go slightly lighter for the back track- perhaps that put me in a more relaxed state of mind. Plus the abs track is so weird- my arms are not strong enough by the end of the class to hold my body up, so I am not sure I do the moves right.

Friday- Glorious rest day!

Phew! Tomorrow I have planned an 11 mile run- I just hope the weather is as wonderful as last weekend- my final long run before the Oxford half next weekend.

Some food highlights from the week:

Yummy post Sweatshop dinner of baked sweet potato with sunflower seed butter and pb, spinach, and butternut squash roasted in a teeny bit of coconut oil and cinnamon.

I roasted up some fruit (for cheap in Asda)- plums, nectarines and peaches with a little coconut oil, a little coconut sugar and cinnamon and cloves. I had some warm with an Ecomil chocolate almond dessert (Ocado now stock them!) and sprinkled with coconut.

Apples from my garden! There are some more on my tree but they didn’t want to come off yet.

Porridge with some of the roasted fruit, plus blackberries from my garden! Only a few, but still. (With my pb+j sandwich, pot of fruit and nakd bar as my work lunch/ snacks ready to be packed up). And my micro-mitts!

Finally I was excited to receive a parcel in the post- Rude Health are now making veggie bars! The pumpkin ones sound especially amazing, and they sent me some to try!

The pumpkin ones have cinnamon in there- I am going to have one tomorrow πŸ™‚

Have a lovely weekend- any nice plans?

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9 thoughts on “Workouts this week and rude health”

  1. Roasted fruit?! I’ll have to try that! I’ve baked apples & bananas but I’ve never roasted any fruit!

    1. It’s like pie, but the good bit- no pastry just lovely filling πŸ™‚ Plums are especially good as they go all gooey.

  2. Oh my! I would love those pumpkin bars, I know it. I simply must keep a look out for them. The beetroot one? Eh, not so much.

    That chocolatey plate looks like the post-workout snack from heaven.

    I am meant to be doing a trail race on Sunday but will have to see how the legs (and stomach) feel tomorrow. I really hope I am okay because I know the scenery will be wonderful.


    1. I think they are online only at the moment- but I am sure they will get to shops soon- Waitrose always have a lot of the rude health stuff in stock.
      Good luck for Sunday- I hope you feel OK for it.

    1. Just looked and they have 7% beetroot, but I suppose the flavour is strong so it might carry through. Will let you know!

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