Change of plans

Hey all,

Hooray for the weekend!

I was going to have a long run this morning, but it was raining, and drizzling, and as the weather is predicted to be lovely and bright and crisp tomorrow, I decided to have a shorter run today, and have a longer one tomorrow. Just as well as I was aching loads after body pump on Thursday. I did the same run as Wednesday (when my Garmin went crazy- those 2 and a half minute miles!)- when I downloaded it, it thought I was miles away at first, which is why I was apparently going so fast. Anyhow, the actual route I did today was 3.5 miles. Nice to stretch the legs.

Then I was going to make some panforte.

When we were in Florence we went to Siena, and the speciality there is panforte- a cake made with nuts, dried fruit and spices. We shared a slice for lunch one day, and it was amazing.  Some were made with cocoa, or covered in marzipan, but we stuck to the plain one.

I basically spent a lot of the time looking at it in all the windows!

Anyway, I googled it when I got home, and found so many recipes. I settled on this Jamie Oliver one, as it sounded fairly simple.

Chopped nuts (hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios), mixed peel, cherries (for colour), flour and spices in the bowl.

Honey, blitzed figs, sugar and more spices bubbling away.

I even bought some rice paper from amazon to use for the recipe (to line the pan with).

Ready for the oven. I had to cover it in clingfilm to press it down into the pan, as it was so sticky.

Then this happened:

Oh dear. It baked fine, I left it to cool in the pan, but then it was a total nightmare to get back out the pan! I checked and there was nothing about oiling the pan, but maybe that needs to be done?

So, another change of plan. I chopped it up (scooped up some of it) and put it in to paper cases instead. Still tastes nice!

I also marzipanned the Christmas cakes. It seems very early, but we do not have many free weekends left between now and Christmas, so I wanted to get them started. I might ice them tomorrow, and then all I have to do is find time to decorate them.

This afternoon I popped to the shops, and treated myself to a Starbucks- it is becoming a bit of a weekend habit. This time I asked for steamed soya milk with gingerbread syrup- seriously this is their best drink ever (and cheaper than a gingerbread latte)- they had the syrup for sale and I was very tempted, although it didn’t have a price on it.

I also got a very exciting delivery- gingerbread clif bars! They do seasonal flavours and they get rave reviews (coincidently, in the summer we tried a panforte “special” flavour which really was amazing- having never even heard of it before then)- anyway, they have been out of stock at i-herb, but I found them on amazon USA, and decided to treat myself. I also got some spiced orange yankee candle tealights (but from the UK amazon) because I just love their candles so much. Smells like Christmas in here now.

Any suggestions regarding getting the panforte out the pan next time? 

What are you up to this weekend?

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16 thoughts on “Change of plans”

  1. Oh dear, at least you could salvage the baking! still looks good. And anything Jamie Oliver is amazing in my books 🙂 He can do no wrong. I really need to get on with my Christmas baking. Thankfully only one cake though – not quite as epic as all the ones you’ve made! The marzipanning is my favourite bit as we always have excess and make mini marzipan balls that sit in our fridge for snack attacks, yum!

  2. Well, I’m hoping to actually get out for a decent length of run in the sunshine tomorrow. Shame it’ll be too chilly to go first thing in the morning – I think an early night is in order to try to shake this damn collection of viruses I have.

    I’ve always wanted to try the Gingerbread Clif bar – it would be worth the gluten! Although your panforte looks even nicer despite sticking to the pan 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂
      The clif bars also may contain dairy traces, so probably not great for you? Although of course I am not saying you can’t have them, just that I know you avoid those things that say that.
      Hope you are feeling better now.x

  3. Your blog post is making me feel all warm and christmassy! If my baking goes a bit wrong, I tend to have a minor tantrum and give up, so kudos to you for salvaging your panforte so nicely! I’ve never made panforte before, but perhaps lining the tin with baking paper would help with getting it out of the tin, if it is sticky?

    1. Yes I do usually line things with baking paper, but it suggested rice paper instead (all the ones in Italy had the rice paper still on them)- maybe next time a two-pronged approach would help!
      I normally salvage it because it is so expensive to waste otherwise- plus it still tasted fine 🙂

    1. Thanks, I did 🙂
      Yes that might be worth a look- I have some silicone sheets for my cookie trays, but it would not fit in the small brownie pan I used. Might have to have a look for something like that.

  4. Panforte’s so good, I was looking at recipes this weekend too. I’d definitely try greasing the pan – and what about making it in a round loose-botttomed cake tin? I bet the little botes were still delicious though 🙂
    I wish I could try those Clif bars; the gingerbread Nakds are my favourite!

    1. A loose bottomed pan is a great idea- plus if it was a round one then it would look more like the ones in the shops!

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