Starting the decorating (of the cakes, that is)


Hooray for so many reasons! It is the weekend (at long last! It has been a busy week, and I spent Friday night back at work as we were running the PTA quiz). I am feeling better (also at long last, in fact longer). I went on a run this morning before the rain! It was a speedy run- 4 miles with every mile under 10 mins! Usually I can keep it up for 3, but not 4. Feeling it now though!

Breakfast of pumpkin choc chip pancakes + apple was well needed! (I started off making pancakes with some protein powder I was sent with an i-herb order, but it turned green, and smelled so bad- really sickly, and it reminded me of the old protein powder I had before, and why I just don’t get on with protein powder, so anyway I made a second batch with just flour and they were scrumptious).

Plus, I got to start decorating my cakes today. Hooray!

Originally we were going to go in to London for the day, but seeing as the weather forecast predicted torrential rain, we gave it a miss. In fact it was not raining at all when I woke up, so I was pleased to squeeze the run in. Instead we have been sorting out things at home- we had to buy new blinds for a couple of windows- so anyway while we were out we went to the little cake decorating shop nearby and I bought some red and black icing.

I had to ice the final cake, as I had run out of icing when I did the other ones.

Then I got down to colouring the icing- I bought red and black as apparently they are hard to make, but the green and brown could be coloured using the little gel colours that I have.

I tried to follow the instructions from this recipe, but when I clicked on the step by step bit it would not work.

I thought they still looked cute anyway.

All assembled on the cake!

This one is for my Mum and Dad, as they love birds, and bird watching, so I thought robins would be perfect for them. I think it needs a red ribbon or something, to set off the red of the robins, but I can do that later. I did buy some ribbon, but then this week I bought an icing ribbon cutter thing as it was super cheap on Amazon (love the black Friday deals), so I could try to make ribbon with icing. I got some bargain tins from Sainsbury’s last week (reduced to £1.95) so I am keeping them in those before I give them away. The cake boards don’t fit in the tins which is why they are on silver foil.

Now I need to decide how to do the other ones. I quite fancy penguins this year. Any other ideas?

How have you all been? We are off to see some friends this evening, so no more decorating for me today! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Starting the decorating (of the cakes, that is)”

  1. Your robins look brilliant too – the ones on the website are like little xmas puddings crossed with robins 😉

    It was frosty and foggy up North today – would’ve been nice to see some sunshine! Great that your run went so well though.

    I’d love to see reindeer on a cake, but I’ll bet they’d be almost impossible to make (although your decorating skills cannot be overestimated).


  2. I’ve never tried protein powder. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I
    Refer to just eat food rather than supplement type things. But each to their own I guess for those who like it!
    Your cake is amazing! It looks so good. We usually make hard icing and throw on a couple of plastic decorations and call it a day. But this year I bought those edible things from Oxford so that’s a step forward I guess hehe.

    1. I have tried protein powder a few times- I always see it on other blogs and think, well maybe I tried a bad brand or something, but the taste is just horrible, and so that is the last time I am trying it!
      When I was little we had plastic things to put on the top of the cake- a little tree, snowmen, some little children- I loved that!

    1. I have looked at reindeer now, as I love the idea, but not sure how to do the antlers- all the ideas I have seen use pretzels which I think will not keep on the top of the cake.

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