Hey peeps! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I had a fab holiday in NYC and Boston- but coming home for a rest now!

Our plane landed this morning so I have been trying to keep busy by unpacking and sorting everything out. We were only away for 6 days and I didn’t think I had bought that much. Hmm.

I bought a gingerbread man pan, some cake mix, peppermint bark (mainly because I liked the tin), a decoration for the tree, and a little penguin car air freshener thing. I think the pan will be fab to make Laura’s amazing gingerbread– I made some the week before we left as I had pumpkin puree that needed using up (I used egg replacer and coconut sugar and sprinkled it with some Beyond Dark chocolate drops before it cooled):

Very tasty indeed 🙂

The two of us do rather love Bath and Bodyworks- they had a big sale on so we got plenty of seasonal scented hand sanitisers, soaps and creams (peppermint hand cream, iced gingerbread hand wash, frosted apple hand sanitiser)- it all smells so good you want to eat it (but don’t).

A lot of peanut butter things! We went to the Peanut Butter and Co cafe for lunch one day, and Andy had his eye on the pb with chilli. They had Christmas peanut brittle too, although I think my teeth will not thank me for that. These were all in the case that got searched by the TSA- what must they have thought?

Old Navy were having a sale, so I got 2 pairs of Christmas PJ bottoms (that was a task in itself as the shop was so busy and all I could find were size xxl- not sure how I managed to find the right sizes), two thermal tops (the “love” one and a ski one with little snowflakes on), a stripy cardi and a couple of plain cardis for work.

We bought a few cereal bars to have as snacks, but didn’t end up having many, so we have a few that we brought home too, plus some posh pb cups.

Now I just have to find space for all of this!

Today I have been running mostly on caffeine to keep me awake- I can never decide what is best after a flight- sometimes I have an hour or so of sleep when I get home, but I slept quite a bit on the flight so decided to try and keep going, and have had a couple of cups of tea to help me instead. I did consider a run but was feeling a bit dizzy (always have this after travelling) so I thought a walk might be a better idea- I think daylight as well as fresh air helps, although it was not that light today!

How was your Christmas?

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9 thoughts on “Unpacking”

  1. Nice selection of goodies! I was worried your flight home might be caught up in all of the awful snow/blizzards so I’m glad to see you’re here safely.

    I could never run through jet lag without I nap or something I imagine – I don’t even sleep much if at all but I think changing timezones would be really difficult.

    That Earth Balance Peanut/Coconut spread looks amazing. Good job I can’t get my paws on it really 😛


    1. Someone at work had told me we would be stuck there with all that weather- but luckily for us it was upstate New York and not the city itself.

  2. Glad you had a great time away! It looks like you brought a good haul back with you! I love those Clif mojo bars & all your clothes look lovely 🙂

    Father Christmas brought Izzy & Toby scented hand soap & body lotions, Izzy’s are gingerbread and she loves them. Apparently he got them from The Factory Shop though so not quite as upmarket as yours!! 😉

    1. Wow that sounds fab 🙂 I love anything scented with gingerbread- so festive!
      And the Bath and Bodyworks were having a good sale- everything we bought was $3 or less, so not too expensive really.

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