Hey everyone.

So, what has been going on this week? On Monday I was still a bit stiff after the near 10 mile run on Sunday, and it was lashing down with rain after work, so I was pretty pleased to have a planned rest day!

On Tuesday I only had time for a short run after work (in the wind)- 3 miles done but at a pretty gentle pace. Never mind, I was saving it for Wednesday!

When I left to run up to the shop, it was so windy, and I did think that I could just run around the block- as long as it was over a mile I could count it towards Jantastic, and no-one would know! But as usual I am glad I went. We did the route known as “the hill” (because basically around here it is flat as a pancake, and this route has one short hill at the start)- this is a pretty good one, although there is one very dark patch, so I have to slow down loads. Plus there is an underpass which I hate (because I am a scaredy cat) but this time each time we got to a roundabout the people at the front had to run to the back, so we were together as a group for most of the way. Half a mile from the shop I tried to speed up a bit as I could see some of the fast ones still, and realised they were adding a little loop on! Urgh. In the wind. But I did it, and when I got back I was nearly last, as the people at the actual back had not added on the extra bit, and the guy from the shop said they were saying about how much faster I was getting. That was nice to hear, as I know I am a bit of a plodder. I am terrible at receiving compliments (isn’t everyone?) but I do feel that trying to keep up with the faster people is what has helped me (and I did say that to them).

Cannot work out how to rotate it…

Anyway, I kept my watch going for the run home (but it does not count the run up there as I don’t turn it on then), and I was super pleased to get the 4.5 miles under 10 min mile pacing. So good to be under the double figures 🙂 And good to have another 5+mile run midweek.

And then, look at what came in the post! The pack for the Brighton half! How exciting! I hope the wind dies down a bit though.

Tonight I got to try out the Ultimate Gym Bra, when I went to body pump.

I was kindly sent one to review, but I will at a later date as my brain is a bit tired now.

Tomorrow I plan to have a short run in the evening (after going to get some oil for my car, whoops) and then a long run on Saturday morning. I am aiming for about 11 miles, and then I think probably next weekend I will have a shorter one, maybe 8-10 miles. The week before the half I will be not able to run as much anyway because I have parent meetings one two evenings, so it will enforce a bit of a taper!

Oh, and all the members of Run Blog Bake! Make sure you log on and choose the length of your long runs for Febulous- I have done but I might edit them before the Monday deadline.

Hooray it is nearly Friday!

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12 thoughts on “Compliments”

  1. Well done for running in the wind, it has been so hard recently, I never appreciated running without a gale blowing you backwards before! How exciting that your pack for the Brighton Half has arrived! I love Shock Absorber, they work so well at the gym. Happy Friday!

  2. Well done on your runs, especially in that wind! It’s been horrible weather hasn’t it? And well done for getting quicker, sounds like your doing really well 🙂 It’s a gradual thing I think improving speeds but so satisfying when you look back at months ago and think how much you’ve improved by.
    I’ve been running on a treadmill for the past two days as I’m not at home and I hate it. I’ll take the wind any day compared to the boring slog of the dreadmill!
    Good luck with your long run!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes the wind makes it tough, although at least the icy pavements are gone, so it is tough but safe.
      Yes I would take it over a treadmill any day too!

  3. I got caught in the wind & rain too. I got so soaked. It was not my finest decision to walk into town but the weather is so mercurial at the moment that it could have easily been sunny!

    I have such a toxic relationship with sports bras. 😉 I have to say that one looks nice and not like a industrial wrap around which I usually have to wear!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. I know, they are such a pain (bras) as they have to be tight for support, but then they can chafe a bit.

    1. There is a point when the wind and rain are just too bad- it was like that on Monday but luckily I had planned a rest day then anyway. Enjoy it when you do get outside.

  4. Brilliant that they said that and I love the names of the months! I’m always like that, as I type, I’m trying to get the motivation to cycle to do the horses and I know I’ll feel better of I do but it’s so hard when it’s dark!
    Cool about Brighton, very exciting 🙂

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