Feeling Jantastic (day one)

Don’t worry, I am not going to do a post for each day of the next 3 months, but today I started the marathon talk Jantastic challenge. I was loving looking at the team today, and seeing that a couple of runs have been logged for day 1! Excellent!

I have challenged myself to do 4 runs per week, as 3 is what I typically do and I fancied a challenge (and nothing bad happens if I don’t do them all). This week it turns out I am out straight after work on Friday, and in London on Sunday, so my runs this week will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, with pump on Thursday. Well, that is the plan anyway.

I got home a bit later than I had hoped, but I was pleased there was no rain/ drizzle.

I headed out for a lovely 4.3 mile run- I kept the pace pretty good (10 min miles)- not as fast as when I go running with Sweatshop, but more than my plodding pace.

Anyway, day 1 (and run 1)= done.

Yesterday I made the most of the last day of the holidays- I got up pretty late, made a mint tea and took it back to bed whilst I read a magazine- so relaxing.

We spent the morning chilling out, went on a walk (went to the allotment only to find the shed had blown over again, and it must have been a while ago because there were 2 mice living under it!!!), watched some TV and visited Andy’s parents. In the evening I did some yoga (I really want to start doing this regularly again- since my op last year I think I have done it a couple of times but always ached a bit after which put me off, but now I feel like I am back to normal so it should do me some good). Plus some foam rolling. Lovely.

I also had to find some space for some lovely new teas. When I went to Newcastle for the Great North Run, I bought the most amazing tea (caramel cup and amaretto) from a lovely shop. We were so sad when we used up the caramel cup tea as it was so delicious- not too sweet, and we were getting into the habit of having a pot to share at the weekend if we were both home, so I went on the Quilliam Brothers website to have a look at ordering some more. I ordered some of the caramel cup tea, and then saw they did a festive gift pack, which contained tins of stollen tea, two types of Christmas tea (one black, one fruity), and a tea infuser. Sounded like my kind of thing!

And when the parcel came, they also included a sample of some amazing sounding choco-mint tea. How kind of them. Plus the gift pack looked so pretty. Their website is worth a look if you fancy something different as they have so many wonderful and unusual sounding teas.

Right, off for some TV now.


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12 thoughts on “Feeling Jantastic (day one)”

  1. I’ve just logged my run, though it took an embarrassingly long time for me to work out how to log it haha.
    Those teas sound amazing! Nothing beats a lovely warm cuppa on a cold day 🙂

    1. Me too for the first one- they have added a tab at the very top now that drops down when you hover over Jantastic, but that was not there on Monday- it took me ages!

  2. Well done on your run, and great goal you’ve set for yourself! I’m doing a slightly different challenge (my training schedule will be challenging enough when it comes to exercise the following 6 months, what with training for the Ultra in June). I’m not eating any cookies or sweets for a hundred days. Trying to shake off that sugar addiction. So far I’m not missing it – let’s hope it stays that way 🙂

  3. YAY for Jantastic, I love that you have an international team 😉 I couldn’t get on to marathontalk last night to log mine (service unavailable) so updated today.

    1. I love it too 🙂 So exciting- it will be great when we get a few weeks in and can see all the runs we have logged etc.

    1. Me too- they do so many unusual flavours too. Yes the caramel cup tea is lovely- a little sweet but not too much.

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