Popchips + pushing myself

Hey all

Before Christmas I was sent some Popchips to try.

The package had lots of different flavours (all suitable for vegetarians) and a handy bag clip too.

I had seem them on a few blogs before, not I had not tried them myself, so I was looking forward to it.  I don’t regularly eat crisps, but I do love salt and vinegar ones, so if they are offered I will often have some. Popchips are made from potatoes, but they are popped (like popcorn, apparently, although I can’t picture how that works!)- they also contain some oil and seasonings etc. Each bag was under 100 calories- much lower than a packet of crisps, so if you are on a healthy eating kick at the moment they would be a good swap if you normally have crisps with lunch or for snacks.

We tended to share them- especially for lunch on a Saturday (I like something salty after a long run).

The sour cream and onion ones were lovely- I used to quite like that flavour of Pringles until I saw some video on You-Tube about pringles melting and all the fat that comes out of them (although can’t find it when I searched- anyway trust me it was horrible). These were perfect with tomato soup anyway.

The Original ones were fab too (oh dear that is my panettone that I managed to burn in the toaster)- I found the texture a bit lighter than normal crisps- they reminded me a bit of chipsticks (anyone remember those?) but flat. Maybe those crossed with a rice cake, but in a good way.

The Salt and vinegar ones are my favourite so far, as I thought they would be! Andy asked me to save him some, but I didn’t manage to!

I have not tried the other flavours yet, but I am sure we will enjoy them at some point.

Of course, they are a processed food, but they are lower in calories and fat than a packet of crisps. Also I bet some of them would be lovely to dip into hummus. And I am sure the salt and vinegar ones will make their way into my shopping basket!

What is your favourite crisp flavour?

Onto Jantastic! I have been storming through the week- As well as Monday evening I did a run after work on Tuesday (just under 3 miles) and then the Sweatshop run on Wednesday evening. They decided to do a longer route than usual by adding on a small loop at the end. I was not sure what to do (as I have to run home too) so I said to them that if the front group was in my sight by that point then I would add the extra bit on too. The route starts off with quite a tough hill (not many hills around here so it is good to do that one) but even with that (and stopping to cross a road) my first mile was 10.10- fast- and then after that I managed to speed up even more. I could not quite keep up with the front runners, but through the mist I could just about see one person ahead of me, so I did the extra loop. I was last back because the people behind me missed out the last bit, but I don’t mind that. I kept my watch going and included the run home- the trouble was because I had stopped for a few minutes I was suddenly freezing, so I think I ran home as fast as I could to get warm/ to get to the warm, whereas usually it is a bit slower. Anyway, the run and the run home I managed an average pace of 9.27 min miles! 4.5 miles in 42 mins- miles 2, 3 , 4 and the extra half all started with a 9! Including the run up there I did 5.3 miles- I am quite glad I am starting to run a bit further in the evenings again. And of course, Jantastic week 1 run number 3=done!

What is weird is that I ran that by myself, except for the first half mile where we were all together as a group. But I still run much faster than when I am on my own. Not sure what it is about the run that means I push myself harder than when I am on my own. But I suppose it is good to have runs at different paces- my short/ medium length runs on my own are probably 10.30 average pace, and my longer runs are more like 11-11.30 min mile pace, so at least I am getting some variation in there.

After dinner we decided to start our Christmas cake- very late I know! That was very tasty indeed.

I also had a few deliveries this week- I had an Amazon voucher so I put it towards this Leon book, and I saw this amazing Thermospatula (the thermometer but can be taken out of the spatula part) on Lakeland, as the markings on my thermometer are rubbing off. Although we still have not sorted out our oven so there won’t be much baking in the near future.

On Thursday night I went to pump- that turned into a bit of a comedy class as the studio was closed so we had to go in the creche- a tiny triangle shaped room with a low ceiling. There were no steps, not the right weights, the CD player kept skipping, of course there were no mirrors (never realised how much I rely on them during the class), there was hardly any space- we had to lay down in alternate directions to check the weights would not clash, and during some tracks the taller people had to be careful of the ceiling! The poor instructor did her best as it must have been so tough. Hopefully back to normal next week. I still ached like mad all of Friday though!

Right, I am off for a run now (number 4 of the week)- no snow here yet but I shall be wrapping up warm as it is sooooo cold!

What did you get up to this week?

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18 thoughts on “Popchips + pushing myself”

  1. I could really do with being able to get my head and body around pushing myself when I run – my paces for the last half of 2012 were all really pathetic. I am scared to push myself because I’m so scared of injuring myself, or I can’t physically go fast because I’m already injured. But I’m also just tired and lazy – I kicked my own ass Feb-May 2012 and it really paid off.

    Ugh, I remember that Pringles video! It’s one of the most disgusting things relating to food I have ever seen.

    It’s cold up here and there are some ominous clouds on the horizon 🙁 Hope the snow stays away from you!

    1. Jess I think you push yourself like crazy- eg the weights you do at pump are crazy, you run so far all the time.
      I bet it is freezing up north- cold enough down here!

  2. Argh I hope this snow passes quickly, I’ve got to go to North Wales next weekend! I’m a huge fan of Snack a Jacks. Like I eat them every day… But I see them as my treat as they’re the Bly major processed food I eat so what’s the harm!
    Well done on your run! I love it when you’re on a run and you feel like you can do just that little bit more, rather than dying to just see the end. I think our team is doing well 🙂

  3. My favourite Popchip flavour is the newer Sweet Chili ones too. I’m waiting for the snack-packs to come out as only seen the big ones. They’re so yummy but I love all the flavours.

    Good job on everything this week. You seem like a powerhouse! 🙂

  4. Shame about the pump class but I bet it was entertaining!
    I love Popchips, although I can’t buy the big bags as they’re too much temptation, and am gutted the salt and vinegar aren’t gluten free… the Jantastic idea sounds great 🙂

    1. Oh no (about them not being gluten free)- what a shame- is it the vinegar?
      Yes the class was still fun 🙂

  5. Oo I’ve never tried Popchips but really want to give them a go, they look yummy. That’s so funny that you started your Christmas cake, that’s always my favourite part and I’m so disappointed that we don’t have any left 🙁 seriously lusting after a slice of yours!

  6. I’ve only eaten one bag of pop chips, but I really enjoyed it 🙂 The next time I get a meal deal in Boots, I’ll be grabbing them instead of normal crisps 🙂


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